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how to stop fatting golf shots

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If you want to stop hitting fat golf shots you need to learn how tocompress the golf ball through impact. With your irons, you want to have the feeling that you are hitting down and through the ball – this will help you find the ideal angle of attack. The top players in the world tend to hit down with a 7-iron by about 4?.

How to stop hitting the ball fat?

Video Drill To Stop Hitting The Ball FatHave a friend take a video or record your own (preferably a slow-motion video if possible) of you hitting a golf ball.Then,draw a circle around your head at address,using a free app like “Hudl Technique.”As you watch the video,focus on your head. …Be sure to notice your biggest tendencies. …More items…

How to hit the hardest shot in golf?

?? How To Hit The Hardest Shot In Golf ?? ??????SAVE THIS VIDEO AND LOWER YOUR SCORES TODAY?????? How To Do It? 1?? Ball just behind middle of stance 2?? keep the clubface square 3?? Weight on the left side. Changes on what distance you’re hitting 4?? Do NOT transfer weight to your right side

How to stop shanking your golf shots?

The DrillLay the alignment rod on the ground alongside your ball. …Place a tee at either end of the alignment rod.Remove the rod.Take your wedge setup,with the shaft in a neutral position,ball position middle to slightly back in your stance.More items…

How to hit solid golf shots and stop topping?

Learn How to Stop Topping the Golf Ball With These 7 TipsCheck Your Golf Clubs. If you’ve been topping the golf ball quite a bit,it could be your clubs. …Get in Golf Shape. One of the main reasons for a topped golf shot is fatigue. …Adjust your Ball Position. …Slow Down. …Worry about Hitting the Shot,Not the Results. …Keep Your Back to the Target. …Get your Tempo Back. …

What happens when you lean back on a golf ball?

Leaning back and scooping the club under the golf ball to obtain height when hitting an iron results in poor weight transfer and inconsistent contact with the golf ball leading to a shot hit behind the ball. Fat golf shots can also lead the golfer into hitting more of the same shot, as without the correct guidance, the golfer could attempt to fix the problem by leaning back and scooping even more to get the golf ball airborne.

What is a fat shot in golf?

This moves the centre of gravity behind the ball resulting in the ground behind the golf ball being first, in other terms, a fat shot, which is the golf club contacting the ground behind the ball.

How to get fat iron shot?

Aside from the dynamic aspects of your swing, you can also create the possibility of a fat iron shot simply by placing the ball in the wrong spot in your stance. Specifically, if you put the ball too far forward at address, you will have trouble reaching the ball at impact, and a fat shot could result. To become a player who can consistently strike the ball cleanly swing after swing, hole after hole, you have to nail down your ball position during practice so that it doesn’t change out on the course.

How to strike a golf ball cleanly?

Do not attempt to do this drill in actual play. Set up to the golf ball as normal with any iron you struggle to strike well. Once you have set up to the golf ball, move the golf ball about three to four inches further forward toward the target. Keep the golf club where the ball would be normally. The task is to strike the golf ball cleanly by transferring the weight towards the target on the way down. This may take some practice at first, and if you are not currently transferring your weight correctly, this drill will feel strange and a challenge to complete.

How far ahead of the club head should you strike a golf ball?

Once rehearsed and practiced, you will be able to strike the golf ball even if the ball is three to four inches ahead of the club head at set up. Once you have mastered striking the ball cleanly in the drilled position, place the golf ball back to where it normally would be positioned. From this point, picture the intended impact point to be the same three to four inches beyond the golf ball, as you have practiced in the drill.

How to play a nine iron shot?

So, a nine iron shot would be played from one inch in front of your wedge, and an eight iron would be two inches from the starting point that you have established. Continue with this pattern all the way up until you are swinging your longest iron, which will be played from near the front of your stance (often on a line coming out from the inside of your left foot).

Can hitting the ball fat hurt your scorecard?

Hitting the ball fat is a problem that can do some serious damage to your scorecard. Fat shots rarely end up anywhere near the target – and often, they find their way into bad spots such as bunkers, water hazards, deep rough, and more. Use the instruction included above to work on correcting any mistakes you may be making in your game that could be leading to the dreaded fat iron shots. With some hard work and attention to detail, you just might be able to cross this issue off of your list of golf swing problems.

Why does swinging make you fat?

Swaying can lead to fat shots because it moves the bottom of the swing arc away from where it was set at address.

Why do fat shots occur?

