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how to stop hitting golf ball fat

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Tips to Stop Fat ShotsPlace the ball back in your stance and try tilting your club shaft forward during the address.You could be leaning your shoulders upper-body too much in your swing rather than rotating it. …In the downswing,shift your weight to the left (for right-handed golfers). …Throughout the swing,continue to maintain your head steady and your knee height. …

How to stop thinning the golf ball?

How To Stop Chunking The Golf Ball? The golfer must be able to control the low point and hit on the target side of the ball. The golfer must strike the ball and then the ground with irons and fairway woods. Utilizing drills is the quickest way to stop chunking the golf ball.

How to hit a golf ball from a downhill lie?

How to handle a downhill lie and hit the greenSET SHOULDERS PARALLEL. Your normal iron setup won’t work for this lie—the clubhead will bottom out too soon and you’ll make contact with the ground behind the ball.MOVE YOUR WEIGHT TO YOUR DOWNHILL FOOT. It’s critical to make ball-first contact from this lie,so play the ball in the middle of your stance (or at least slightly …TRACE THE SLOPE. …

How to stop hitting the ground behind the golf ball?

How to Stop Hitting Behind the BallWeight Transfer. One of the leading causes of the heavy golf shot is weight transfer. …Rotate,Don’t Sway. In order to have the proper weight transfer,you will need to keep your chest pointed down at the ball throughout the entire iron swing.Set Up. Like all other golf shots,a lot depends on the initial setup. …Focusing On Post Impact. …

How to stop skying the golf ball?

To Stop Skying Driver, Remember: Sweep, Not Steep. With irons, you want the clubhead to still be descending when it contacts the ball. That’s where the phrase hit down on the ball comes from. But with the driver (or other wood or hybrid shot with a teed ball), you want to sweep the clubhead into impact.

What equipment is best for the job?

If you tend to hit certain irons fat, it may help you to transition from steel shafts to graphite shafts, or vice-versa.

How to fix a fat shot?

The best way to go about fixing the fat shot is to look at your own swing and try to determine why you’re hitting the ground before the ball. You can look at your own swing recorded on video, or you can get someone else to look at your swing and try and isolate the problem. Also note that it is impossible to eliminate fat shots completely — every …

What happens when you try to kill the ball?

Also note that when a less experienced golfer tries to force a shot or “kill” the ball, they become much more prone to making a sharp transition at the top of the backswing and coming into the ball too steep. As noted above, this will tend to cause a fat shot.

Why are fat shots called fat divots?

Fat shots are often steeper, so that the club produces a larger and deeper divot than normal. These divots are sometimes called fat divots, and that may very well be the origin of the term “fat shot”.

Why is my divot bigger?

Cause #2: Your swing path is too steep. If your swing is too steep, your club will tend to reach the ground quicker and your divots will tend to be larger. This problem is common in over-the-top swingers who also tend to have issues with slicing the ball.

Why is my swing arc bottom out?

Cause #1: The ball is too far forward in your stance. This is fairly straightforward. If your ball is too far forward, your swing arc will bottom out before you reach the ball and you will hit it fat.

What is the opposite of a thin shot?

The opposite of a thin shot, a fat shot is a shot in which the club (typically an iron) makes contact with and digs into the ground before it reaches the golf ball.

How to hit fat golf shots?

If you are hitting fat golf shots, the first place to start is with your address position. With your mid irons, the ball should be positioned slightly forward of middle in your stance so that your sternum is over the ball. Importantly, your hands should be a fraction ahead of the ball. This will encourage the downward angle …

What is fat golf?

Hitting fat golf shots is one of the most frustrating faults in the game. It doesn’t matter how forgiving your irons are, if you are striking the ground before the ball, some technical swing changes are needed. Here, we will look at where hitting fat golf shots comes from and offer some pointers for how to improve your ball striking.

When hitting irons, should your divots start after the ball?

When hitting irons, your divots should start after the ball. For the best possible iron contact, you should aim to strike the ball and then the ground. This is a useful image to have in mind for any player who is struggling hitting fat golf shots.

Where should the bottom of the arc come?

