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how to relax your golf swing

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How to Slow Your Golf Swing DownStep 1 Practice slowing your swing. Go in your backyard and mark a spot on the ground the size of a baseball home plate. …Step 2 Swing half speed during a round of golf. Add an extra club to your swing to compensate for a slower,less powerful shot. …Step 3 Choose the right club. …Step 4 Position your arms correctly. …

How to build a classic golf swing?

Set both feet with your weight distributed evenly on the middle part of your feet.Set your hips back,and then angle your upper body and spine forward,facing the ball.Then bend your knees a bit to get some added stability.

How to have a long, flowing golf swing?

Less wrist hinge in the backswing,more down cocking. Most golfers with very short backswings down cock at the top of the swing. …Hard acceleration through impact. When golfers don’t have a long backswing,they make up for that by rotating and accelerating through the ball much faster and more aggressively. …Steep Shoulder Turns. …

How to release the club in a golf swing?

Watch this video and use these steps to get started:To release the golf club correctly,start by taping an alignment stick to a 9 iron so that the alignment club extends under your left armpit.Get two more alignment sticks or clubs and place one on your feet and one at the ball. …On the backswing align your club directly on top of the alignment stick at your feet. …More items…

How to swing in balance in golf?

If you’re having trouble with balance in your golf swing, try these two drills: The Coin Drill to improve balance Take a quarter and place it under the inside “pad” of your trail foot. The goal is to mainta in pressure on the co in throughout the swing.

What is tension in swing?

Tension restricts movement. A quiet, relaxed mind and body allows you to swing more freely. Simply stated, muscle groups respond more easily to a natural, balanced swing motion.

How to practice a relaxed swing?

To practice a relaxed swing, take continuous swings back and forth without stopping. Be aware of any tension you might feel during these swings. Try to stay totally relaxed and loose as you swing back and forth. Don’t be in a hurry to start or finish the swing.

Why do you waggle when you play golf?

Now waggle! The waggle helps keep the body loose and in motion. Freezing over the ball can cause tension. Chances are you are thinking too much, and paralysis of analysis can set in. Develop a waggle that is comfortable to you. Most waggles consist of moving the club to and fro over the ball (not up and down) with a slight weight shift back and forth from foot to foot, while you look at the ball, then to the target, then back to the ball.

Why is it important to relax in golf?

Because it is essential for the golf swing to function properly, relaxation of the mind and body should be our first priority.

What happens if your left arm is jammed straight?

If your left arm is jammed straight, tension is created in the shoulders. I’ve seen some golfers who looked like they were trying to jab their left shoulders into their left ears. The left arm should hang comfortably straight and the shoulders should droop. The legs should also be set in a relaxed starting position.

What muscles do golf swings use?

When that happens, the little muscles (hands and arms) take over the big muscles (shoulders, hips, and legs) throughout the golf swing. The big muscle groups cannot move as fast as the little muscles. All body parts must be given time to do their jobs efficiently and in harmony.

When addressing the ball, your arms should be relaxed.?

When addressing the ball, your arms should hand relaxed. The forearms should be soft-like ashes, wet noodles, or any other descriptive word of your choice that triggers relaxation. If your left arm is jammed straight, tension is created in the shoulders. I’ve seen some golfers who looked like they were trying to jab their left shoulders into their left ears.

How many putts did Nikki take?

As Nikki pulled back the putter, she could feel her body tighten. Nikki pushed the putt wide to the right. It took four more putts before she found the bottom of the cup.

How to relax your mind and body?

Relax Your body and Mind. Tune into your breathing – Your body and mind work in unison. Deep breathing helps your body relax and quiets your mind. Focus your attention on the air slowly filling your lungs then exiting your body. Take several deep breaths to increase the effectiveness of this strategy.

What is the golfer’s mental edge?

The Golfer’s Mental Edge program includes the top 8 mental training sessions I do with my personal students to help them boost their mental game and improve consistency on the course.

What did Nikki feel when she missed the putt?

Nikki started feeling her body tense up and her heart race. Nikki started to contemplate missing the putt. Nikki worried she wouldn’t be able to close out the tournament and was overwhelmed by the enormity of the moment. Nikki took longer than usual as she stood over the ball.

Why did Nikki let the victory slip through her hands?

Nikki let the victory slip through her hands all because she allowed her anxiety to interfere with her game. To sink the final winning putt, hit a great tee shot or set yourself up with a well-placed approach shot, you need to be semi-relaxed.

How many strokes did Nikki’s rival shoot in the 18th hole?

