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how to stop hitting ground before golf ball

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How to Stop Hitting Behind the BallCorrect Weight Transfer As we’ve already discussed,transferring your weight incorrectly,or not at all,can be a significant stopping point for your progress as a golfer. …Proper Rotation Once your weight transfer is locked in,you should turn your attention to how your body is moving during your shot. …Shot Set-Up …The Follow-Through …

How do I Stop Hitting the ground first when playing golf?

Refrain from swinging too hard when you take your shot. Trying to get a little more power often causes your back shoulder to dip, which can cause you to hit the ground first. Practice hitting the ball first by standing on your front foot and hitting golf balls at the range.

Why do my golf clubs hit the ground behind the ball?

If most of your pressure is still in your back foot when the club comes back down, the clubhead is going to hit the ground well behind your golf ball. You wind up chunking the shot.

How do you hit a golf ball without hitting the ball?

Place it about 3 to 5 inches behind the ball. Take a few practice swings without the ball and concentrate on brushing the grass without hitting the piece of paper. Once you’re comfortable, hit some balls with the paper there.

Is it easy to hit the ground before the ball?

It’s easy actually. The vast majority of players that hit the ground before the ball simply don’t shift their weight soon enough in the downswing. As you move forward so does the bottom of your swing arc. To get through the ball better and bottom out later in your swing arc just follow these 3 easy steps:

What happens if you take a divot in golf?

If you take a divot — whether it’s in front of the ball or behind — put the turf you dislodge back onto the bald spot you created in the fairway. Failure to replace your divots is a violation of golf etiquette.

Why are tee shots not a problem?

Tee shots are usually not a problem because the ball is elevated, but hitting from the fairway is often a completely different story.

How to hit the golf ball first on your downswing?

Move the golf ball a bit farther back in your stance. This enables you to hit the ball first on your downswing. Loosen your grip on the club, so it is relaxed and you are not squeezing. Loosening your grip helps relax your arms and shoulders and provides a smoother swing.

When hitting a fairway iron, should your clubhead strike the ball first?

When you hit a fairway iron your clubhead should strike the ball first, and then continue downward to take a divot. Try to sweep the ball off the ground without taking a divot when you hit a fairway wood.

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Why do I hit the ground before the ball in golf?

The reason you are hitting the ground first before the golf ball is due to a fault in your golf technique. This could be caused by many factors (which we will discuss) that relate to your swing, body position, or even where you place the golf ball.

What are the factors that affect the golf swing?

These include hip slide, head movement, dipping the shoulder, bending your lead arm, releasing the club too early, and not distributing your weight through your swing correctly. Going through every possible aspect of why you are hitting the ground before the golf ball will be covered …

How to swing a door frame?

Then cross your arms across your chest as if you were holding a club. Subsequently, make a backswing turn and then a through swing turn. During your through swing turn, you should try and allow your left hip to move laterally, only enough to make slight contact with the door frame.

How to get the perfect swing in golf?

To acquire the perfect golf swing technique will mean that you will hit the ball consistently with power and place it where you would like it to go. However, a lousy technique will reak havoc on your game, causing you to hit the ground before the ball and elevating your handicap. Let’s remedy this.

What is a fat shot?

When you are striking the ball at a shallow angle, the low point of your swing is situated behind the ball, and this will cause you to hit what are known as “fat” shots. You will recognize these types of shots as they will also take divets out of the ground behind where the ball is placed.

Why do golfers slide their heads?

During the downswing, many players tend to slide their heads or will want to look at where they hit the ball. Unfortunately, this prevents the player from watching the club strike the ball and , in turn, will cause the entire upper body to move forward once again and impede proper recoil.

Why do you hit the ground first?

Hitting the ground first is because your angle of approach (angle at which the club is striking the golf ball) is too shallow. To put it in another understandable way, you are trying to hit the ball with an upwards motion. A golf club (your swing) actually moves through the shape of a circle, meaning when you swing your club, …

Why is the lead hand the most powerful way to throw a ball?

Because the lead hand is ahead and it’s the most powerful way to throw a ball and to generate speed – watch from 7 mins to see this exact drill. Get one of these as it will help you add speed and power to this motion. Now make some small swings with it, and toss the dog ball thrower into your practice net.

What is the club face?

1) Most people who hit the ground behind the ball, when they approach impact, the club face is an open position. Your body is smart, so what it does instead is it tries to do its best for you as you flick your wrists and try to the face up to the ball at impact. As a by-product, you will likely hit the ground first before the ball, or you will top it or thin it.

Does Danny Maude use a dog ball thrower?

One of his drills involves the use of a dog ball thrower. Yes, a dog ball thrower…

How to make better contact in golf?

Here are some more technique tips to help you make better contact… Rotate your hips and shoulders open in the downswing. This will help you swing your arms through with forward shaft lean on the club. Also, concentrate on coming in with more lag and shallowing your club in the downswing.

How to stop flipping in golf?

To stop flipping and hit with more forward shaft lean, you’ll be introduced to a great training aid called the Impact Snap. It’ll help you ingrain forward shaft lean and releasing out in front of the ball. Here are some more technique tips to help you make better contact… Rotate your hips and shoulders open in the downswing.

What happens if you hit a flat ball too far behind it?

If you hit on top of the Flat Ball, it’ll bounce up and if you hit too far behind it, your club will likely bounce right over it.

How to get a scorecard for a golf swing?

Try this… Grab a piece of paper (it can be a scorecard). Place it about 3 to 5 inches behind the ball. Take a few practice swings without the ball and concentrate on brushing the grass without hitting the piece of paper. Once you’re comfortable, hit some balls with the paper there.