The bottom of the arc should come just after the ball ( with your i rons). If you are hitting fat golf shots, the lowest point of the arc will be before the ball causing the club to strike the ground first.

Where should weight be in golf?

The basic key here is that your weight should move towards your back foot in the backswing and then towards the target in the downswing. For some golfers, there is a desire to lean back through impact to help the ball into the air.

How to get fat shots in golf?

Swinging too steep. While it is a problem when you try to lift the ball into the air, the opposite mistake can be just as damaging to your game. A swing that is coming down into impact on an angle that is too steep is very likely to create a fat shot as well. This problem is usually caused by a lack of lower body rotation in the downswing. When you start the club down toward the ball, your body should be turning out of the way to make room for your hands and arms to swing through the shot. However, if you fail to turn enough, your arms will be forced to take a steeper path down into the ball. Not only will you likely hit the shot fat when this happens, but there usually will be slice spin added to the ball as well. Correct your steep plane by working on your balance and practicing the rotation of your body in the downswing.

How to get the ball to float up?

Trying to lift the ball. Your irons have loft for a reason – so the club can do the work of getting the ball up into the air for you. As long as you hit down through the shot and make solid contact with the back of the ball, you should have no trouble getting the ball to float up nicely into the sky. However, if you try to help the ball get off the ground by scooping it instead of hitting down through it, you may run into trouble with fat shots. Many golfers make the mistake of thinking that they have to lift the ball into the air, so they try to hit up through the shot at impact. Don’t fall into that trap. Hit down through your iron shots and trust that the loft of the club will do the rest.

How to reduce frustration on the golf course?

To reduce your frustration on the course, and reduce your scores at the same time, striking the ball cleanly should be something that is high on your priority list. Following is a list of three swing mistakes that could be leading to your problem with fat shots. Weight moving the wrong direction.

Why is my swing not moving on the right side?

A poor weight shift is a common culprit. Failure to pivot from the right side to the left on the downswing moves the bottom of your swing arc to a spot behind the ball.

What happens if you put weight on your right foot after a golf swing?

If you have a significant amount of your weight on your right foot after the swing is over, there is a problem. Work on getting more of your weight onto your left side in the finish position and the fat shot issue might just take care of itself. Trying to lift the ball.

What causes a golf club to hit the ground before the ball?

Putter. One of golfs most deflating mishits is the “fat” golf shot, when the club strikes the ground before the ball. Fat shots typically occur with an iron in hand and may be rooted in any number of swing faults. A poor weight shift is a common culprit.

How to swing a golf club with a 5 iron?

1. With any club shorter than a 5-iron, take your usual address with the ball positioned at or near the middle of your stance. 2. Lift your right heel off the ground, balancing on the toes. 3. Make your normal golf swing. 4. From this position, the club will travel downward through impact.

Why do golfers open their clubs so much?

Sometimes golfers open their club face too much because they’re afraid of skulling the ball or hitting it “thin.” However, the wide open club face will force you to pop the ball up and hit it short , essentially not allowing the club head to do what it is designed to do.

How to get your hands lower to the ground?

Swing. Try slowing your backswing a bit without slowing your swing speed down. Slowing down your swing speed can cause you to drop your body and shoulders which will result in your hands being lower to the ball, and ultimately, striking the ground first.

How to hit approach shots in golf?

Slow down your back swing a bit but try to still come through the ball at normal speed and make sure your club face stays square through impact.

Why do golfers put their weight on the back leg?

When chipping, most golfers worry about the need to get the ball lofted high into the air so they tend to lean back and put their weight on the back leg. This causes an unnatural shift in balance to the backside and ultimately causes the club to ground into the dirt before the contact is made with the golf ball.

How many balls can you hit on your front leg?

Now that almost all your weight is on the front foot/leg and the back leg is neutralized try hitting 20-30 balls just standing on your front leg. What this does is train you shift your weight forward, forcing you to swing through the ball instead of swinging under to try and lift it.

What causes a chunk shot in golf?