Nikki’s rival trailed her by one stroke from the middle of the round up until the 18th hole. Nikki’s rival shot 1-over on the final hole. Nikki was nervous as she stepped to the tee on a par-4 but still put the ball in good position for her approach shot. Two shots later, Nikki was faced with a 10-foot putt.

How to take your mind off of the pressure of a situation?

By focusing on your breathing, you take your mind off of the pressure of the situation.

How to get rid of tension in arms and chest?

Another way to remove tension in your arms and chest is to hover the clubhead behind the ball and waggle it several times before pulling the trigger. Adding some movement to the club— such as rehearsing the speed or correct plane of the backswing—makes you less likely to tense up during the early part of the swing. [image:13856302]

How to get alert when you yawn?

This helps reduce stress and anxiety and can make you more alert. So before you step up to the ball, open your mouth wide and let your body do the relaxing for you.

How to get your backswing to work?

Then press your tongue lightly against the roof of your mouth. This will effectively pull your chin away from your chest and relax your jaw and upper body, which frees your shoulders to make a deeper, more powerful backswing.

Why is my backswing so slow?

Tension in the swing makes for slower-moving muscles—and that makes for slower clubhead speed! Too much tension, especially in the upper body, also adversely affects your balance and flexibility, limiting the amount of turn and torque you can create in the backswing.

How to do a softball toss?

Step off 40 feet from that spot . Take a softball and toss the ball underhand the throw to the "plate" area. Repeat four times with a high arch and a smooth toss. Take a golf club in one hand and take a golf swing similar to the tempo you did with the softball toss. Repeat two or three times.

Why is it important to slow down your swing?

Slowing your golf swing down may provide more control and your ability to get more distance in your golf game.

What arm should waiter arm be?

The "waiter’s arm" should be identical for left and right arms. By doing this, your club face will be on the correct swing plane. Utilizing good mechanics will slow down your tempo and focus on a solid golf shot. Golfweeks’ Adam Woodard breaks down the results from the match.

Why use an extra club?

Use an extra club, as mentioned in Step 2, to help you add distance without overcompensating in your swing. Using an extra club provides more distance and allows you to slow your swing.

Why do you add extra clubs to your swing?

Add an extra club to your swing to compensate for a slower, less powerful shot. By swinging half speed you’re likely to hit the ball straighter while lessening the potential for spin on the ball because of the lower power.

What parts of the body slow your golf swing?

Utilizing all parts of your body, including your hands, wrists and arms, may slow your body to work in concert to attain your golf and a more controlled shot.

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Why is it important to stay relaxed during golf?

First, a relaxed feeling throughout your body will make it easier to generate speed as your body will be free to turn rapidly toward the target. Also, your swing will become more repeatable when you are relaxed, enabling you to hit consistent shots from the first hole to the last. If there is tension in your body during your golf swing, you will never reach your potential on the course. Work on getting rid of all tension in your swing and you should be able to reach new heights as a golfer.

How to relax your arms in golf?

This will help your arms remain relaxed because you won’t have to compensate for mistakes that have been made elsewhere in the swing. If you were to allow a couple of your other fundamentals to get off track, you might have to tense up your arms on the way down in an attempt to save the swing. The best golf swings are the ones that have every part of the body working toward the same goal. To keep your arms relaxed throughout the swing, make sure that everything you are doing with your mechanics is designed to deliver the club effortlessly to the back of the ball.

How to balance your golf swing?

Instead, you want to be evenly balanced between your two feet so that your center of gravity is right in the middle of your stance. The downswing is a rotational action, and the best way to make an aggressive rotational move toward the target is to start from a balanced position. If you are off balance at the top of your swing, the first thing you will have to do is recover your balance before going forward. This not only makes your swing more complicated than it should be, but it also will serve to add tension to your arms. Throughout your backswing, your main focus should be on keeping yourself balanced perfectly between your two feet. Even if you make other mistakes in your swing, getting your balance right will go a long way toward hitting great shots.

What is downswing in golf?

The downswing is the critical point during which all of your other mechanics come together.

How does grip pressure affect golf?

Grip Pressure. The grip pressure placed on to a golf grip by the player will have a significant effect on the amount of tension which builds up in the arms. To see this in effect, pick up a golf club in one hand and grip down as tightly as possible.

Why is my golf swing more repeatable?

Also, your swing will become more repeatable when you are relaxed, enabling you to hit consistent shots from the first hole to the last. If there is tension in your body during your golf swing, you will never reach your potential on the course.

How to stop tension in arms when swinging?

To help stop this happening, you can try to bring the club down slowly from the top of the back swing into the transition for the down swing. This slowing down of the transition will cause the arms to relax and fall into place, it should help alleviate tension in the arms.

