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how to stop swinging over the top golf

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How Do You Stop Coming Over the Top with Your Swing?Let Your Club Do the Work First,let the club do the work. …Clear Your Hips The hips play a huge role in your swing. …Focus on the Back of the Elbow The easiest way to improve and prevent coming over the top is to change what you’re doing with your elbows during the swing. …

How do you cure over the top golf swing?

The Best Way to Stop Coming Over the Top in Your SwingStop the Right from Dominating the Downswing. A lot of the material on the website talks about pushing versus pulling,and that’s what we’re going to go back over right …Pull With the Left. Now let’s look at the other arm. …The Second Key: Weight Transfer. …Know How to Use the Website. …

How to stop losing your golf grip at the top?

More Distance for Golfers Over 50Turn Your Right Foot Out to Prevent Swaying This is a tip that is very specific to golfers with a lot of stiffness. …Strengthen Your Golf Grip These last two tips are all about increasing power by improving your ball flight. …Move the Ball Back Slightly in Your Stance

How to start your golf swing like a pro?

Watch Ben Hogan explain how to swing a golf club,in 41 secondsElbows to chest In the clip,which you can watch in full below,Hogan suggests starting by making small swings,with your elbows connected to your torso the entire …Lengthen your swing “But you can’t go around a golf course doing this all day,” Hogan says,“so you need to lengthen the swing somewhere.” Once you’re comfortable with …Add speed

How to stop getting stuck in the golf swing?

The Arm DrillSet up for your shot as you would normally do.Let the club go or don’t pick it up in the first place.Have your keens bend,your hips pushed back. Just like you would do in a normal stance.Now,just let your arms hang. You don’t need to do anything else.The next time you’re at the course,remember this sensation. …

What causes a golf ball to fly over the top?

This is a swing fault which affects millions of golfers, and it is the main cause of the dreaded ball flight known as the slice. If you are currently fighting a slice in your game, and you have been fighting that slice for some time, it is almost certain that you are moving the club over the top during your transition from backswing to downswing. Fixing your slice is probably as simple as getting rid of that move – of course, getting rid of that move is not going to be simple at all.

What is the ideal backswing for golf?

The ideal backswing is one that has plenty of width, with your hands reaching back well away from your body as you turn to the right (for a right handed golfer). Unfortunately, many golfers make a backswing that is far too narrow, with the hands quickly coming in close to the body during the takeaway phase of the swing.

Why do amateur golfers rush through their swings?

Countless amateur golfers rush through their swings, either because they are trying to swing as hard as possible, or because they are nervous about the outcome of the shot. Either way, rushing is only going to put you off track and out of position when you get down to impact.

How to get rid of swinging over the top?

First, you are going to need to make a wider backswing. Work on the extension that you get in your takeaway, keeping your hands out of the equation as you rotate your shoulders away from the target. By maintaining great extension, you will naturally have good width at the top and your issue of a narrow backswing should become a thing of the past.

What happens when you make a narrow backswing?

When you do make a narrow backswing, your hands will be very close to your head at the top of the swing. From there, they only have one choice – to move up and away from your body. There simply isn’t room to drop the club to the inside after a narrow backswing, so an over the top action is your only option.

Can you hit a push with a swing?

It is possible to hit a push with this kind of swing, but most people see their ball flight turn into a slice after coming over the top.

Can you play golf if you don’t play at a high level?

While golf can be fun even if you don’t play at a high level, it’s frustrating to be stuck in neutral without any improvement in your play.

What arm is the swing at the top?

At the top with left arm only (left). Pulling with the left shallows the swing (center). An over the top move is awkward for the left arm (right).

What arm is the golf club at the top?

At the top with left arm only (left). Pulling with the left shallows the swing (center). An over the top move is awkward for the left arm (right). When you pull with the left arm, the club naturally shallows out.

What arm do you use to change your swing plane?

Today you’re going to learn one simple trick with the left arm that, if you do it correctly, will immediately change your swing plane and path, making it almost impossible for you to come over the top.

What is a good weight transfer?

A good weight transfer shallows out the swing plane - the pitch of the shaft. It’s as simple as being loaded up on the right side, and then shifting your weight back to the left.

How does weight transfer work in golf?

Weight transfer from the right side to the left shallows out the pitch of the shaft. This move also pulls the arm down. You’re not just going to the top and ripping your left arm down by itself. You’re using your body mass, your weight, to change the direction of the club.

Why is pushing with the right wrong?

One of the problems of pushing with the right is that it changes the pitch of the shaft, which steepens the plane and causes you to come over the top.

Why does my right arm swing?

Your right arm wants to make that over the top motion because it’s a natural movement for that part of your body at that point in the swing. What’s more, this movement feels very powerful.

How to swing over the top?

When you swing over the top, you tend to bring the club in shallow, your body rotating to compensate for the inside move. But, the body overcompensates pushing your club head out. To solve this, hold a golf ball in the hand of your non-lead arm (arm farthest from the target). Bring that hand up as if you were swinging a club and then back down, throwing the ball underhanded as you come through the impact zone. You’ll want the ball to fly at a right angle away from you. If the ball is flying out straight, or to the left, you are coming over the top and across your body. As you practice throwing the ball out to the right, you’ll learn the feel of proper rotation and arm movement needed to fix the problem.

How to fix a golf swing that brings the club to the ball from outside the swing plane?

An excellent way to fix this is to focus on keeping your club head inside to square, then back inside during the course of your swing. You can use a drill to practice keeping your club inside.

How to tell if you are over the top in golf?

