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how to stop hitting down on the golf ball

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How to Stop Hitting Behind the BallCorrect Weight Transfer As we’ve already discussed,transferring your weight incorrectly,or not at all,can be a significant stopping point for your progress as a golfer. …Proper Rotation Once your weight transfer is locked in,you should turn your attention to how your body is moving during your shot. …Shot Set-Up …The Follow-Through …

How to hit a golf ball from a downhill lie?

How to handle a downhill lie and hit the greenSET SHOULDERS PARALLEL. Your normal iron setup won’t work for this lie—the clubhead will bottom out too soon and you’ll make contact with the ground behind the ball.MOVE YOUR WEIGHT TO YOUR DOWNHILL FOOT. It’s critical to make ball-first contact from this lie,so play the ball in the middle of your stance (or at least slightly …TRACE THE SLOPE. …

How to pick the golf ball off the fairway?

The Best Way to Hit a Golf Ball Off the FairwayLook at the Green. First,check out the green. …Abbreviated Swing. Unless you have no choice,you probably are better off taking more club and making a shorter backswing.Focus on Rhythm. Sometimes,you have no choice but to make a full swing. …Normal Shots. Hitting the ball from the fairway isn’t the same as hitting it off a tee. …

How to stop swaying off the golf ball?

Grab a driving range basket and place an alignment stick through one of the holes so that the tip of it is positioned directly over the top of the golf …Reposition the golf ball so that it is just to the front side of the stickTake a 9-iron or wedge and set-up as you normally would to the ballMore items…

How do you stop slicing the ball in golf?

As you start your takeaway,rotate the tee towards the ground,pointing straight downWhen you get to the top of the backswing,make sure the tee is pointed toward the sky If the tee is pointed forward or down,the club face is …As you transition down to impact,rotate the tee back towards the ground,maintaining flexion

How Can I Hit My Irons Better?

Practice, practice, practice. This is one of the best bets, you could also slow your swing down a bit and improve your tempo.

What irons are called B21?

One of the most top club makers in golf Callaway, their new Big Bertha B21 Irons carry on the famous name are amazingly forgiving and will really help you get the ball up in the air.

How to fix a driver’s flight?

Teeing the ball higher and hitting up on the ball is one of the best ways to fix the flight of your driver and it will give you distance.

Why do golfers struggle to get height on the ball?

Many golfers struggle to get height on the ball, but why is this? There are many potential causes for this including an inappropriate shaft, set-up issue or swing flaw.

How to get better at bottoming out?

Try moving the ball slightly forward in your stance , this will help you improve the “bottoming-out” point of your swing in relation to the ball and should give you a better impact on the face.

How to make contact better in golf?

Take extra club and swing smoother, it will help you make better contact.

What is set up in golf?

The set-up is a part of the golf swing that you have full control over so you need to get it right.

Why do you use tees in golf?

As a side note, we’d recommend using tees to start with to ensure no damage is done in the event of any mishaps. Over time, the benefits from honing this move will be plentiful. For one, it will improve the quality of your strike, which in turn will increase your swing speed, ball speed and therefore distance.

How does honing a move improve your swing?

For one, it will improve the quality of your strike, which in turn will increase your swing speed, ball speed and therefore distance .

Why is visual focus important?

A visual focus like this is a great way to encourage an in-to-out path as it creates a feeling and an image you can take with you to the course.

Who is the PGA Professional who offers some great advice on how to stop cutting across the ball through impact?

PGA Professional Alex Elliott offers some great advice on how to stop cutting across the ball through impact

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Do you have any difficulty hitting down? Do you have your own techniques to recommend? Any questions or debates you want to raise?

How to swing an iron?

As you swing the iron toward the low point on your forward stroke, the clubhead moves in a descending motion. Once the clubhead passes through the low point, it arcs upward again.

How to get better iron shots?

Hitting down on the ball is the key to better iron shots. Essentially, you want to make impact just before hitting the low point of your swing. This is achievable for even the most casual golfers if you make small adjustments to move the low point of your swing forward. Positioning the ball in the center of your stance.

Why do you put the ball in the center of the ball?

But when you want to hit down on the ball, a center placement helps ensure that you’ll make contact with the ball just before your swing reaches its natural low point.

What is the difference between a low point and a clubhead?

Pretty simple, right? Before the low point, your clubhead is descending . After the low point, your clubhead is ascending.

What happens if you move the handle in front of the clubhead?