How to calm nervousness while golfing?

Now, without further ado, here’s what you need to do to relax while golfing. 1. Chew Gum. There have been a number of studies done on the effects of chewing gum on the brain.

What to do when you’re squeezing tight on your golf club?

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to relax when you’re out on the course that can help you enjoy yourself more and improve your game. Keep reading to find out how to calm nerves while golfing.

How to calm your nerves on golf course?

To calm your nerves on the course, take it one swing at a time. Don’t worry about getting the ball into the hole if you’re not on the green yet. Instead, focus on moving the ball from where you are now to where it needs to be next. Tell yourself the swing you’re on right now is the only one that matters. This will allow you to relax and not worry …

How to calm your nerves when you’re eating?

Use this to your advantage on the course by popping a piece of gum in your mouth when you’re teeing off. 2. Take Deep Breaths. The next thing you can do to calm your nerves is to take some deep breaths.

How does it help to visualize yourself succeeding?

This works by helping you focus on the positive outcome that you’re expecting rather than worrying about the negatives.

Why do you tell yourself the swing you’re on right now?

Tell yourself the swing you’re on right now is the only one that matters. This will allow you to relax and not worry about what’s coming next. It also helps you put all your skills into that one stroke, which will improve the outcome. 5.

How to combat stress when you’re nervous?

According to the American Institute of Stress, the best way to combat the stress you’re facing is to take a deep breath. A deep, relaxing breath triggers your body’s relaxation response.

What happens when you eliminate tension in your swing?

The other thing you’ll likely notice as you eliminate tension in your swing is an increase in your swing speed. Squeezing the club or increasing tension in the downswing puts the brakes on the clubhead and diminishes all your speed. The downswing and release should feel like just that — letting go!

Why is it important to have a tension free swing?

A tension-free swing can help you pick up speed — and extra yards. There is an old saying: “Tension kills the swing.”. Golf is a game that, for whatever reason, creates a ton of tension and anxiety for many players.

How to help yourself out on the golf course?

If you find yourself suffering from the effects of tension in your swing, the easiest thing you can do to help yourself out on the golf course is to find a way to eliminate or reduce your tension levels. But how? Tension is stored in four primary areas of the body: the jaw, shoulders, forearms, and hands.

Where is tension stored?

Tension is stored in four primary areas of the body: the jaw, shoulders, forearms, and hands. To determine where your tension is stored, hit some balls and concentrate on what you feel in these areas. Then, try hitting some shots and doing the following: Instruction.

Do you squeeze your grip on a downswing?

Don’t squeeze or tighten your grip on the downswing or right before impact. That’s like slamming on the brakes in a middle of an intersection. Once you experience the benefits of a tension-free swing, you’ll never want to go back. I guarantee you will be amazed by the results!

Why is Ernie Els called the Big Easy?

By Mike Southern. Ernie Els became known as "The Big Easy" because his swing looks so relaxed and effortless. Golf teachers often talk about "classic" swings and "modern" swings, and sometimes contrast them as "swinging" versus "hitting.". It’s true that classic swings often require less strength to gain the same results.

How to make a good golf swing?

Take some relaxed practice swings. Most players make very rhythmic, balanced swings when they aren’t thinking about hitting a ball. Focus on making long, smooth, flowing swings. Imagine you are the "ideal" golfer from the first step. Take several easy, making each faster than the last without tensing up.

How to get your wrists to cock when you swing?

Bend your right elbow as you reach the top of your backswing. This will cause your wrists to cock if your forearms are relaxed. Just let the swing happen as it did in your practice swing. Your hips may turn a bit more than usual and your left heel may leave the ground slightly; that’s OK.

What happens if you can’t keep your elbows straight?

If you can’t keep both elbows straight and relaxed until your hands are waist high, you aren’t turning your shoulders enough. Your left hand and arm should feel as if they’re controlling your swing, taking the club back as if you were going to throw a child’s plastic flying disk.

How to find an ideal golfer?

Find an ideal golfer whose swing has a smooth rhythm and balance. Watch some footage of him and imagine how he feels when he swings.

How to get rid of tension in golf club?

You can help eliminate tension in several ways. Open your mouth as wide as possible, then close it and let your jaw go slack. Tighten your grip on the club as firmly as you can, hold it for two or three seconds, then relax your forearms.

Does hitting the ball uncock your wrists?

Again, this happened naturally during your practice swing; it should happen naturally now. Your wrists will uncock naturally, without any extra help from you. Just think about hitting the ball. You’ll be surprised how far you hit the ball, and it won’t feel as if you used much strength at all.