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how to remove golf cart body

how to remove golf cart body插图

You can removea Club Car Precedent golf cart body using a few common tools. Remove the bolts of the front bumper using the T-25 bit and take the bumper off. Lift the front body upwards and take it off. Remove the forward-reverse switch on the rear body using the same bit. Lift the seat and remove it from the cart.

How do you remove a Yamaha G16 golf cart body?

You can follow the steps below to remove a Yamaha G16 golf cart body. Remove the seat by lifting it upwards. Remove the screws above the shift and under the seat. Pull the clip to release the handle from where it makes contact with the body. Loosen the knurl nut and remove the knob to take out the choke cable from the engine compartment.

How do you repair a fiberglass golf cart?

Repairing Fiberglass Body Golf Cart Clean the crack on the golf cart body with mineral spirits Dry, prime and lightly sand the surface Glaze the surface using a product such as Bondo Alternatively, if the crack is not on the gel coat but the cart body, you will have to paint it with a …

How to remove an EZGO golf cart body?

Cut the corners on the top with the razor blade if the film stretches around the body panel at the front. Fold the material and heat it again to ensure bonding. It’s easy to remove an EZGO golf cart body with some basic tools. Remove the 9/16 bolts using the appropriate socket on the roof and take the top off.

How do I remove the rear seat of my golf cart?

Remove the 9/16 bolts using the appropriate socket on the roof and take the top off. Remove the bolts on the front bracing on either side of the cart and lift them off. Loosen the bolts of the rear seat and take them off. This will help to get a gap between the front and rear seats that will make it easy to remove the rear seat as a single unit.

What is a Golf Cart Body made of?

The body of a golf cart is primarily made of sheet steel, fiberglass or sheet aluminum. The frame is generally made of steel while tires, foam seat cushions and steering mechanisms are made of rubber, vinyl and metal. Parts like suspensions, drive trains, motors and brakes use metal.

How to avoid spray painting windows?

Line the outer edges of windows to avoid spray painting them. Rub the cart body cart in a circular pattern using a 120- to 140-grit sandpaper to make the paint application easy and retain the paint on non-porous surfaces. Brush off the sanding dust with a microfiber cloth.

How long to wait to remove masking tape after spraying?

Remove the masking tape about 10 minutes after spraying the last coat. Ensure that you don’t touch the paint to avoid smudges. Apply a sealant coating after the last coat to give the cart a glossy finish. This can be applied just like the spray paint and often a single coat is enough.

How to apply base paint to a wall?

Apply a base paint coat so that it gels with the primer. Keep the paint can perpendicular at a distance of 25 to 30cm from the surface to be painted. Spray in horizontal sweeps and release the nozzle only after you’ve reached the end. Opt for short spurts instead of continuous streams for focused coats and apply one coat at a time.

How long does it take for paint to dry?

Check the instructions on the paint to find out the ideal drying time. Drying of paint usually takes up to half an hour. Apply more coats until you get the color you want for the cart. Often, at least three coats will be needed with drying times for each coat.

How to clean a golf cart with soap?

Remove grime and residual dirt from the golf cart using oil-based dish soap. Wash the soap off using cold water from a hose. Wipe the cart using a towel and let it dry completely.

What is the resin used in a 1993 Club Car?

The 1993 model Club Car used an indestructible thermoplastic resin known as ArmorFlex for its body material.

How much does it cost to repair a golf cart?

The amount of maintenance you need will depend on the quality of golf cart you have, which is why it is worth investing in a model that will not require as many repairs – a bigger investment initially may save you money in the long run. If you’re looking for a ballpark figure for yearly maintenance costs for a golf cart it can be anything between $400 and $2000.

How to avoid excessive golf cart repair costs?

One way of avoiding excessive golf cart repair costs is to effectively maintain your golf cart. For many, this is a satisfying task as their golf cart plays such a pivotal part in enjoying and participating in their favorite hobby. Maintaining your golf cart is not as hard as you might think, especially if you follow our top tips on how to effectively maintain your golf cart.

How to remove a flat tire from a golf cart?

Using the ratchet wrench, loosen the lug nuts and then raise the golf cart using the floor jack. You can then remove the lug nuts completely which will release the flat tire and replace it with the new tire.

How long does a golf cart last?

Depending on what model you purchase, the average golf cart lasts for around 10 years, however, if you replace the battery in the golf cart it is likely to last for a lot longer. As a golf cart is a big investment you will be wanting to ensure that its lifespan is as long as it can be, which is why following our essential tips for golf cart repair is a great way of ensuring your investment is worthwhile.

What to check on a golf cart front suspension?

In terms of the front and rear suspension on your golf cart, make sure that you check for worn brushings and any loose or missing fixtures.

Why is my battery not working?

It may be that the reason your battery isn’t functioning properly is because of corrosion that has built up between the terminal and the connecting wires. If you identify corrosion, this can be removed easily using some items that you are likely to already have around the house. Grab an old toothbrush and mix some baking soda with water to create a solution that will help to remove the corrosion.

Can you paint over a fiberglass golf cart?

If you’re the owner of a fiberglass golf cart and are wanting to give the body of your cart a bit of TLC then the best way to do this is through a fiberglass repair kit. Bondo body filler is a good choice for fiberglass golf carts and is great for filling in any small cracks. It can be sanded down once it has dried and then easily painted over to give a great overall effect.

How much does a quart of golf cart paint cost?

You only need about one or two coats of this depending on how dark your golf cart’s original color is. A pint should suffice, but a quart is only $12-$20, so you may as well get more than you need.

What to do when you don’t want paint on your car?

Once you have the trims off, it’s really important to cover your headlights, windshields, roof posts, interior, and literally everything you don’t want paint on. The easiest way to do this is with some masking tape and paper or plastic film. Garbage bags can work in place of film, but the masking tape is pretty necessary.

How much does a silicone spray gun cost?

The disposable, silicone one off is usually around $10 and the more expensive one can range from $30-$600 depending on your needs. The easiest type of spray gun to use is an HVLP gravity feed type sprayer.

What is the best finish for a cart?

If you want a mirror like finish, or your cart is going to spend a lot of time in the sun, then the base coat/clear coat two stage job is best.

What is inline water filter?

As far as inline filters, these remove the majority of the moisture from your airline to avoid contaminating your paint, spray pattern, or spray gun. There are two types of inline water filters you can get. One is a cheaper, one-off type solution that screws into your airline that has silicone beads that remove moisture from the air as it passes, …

What to do when painting a house?

A few safety notes first, be sure to wear eye and breathing protection while sanding and painting to protect from debris and harmful chemicals, and make sure to only paint in well ventilated areas. Failing to use good ventilation could result in loss of consciousness while painting which will completely ruin your paint job.

How much does a can of paint cost?

Each can costs about $12-$20 depending on the brand and quality, and you’ll need about 2 for each coat. All in all, it will come out to around the same price for the paint, but you don’t have to buy a bunch of tools.