The fundamental causes behind fat shots relate to the arc of the swing itself and more specifically to the position of the bottom of the swing arc. Indeed, in order to produce a shot that sees the club penetrating the ground before contact is made with the ball – such as the case with fat shots – the bottom of the swing arc needs …

What is a fat shot in golf?

In golf a fat shot – or a golf shot hit fat – is one that sees the club penetrating the ground before making contact with the ball. This is in contrast to a better shot that sees the clubhead making contact with the ball before it proceeds to penetrating the ground, as should happen in shots made with irons and wedges.

How to explain hitting fat shots?

Hitting fat shots from fairway bunkers are commonplace and can be explained by how deep your feet are dug in at address. Indeed, a sandy lie brings with it another variable in how deep your feet dig into the ground, in relation to the ball.

Why is my golf ball so far forward?

Is the ball located too much forward? One of the reasons your club may penetrate the ground before it hits the ball has to do with the placement of the ball itself in your stance , in relation to your feet. A ball placed too much forward – towards the target – can prove tricky to hit cleanly and can result in fat shots.

What is the error in golf that leads to fat shots?

A typical error that golfers make which can lead to fat shots is that they fail to keep this spine angle constant throughout the golf swing.

Why do you need to lower the bottom of the swing arc?

Doing so will reduce the number of possible positions the bottom of the swing arc can be found and should allow you to produce purer shots on a more consistent basis.

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How to hit a tennis ball with your back hand?

If that sounds familiar, let me give you two simple keys. First, make your initial move from the top a little bump onto your front foot. Feel like you’re shifting toward the target, so your chest is over the ball. Second, get to impact with the back of your top hand facing the target (left), not pointing upward. A good image is that you’re back-handing the ball, like a tennis stroke. If you get those two moves right, you’ll swing into impact with your weight forward and your wrists firm—two things every good ball-striker does.

What is a good image for a tennis player?

A good image is that you’re back-handing the ball, like a tennis stroke. If you get those two moves right, you’ll swing into impact with your weight forward and your wrists firm—two things every good ball-striker does.

Who were the two golfers in the 2003 Presidents Cup?

In the 2003 Presidents Cup in South Africa, two of the sweetest swingers at that time, Adam Scott and Stuart Appleby, were matched against two of the most unconventional, Jim Furyk and Jay Haas. As they warmed up, murmurs from the crowd suggested the “pretty” swings had it made. At one point, Jay said to Jim, “I bet those people don’t give us much of a chance.” Jim laughed, and the Americans went on to win, 6 and 5, one of the most lopsided victories in the history of the event. Don’t get me wrong, Adam and Stuart are tremendous talents. (I taught Adam for years.) But the only real barometer of a golf swing is the shots it produces.

Do golfers hit the ground first?

A lot of golfers never get over the instinct to lift the ball off the ground. They swing off their back foot or flip their hands through impact, both of which make the club bottom out too soon. As a result, they hit the ground first (fat shot) or catch the ball on the upswing (thin shot).

What is a Chunk Shot?

You may hear the term “fat shot,” “heavy shot,” or “chunk shot.” Whatever you like to call it, it’s all the same problem.

What Causes a Golfer to Hit it Fat?

Right now, I’m talking specifically about chunking your irons. As you may know from past articles on hitting stellar iron shots, you want to catch the ball on a downward motion. To put it another way, you have to make contact with the golf ball before you reach the low point of your swing.

What does it feel like to chunk a golf shot?

All golfers know the pain of chunking golf shots. You take a powerful backswing, you feel like you’re about to hit a quality shot, then you swing down and feel the club hit the ground. When you look up, you see a huge piece of turf traveling down the fairway. Meanwhile, your ball has only gone a few feet. The chunk shot is a common problem.

Why is the low point of a golf swing important?

This is significant because the low point of your swing follows the pressure in your feet. If most of your pressure is still in your back foot when the club comes back down, the clubhead is going to hit the ground well behind your golf ball. You wind up chunking the shot.

Why is chunk shot so common?

The chunk shot is a common problem. But it’s not common because it’s hard to overcome. It’s common because so few amateur golfers have gotten the right advice for preventing heavy shots.

How to start pressure on a golf club?

You should start with most pressure on the lead foot, shift to the trail foot on the backswing, and shift pressure back to the lead foot as you swing through. You can find more tips on pressure in the feet here. Third, check the butt end of your club at setup.

What does the tilt in the club do to the clubhead?

And what does that do to your clubhead? It forces the leading edge to tilt down towards the ground. When you swing through, the tilt in your club causes the leading edge to dig into the ground.