Close the face to a normal angle but be careful not to close it too much. A closed club face may cause the heel of the club to strike the ground on a downward angle before the club makes contact with the ball, causing the dreaded chunk shot.

What happens when you hit the ground before the ball hits the ground?

Making contact with the ground before the ball causes a dramatic loss in club head speed and momentum, thus resulting in a shot that travels far less than desired.

Why does swinging make you fat?

Swaying can lead to fat shots because it moves the bottom of the swing arc away from where it was set at address.

Why do fat shots occur?

The fundamental causes behind fat shots relate to the arc of the swing itself and more specifically to the position of the bottom of the swing arc. Indeed, in order to produce a shot that sees the club penetrating the ground before contact is made with the ball – such as the case with fat shots – the bottom of the swing arc needs …

What is a fat shot in golf?

In golf a fat shot – or a golf shot hit fat – is one that sees the club penetrating the ground before making contact with the ball. This is in contrast to a better shot that sees the clubhead making contact with the ball before it proceeds to penetrating the ground, as should happen in shots made with irons and wedges.

How to explain hitting fat shots?

Hitting fat shots from fairway bunkers are commonplace and can be explained by how deep your feet are dug in at address. Indeed, a sandy lie brings with it another variable in how deep your feet dig into the ground, in relation to the ball.

Why is my golf ball so far forward?

Is the ball located too much forward? One of the reasons your club may penetrate the ground before it hits the ball has to do with the placement of the ball itself in your stance , in relation to your feet. A ball placed too much forward – towards the target – can prove tricky to hit cleanly and can result in fat shots.

What is the error in golf that leads to fat shots?

A typical error that golfers make which can lead to fat shots is that they fail to keep this spine angle constant throughout the golf swing.

Why do you need to lower the bottom of the swing arc?

Doing so will reduce the number of possible positions the bottom of the swing arc can be found and should allow you to produce purer shots on a more consistent basis.

Why do golfers’ heads move?

Many top golfers’ heads do move a little downward and to the right in response to the targetward thrust of the lower body. But if the motion becomes accentuated, they–and you–will surely catch the ground before the ball.

Why is it important to learn one swing?

That’s why it’s critical to learn one swing, and adjust your grip or stance, rather than changing your swing.

Who said "measure yourself to where you want to be and then stay level"?

The late Jim Flick always said, "Measure yourself to where you want to be, and then stay level." That’s why I start with the club slightly off the ground. The momentum of the swing pulls the club down to the ball. If you start with the club on the ground, you’re setting up for a fat shot. I measure for a solid strike, then stay level.

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How to hit a tennis ball with your back hand?

If that sounds familiar, let me give you two simple keys. First, make your initial move from the top a little bump onto your front foot. Feel like you’re shifting toward the target, so your chest is over the ball. Second, get to impact with the back of your top hand facing the target (left), not pointing upward. A good image is that you’re back-handing the ball, like a tennis stroke. If you get those two moves right, you’ll swing into impact with your weight forward and your wrists firm—two things every good ball-striker does.

What is a good image for a tennis player?

A good image is that you’re back-handing the ball, like a tennis stroke. If you get those two moves right, you’ll swing into impact with your weight forward and your wrists firm—two things every good ball-striker does.

Who were the two golfers in the 2003 Presidents Cup?

In the 2003 Presidents Cup in South Africa, two of the sweetest swingers at that time, Adam Scott and Stuart Appleby, were matched against two of the most unconventional, Jim Furyk and Jay Haas. As they warmed up, murmurs from the crowd suggested the “pretty” swings had it made. At one point, Jay said to Jim, “I bet those people don’t give us much of a chance.” Jim laughed, and the Americans went on to win, 6 and 5, one of the most lopsided victories in the history of the event. Don’t get me wrong, Adam and Stuart are tremendous talents. (I taught Adam for years.) But the only real barometer of a golf swing is the shots it produces.

Do golfers hit the ground first?

A lot of golfers never get over the instinct to lift the ball off the ground. They swing off their back foot or flip their hands through impact, both of which make the club bottom out too soon. As a result, they hit the ground first (fat shot) or catch the ball on the upswing (thin shot).