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how to replace light switch on ezgo golf cart

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How to Replace the Ignition Switch on EZGO Golf CartUse a wrench to disconnect the battery cables.You will also need a small screwdriver to remove the rivets holding the ignition console in place.Remove the face nuts with a pair of pliers. …Install the new switch on to the plate and screw the face.Reverse the steps given above for locking the ignition switch back in place.More items

How to replace the ignition switch on an EZGO golf cart?

On an EZGO golf cart, here’s how to replace the ignition switch: To detach the battery cables, use a wrench to pry them apart. Remove the rivets holding the ignition console in place with a little screwdriver, and you’ll be ready to start working. Using a pair of pliers, pry the face bolts out of the way.

Why won’t my EZ GO golf cart start?

The ignition switch in an E-Z-GO golf cart is what enables the vehicle to start when you turn the key. If you’re having a problem getting your golf cart to start, it’s possible you have a bad ignition. Fortunately, it is very easy to install and replace the switch.

What are the problems with the EZGO RXV golf cart?

The EZGO golf carts, including the EZGO RXV and EZGO TXT, show uncontrolled speed changes and fail to drive at a constant speed in case of a bad micro switch. EZGO golf carts tend to stop and start while running when there is a problem with the micro switch.

What happens when the micro switch goes bad on an EZGO?

A faulty micro switch leaves the nearby components damaged due to a low or unrated power supply. A dislocated micro switch can disturb the normal operation of other components. To make sure no further damage is caused to your EZGO golf cart, it is necessary to address a bad micro switch at the earliest.

What key fits EZGO?

For example, the EZGO RXV key will fit almost all models of the EZGO cart which are part of the gas and electric vehicle collection. The key is common for all the models manufactured after 2008.

How to make a shopping cart start when the key is in ON position?

One of the solutions to this issue would be to use a toggle switch. Try wiring it in such a way that the cart would start only if the key is in ON position while the switch is in the OFF position. And by default, keep the switch in ON position. This way the cart will not work unless a person knows this particular arrangement.

How to get rid of confusion about wiring an ignition switch?

An easy trick to do away with this confusion is by avoiding the wiring diagram and using a simple ohmmeter instead.

What wires are used for toggle switch?

This is the connection from the battery. Usually, it is a red/ white wire which will be used for this purpose. This will need to be connected to the solenoid, V/R field, ignitor amidst others.

How to replace an ignition switch?

It is really an easy task to replace the switch with a brand-new one. The first step would be to get the right switch for replacement. The necessary ignition switch and the wires will be available online according to the model number of your cart. Next, remove the existing switch.

What is the difference between blue and red wires on a cart?

The basic rule is that the blue wire generally is connected to the solenoid while the other red wire will be connected to a fuse. From the fuse, the wire will be further extended to another terminal of the solenoid.

How to measure voltage output?

Take an ohmmeter and measure the voltage output. The first time you measure, make sure that the switch is turned on but only till you hear the first click.

What Does a Micro Switch do on a Golf Cart?

The micro switches on a golf cart are used to control and protect the components through electrical signals. Micro switches play a critical role in the acceleration and reversing of a golf cart.

Why does my EZGO golf cart stop?

EZGO golf carts tend to stop and start while running when there is a problem with the micro switch. In case you face any of these troubles in your golf cart, the first thing you should do is test the micro switches in your golf cart and have them fixed at the earliest.

How does a golf cart start?

In gas golf carts, a micro switch located on the accelerator pedal triggers a signal that will start the cart’s engine. The cart will run without any problem as long as this micro switch remains active.

Why does my golf cart stop responding to the accelerator pedal?

The golf cart stops responding to the accelerator pedal if the micro switch stops functioning.

How does a golf cart accelerator work?

Accelerates the golf cart. A micro switch on the accelerator pedal gets activated once the pedal is pushed. This sends a signal to the solenoid and in turn more power to your wheels to make them move faster. These micro switches are more common in electric golf carts.

What is a forward neutral reverse switch?

The forward-neutral-reverse switch on a golf cart is a micro switch that is triggered when the golf cart is supposed to move in the reverse direction. It will trigger a buzzer that will indicate the golf cart’s reverse movement.

Why does my golf cart micro switch stop working?

A bumpy ride, a wrong wiring or a defective component can cause the micro switch to stop performing as expected. A list of common problems associated with micro switches in a golf cart is given below. The mechanical switch gets stuck and doesn’t turn over when charged.


Use templates included with lights kit to make mounting holes and cutout section for rear lights.


Now, begin reinstalling components; this is done in reverse order of disassembly, with notes and images regarding the lights addition.


Connect the headlight to the wiring harness via the two plugs; one for man beam, the other for turn indicator