If you position the handle slightly in front of the clubhead—more towards the target—the low point moves forward. As a result, you have a decent chance at getting a good iron shot if you move the handle just a little bit in front of the golf ball.

What hand do you use to practice golf?

Here’s what you do: As part of your pre-shot routine, take a few practice swings with your lead hand only. Your trail hand does nothing. It doesn’t touch the club at all. You’re just holding the club in your lead hand and giving that hand total control of your swing movement.

What to do if your golf club starts down too vertically?

But if the club starts down too vertical, a golfer only has two choices: to bail out or back up. Backing up is a term I have for when a golfer tilts his or her upper body away for the ball. It shallows out the shaft plane and helps them avoid hitting the ground. But it is an ineffective form of bailing out because it does not allow a golfer to apply as much force to the golf club.

Why is bailing out an ineffective form of bailing out?

But it is an ineffective form of bailing out because it does not allow a golfer to apply as much force to the golf club. So how can you get the golf club on a angle that will allow you to swing aggressively through the ball, really going down and “getting it” like tour players?

Why do golfers hit top shots?

This is because these golfers have flattened the plane of the shaft, but they are still bailing out of the shot , a leftover behavior. But when they stay with it, they soon start to feel what turning through the shot and keeping their posture feels like.

Why do golfers stay down?

Why? Well, because staying in your posture, or moving down is much easier said than done. Professionals do it because they are in a position to do it. By that, I mean that they have the golf club moving on an angle that allows them to stay down. At the top of the swing, most professionals “re-plane” the golf club. That is, they lower the club onto their original shaft plane position (or close to it), which allows them to move aggressively through the ball.

How to avoid steep angle of attack?

To avoid this steep angle of attack you do the sensible thing, bailing out as you approach impact. Almost EVERYONE finds a way to avoid hitting the ground, and if the club transitions very steeply bailing out is a good way to do it. And that’s a fine fix until some well-meaning member of your group tells you to “stay down, man.”

How to move your right elbow in golf?

Your right (or rear) elbow has to move forward, more toward the target line. And you can’t move the whole unit, just the rear elbow (get up right now and try that, because it’s harder than it sounds). Go to the top of your swing, and move the elbow in front of you. If you did it right, you will see the right wrist flex and the left wrist flatten. …

Where should the grip end of the golf club be pointed?

A good check point might be this: If you see yourself on video, you may want to have the grip end of the club pointed at or slightly outside the golf ball at the halfway-down point. Your attack angle will shallow and you’ll be hitting it like the big boys, moving down through the shot.

How to control the swing of a golf club?

Allow your lead hand to control the swing of the club through impact, hitting down into the ball and then taking turf on the way back up into the follow-through. Keep your lead arm firm and allow your lead hand to be 2 to 3 inches past the club head when it makes contact with the ball.

Why do you sweep under a golf ball?

If you’re a beginning golfer, chances are you’ve learned to sweep under a ball in order to get it airborne. That philosophy couldn’t be further from correct.

Who is Patrick Cameron?

Step 4. Golfweeks’ Adam Woodard breaks down the results from the match. Patrick Cameron is a freelance writer with 10 years of diverse experience in consumer goods branding, promotions and retail communications. He works out of his home in Denver, Colo.

When is it most useful?

Engraining this swing thought into your entire golf game is recommended. Although there are shots that require you to hold the follow through, it is still recommended that you accelerate into the ball for all shots, including putting. That’s because not following through during putts will lead to very inconsistent results.

Why does my golf swing decelerate?

This happens because your mind has been trained to coordinate – more or less – the end of your swing with the wrongly defined final act – the ball.

What does swinging through the ball promote?

What it promotes. Swinging through the ball will promote a complete swing acceleration towards the moment of impact. Indeed, the objective is to reach maximum club velocity at the moment of impact. It will also make sure your swing is full and that it won’t stop shortly after impact but will rather proceed with a complete follow through.

What does "hit through the ball" mean?

Hit Through the Ball; Not at the Ball. Also Known As: “ Ball is in the way of the swing; it’s not the target”. This swing thought gets your mind to focus on making sure you continue your swing after impact. This is in contrast to stopping – more or less – as soon as the club makes contact with the ball.

Is impact only one component of golf swing?

The golf swing can be broken into many parts, of which impact is only one component and importantly not the last one. Seeing the act of striking the ball as the ultimate act will result in the follow through being constrained. Indeed, its purpose will be delegated to that of slowing down the club after impact, rather than its full role …