Lead Arm Tight. One of the common symptoms of an over-the-top golf swing is a lead arm (the arm closest to the hole) that stretches away from the body as you go into the downswing. Take some controlled swings and you should notice this if you have a tendency to swing over the top. A simple drill can help correct this.

What is an over the top golf swing?

Overview. An over-the-top golf swing is one of the most common types of swing faults. When you have an over-the-top swing, there are generally two results you can expect at impact: a slice or a pull. It’s all determined by the angle of your club face at impact. Because the problem is so common, there are a variety of drills …

How to keep your club inside?

You can use a drill to practice keeping your club inside. Take a golf club head cover and place it an inch to the outside of your ball. You can start off a little farther away (say 2 inches) if it makes you more comfortable.

What happens when you throw a ball out straight?

You’ll want the ball to fly at a right angle away from you. If the ball is flying out straight, or to the left, you are coming over the top and across your body. As you practice throwing the ball out to the right, you’ll learn the feel of proper rotation and arm movement needed to fix the problem. Bryson DeChambeau and Aaron Rodgers win The Match.

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Why do golfers struggle coming over the top?

Golfers who struggle coming over the top often have too much wrist set in their swing, which force the shaft into a vertical — steep — position. That’s why Mark suggests feeling like you’re making a wider arc, with less wrist hinge, which will let the center of mass of the club work from more behind you and less over-the-top.

What is an over the top move?

Before we go any further, it’s worth clarifying, for those who may be unfamiliar, what an “over-the-top” move actually is. It’s when the club moves from outside-to-in on the downswing. Paired with a closed clubface, it can result in a nasty pull hook. Match it with an open clubface, and bingo! Slice time.

Who is Mark Blackburn?

Mark Blackburn, GOLF Top 100 Teacher and coach to a number of PGA Tour players, has been putting out some great content on social media recently, so head over to his page and give him a follow. His most recent tip caught my eye because so many golfers struggle with the classic over-the-top move, which makes advice like this especially helpful for so many.

What happens when you overuse your right arm?

Overuse of the right arm steepens the swing plane and leads to swinging over the top.

Why do I get over the top in golf?

The first cause that I’m going to discuss here is overuse of the right side of the body and right arm. This is THE most common cause of coming over the top in the golf swing.

Which arm is overused in golf?

This leads to an overuse of the right arm, and as you’ll see in the Premium video, this steepens the pitch of the shaft and shifts the swing plane to the left.

Which arm stops you from coming over the top?

In the image on the right, you can see how the left arm stops you from coming over the top due to the musculature you have available on the left side of the body at the top of the backswing.

Which arm does the opposite of the right arm?

As the video clearly demonstrates, proper use of the left arm actually does the opposite of what the right arm does.

How to get better at golf?

Now here is the big secret. Keep your shoulders coiled up as you start down. Your lower body will start your downswing by moving to your left side as your arms swing down. Consciously try to get your right elbow into your body as you feel your club coming down from …

Why do over the top golfers use their shoulders so much?

The over-the top golfer uses their shoulders too much on the downswing to try to produce power. The over-the-top golfer generally does the following things: (4) The club is taken away too far to the inside and around the body which causes the arms to lift up too high as the club reaches the top of the swing;

What is the swing of a golfer?

A golfer is said to swing over the top of the ball when the club comes down on a very steep angle from outside-inside. Generally this type of swing creates a a big divot that points to the left of target . The ball flight can be a pull or a pull hook to the left, or a terrible slice to the right.

How far behind the ball does your left shoulder turn?

You will feel like you have turned your shoulders at least 90 degrees as your left shoulder turns three to four inches behind the ball at the top of your swing. Jim Suttie on golf: Become a better ball-striker through better footwork. Now here is the big secret.

How to get a good shot at golf?

First, work on your setup. Make sure your head is slightly behind the ball, and the ball is not too far forward in your stance. Your shoulder should be square or parallel to your target line at address. Next, take the club a little straighter back on your takeaway.

Who is Jim Suttie?

Dr. Jim Suttie, 2000 National PGA Teacher of the Year, rated in the Top 20 Teachers in the U.S. by Golf Digest, and Top 100 Teachers in America by Golf Magazine. Academy at TwinEagles Golf Club. Lessons open to the public. Call 800-765-3838.

How Does It Effect Performance?

When you are coming over the top, you will be delivering the club inconsistently, hence the resulting slices, hooks and everything in between. This will ruin your accuracy as you can miss both left and right without rhyme nor reason.

What Causes You To Come Over The Top?

I find that one of the main causes of this is often trying to hit the ball, by this I mean golfers chasing more distance by swinging harder at the ball and losing good sequence.

How Can You Stop Coming Over The Top?

One great tool is your golf towel or a head cover which you tuck under your arm (right for righties, left for lefties).

What happens when a golf club goes up and out of the swing plane?

When you get this wrong, the club actually comes up and out of the swing plane during the downswing. This creates a swing path that becomes very steep into the ball which can cause hooks and slices. The inconsistency of the flight makes this flaw so difficult to manage.

What is a drop in golf swing?

This is a small move at the top of your swing that can derail everything on the downswing. You get to the top, your next move should be led by the lower half of your body which makes the club “drop” into the plane. This takes the club on a nice path into impact and beyond.

What does "coming over the top" mean?

Coming over the top is an error which occurs when you get to the top of the backswing. The next move is supposed to be powered by the lower half of the body and getting it wrong will mess up your swing plane, causing hooks, slices and other common swing issues.

What does it mean when you come over the top in golf?

Coming over the top is a dreaded swing issue that can wreak havoc in your golf game. You never know when it is going to strike but, when it does, it’s important to be able to recognise it and fix it. This is a problem that many golfers will face in their life, if you’re going through it now then you’re not alone.