Where is the meaty part of the grip on a golf club?

You’ll see that the pad, the meaty part of my hand here is at the bottom of this grip on top of it.

Can you compress a golf ball?

Getting that ground and ball contact happening at the same time, so we can really compress the golf ball. Now the neat part about this video is I’m going to mix it up. I’m going to talk about a couple of mental tricks where you don’t have to worry about changing your technique at all.

Can you use a golf swing indoors?

You can use it indoors so that you’re not just making practice swings in the air, which can cause you to top shots when you return to the course.

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How to avoid hitting behind the ball?

If this isn’t happening you are probably hanging back on your rear side way too long and triggering your downswing with your upper body be it arms or shoulders. Before your club reaches the top of the backswing use your lower body (legs and hips) to start driving your weight towards the target. This alone will really help your avoid hitting behind the ball.

How to get a proper weight shift?

Simply focus on early lower body action to get a proper weight shift to your front foot, make sure to let your head come through the shot and focus on a spot in front of the golf ball. Pure and less painful shots are on their way! Give yourself a goal. Put a tee or penny a couple of inches in front of the ball.

How to get the ball through the ball better?

To get through the ball better and bottom out later in your swing arc just follow these 3 easy steps: 1. Shift your weight from the ground up at the start of your downswing.

Why do golfers look at the target?

Many professional golfers have actually said they look at a spot in front of the ball instead of looking at the ball to make sure that they hit through the shot and don’t catch it fat.

Does hitting behind the ball hurt?

There are all sorts of mishits in golf that aggravate us, but hitting behind the ball or ‘hitting it fat’ actually hurts and that can be very discouraging.

Do you have to keep your head back when you reverse?

True – you do need to keep your head back as you reverse directions and you don’t want to get it ahead of the ball (especially with a driver), but to hit down on the ball and avoid hitting behind the ball, also known as hitting it fat, you do need to feel much more over the ball than you are probably used to.

Who is Maria Palozola?

Listed as a Golf Digest Best Teacher in State, Maria was the Lead Instructor for the Golf Channel Academy with Maria Palozola in St. Louis, MO. Maria has appeared on the Golf Channel doing golf tips for the Golf Fix, School of Golf and The Morning Drive. Follow Maria on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

What is a Chunk Shot?

You may hear the term “fat shot,” “heavy shot,” or “chunk shot.” Whatever you like to call it, it’s all the same problem.

What Causes a Golfer to Hit it Fat?

Right now, I’m talking specifically about chunking your irons. As you may know from past articles on hitting stellar iron shots, you want to catch the ball on a downward motion. To put it another way, you have to make contact with the golf ball before you reach the low point of your swing.

What does it feel like to chunk a golf shot?

All golfers know the pain of chunking golf shots. You take a powerful backswing, you feel like you’re about to hit a quality shot, then you swing down and feel the club hit the ground. When you look up, you see a huge piece of turf traveling down the fairway. Meanwhile, your ball has only gone a few feet. The chunk shot is a common problem.

Why is the low point of a golf swing important?

This is significant because the low point of your swing follows the pressure in your feet. If most of your pressure is still in your back foot when the club comes back down, the clubhead is going to hit the ground well behind your golf ball. You wind up chunking the shot.

Why is chunk shot so common?

The chunk shot is a common problem. But it’s not common because it’s hard to overcome. It’s common because so few amateur golfers have gotten the right advice for preventing heavy shots.

How to start pressure on a golf club?

You should start with most pressure on the lead foot, shift to the trail foot on the backswing, and shift pressure back to the lead foot as you swing through. You can find more tips on pressure in the feet here. Third, check the butt end of your club at setup.

What does the tilt in the club do to the clubhead?

And what does that do to your clubhead? It forces the leading edge to tilt down towards the ground. When you swing through, the tilt in your club causes the leading edge to dig into the ground.

How to improve ball striking?

To improve ball striking and to make a pure contact with the ball before the ground, the angle between the wrists and club shaft needs to be maintained during the down swing to just before impact when the wrists unhinge, the arms straighten and then extend through the ball. There are a few drills players can use to help maintain the angle …

How to do a down swing?

Bring the club down, slowly rehearsing the first move in the down swing where the hips rotate and the arms drop. Pause halfway down, where the left arm should be pointing down at the ground, with the club shaft parallel to the ground. The angle created by the left arm and club is still 90 degrees.

What hand do amateur golfers fire?

Countless amateur golfers fire the right hand too early, and they are left with fat shots as a result. Excellent lower body movement. Another essential piece of the ball striking puzzle is quality movement in your lower body.

What is the most important skill in golf?

One of the most valuable skills you can possess as a golfer is the ability to strike the ball cleanly. This is important with all of your clubs, but it really comes into play when talking about iron shots from the fairway. Many amateur golfers struggle in this spot, as they hit the ball either fat or thin a majority of the time. If you are going to elevate your game as time moves along, you need to find a way to hit most of your shots cleanly from the fairway.

Why do fat shots come up short?

This is because there is not a clean transfer of energy between the club and the ball at impact. Some of the force of your swing is lost due to the contact you made with the turf, and the shot will fail to reach the target.

What happens when you rush through the swing?

When you rush through the swing and don’t stick with your normal tempo, your lower body doesn’t have time to turn through the shot and the club will likely hit the turf before the ball. Timing is essential in golf, so you can’t let yourself feel rushed for any reason.

How to make a 90 degree angle in golf?

You should see a 90 degree angle created between the left arm (for a right handed golfer) and the club shaft at the top the back swing.