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how to strike the golf ball consistently

how to strike the golf ball consistently插图

How do you hit a golf ball correctly?

The Proper Way to Hit a Golf BallEstablish your target line. You have to know where you want the ball to go before you can hit a good shot.Take your address position. For a standard shot,align your body – feet,hips and shoulders – parallel to the target line.Start your backswing by turning your shoulders. …Allow your right elbow to bend as you continue your backswing. …More items…

What makes a good ball striker in golf?

What Makes a Good Ball Striker?GripPostureBall PositionAlignmentWeight shiftWeight distributionSwing PlaneClub FacePivotSequencing

How to pitch the golf ball properly?

How to Hit a Golf Ball With a Pitching WedgeGrip. Your right hand pinky finger should over lap with your left hand index finger. …Stance. The ball should be centered between your feet and your knees should have slight bend in them.Backswing (Shake Hands With Your Left Hand) When in your backswing,your front (left) arm should be locked out completely. …More items…

How to hit a divot while striking a golf ball?

Clubhead is hitting just the ball and not the tee or rectangle.Clubhead is hitting the ball and sand tee first and then the rectangle,while a normal balanced finish position with the club and body is achievedClubhead is hitting the ball and tee while almost getting stuck in the sand. A full finish cannot be completed due to the depth of the divot.

How to set up a laneway?

The middle tee is your target, what you’ll be trying to strike. The other tees serve as barriers, forming a gate or laneway through which you will attempt to swing. Make sure to push the tee closest to you almost all the way down into the ground so that it does not catch the hosel of the club. The width of the outer tees will vary based on your skill level. Start off with about half an inch of space between the outer tees and the toe and heel of your club.

How to get a club down the laneway?

Through a series of small practice swings and starting very slowly, develop an awareness of bringing the club down through the laneway, such that when you do it successfully, you are only going to move ground right in between the two outer tees. Only the middle tee is struck.

What is linked divots?

We overemphasize to find the optimum to this drill. It’s called Linked Divots. It’s a progressive exercise to develop landing control that moves further to the left, one swing then two swings then three swings.

What is thin contact?

Thin contact is close cousin to toe contact, so if you make contact on the bottom-most grooves or if you can’t take a divot, follow this same Jump the Fence prescription.

How long does it take to improve coordination?

And in a matter of three to five minutes, you yourself can improve your coordination to hit the center of the clubface.

What to do if you nick a fence?

If you do happen to nick the fence, take a step back and work smaller and slower again.

Why is toe contact so debilitating?

Toe contact is really debilitating because shots just drop weakly out of the air. With toe hits you’ll likely feel the club spinning in your hands, too. You’ll feel like this was something you did. But in reality, it’s not you torqueing the club that way, it’s just the added leverage created by an impact that is relatively far from the golf shaft.

What is the most common mistake a golfer makes?

? One of the most common mistake"s golfers makes is swaying or "moving-off" the ball during the swing. Moving the body sideways or up-and-down is detrimental to hitting the golf ball consistently.

What happens when you move up and down in golf?

Moving up and down off the ball causes numerous negative actions and counter-actions in the golf swing. A great mental tool to help with this is to imagine a pole running through your spine and into the ground, fixing your position in place. You’ll need to maintain that position so the pole doesn’t move or pop out of the ground …

How to keep your body stable when playing golf?

It needs to remain stable and flexed. Keep the lower-body movement to a minimum. -If you are moving-off the ball vertically, remind yourself to keep your upper body at one level (always the same distance from the ground).

Is it bad to move your body sideways?

Moving the body sideways or up-and-down is detrimental to hitting the golf ball consistently. Often, you don’t realize you’re doing it until you ask someone to watch your head position during the swing.

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How to swing a golf club in the right direction?

Place a club on the ground in front of your left foot pointing down your target line, and then step on the clubhead so the shaft comes up off the ground. Then, make some swings and try not to hit the shaft. “This will definitely encourage a more rightward swing direction,” Doniger says.

How to get your golf swing back on the right plane?

If you’re someone who suffers from coming too far from the inside, try placing the club behind you underneath your right foot. Stand on the clubhead and try to keep the pressure on that trail leg a little bit longer in the downswing. This will help you use the proper footwork in your golf swing and get your swing path back on the right plane.

What are the three things that go wrong with a golf swing?

There are many places for things to go wrong with your swing, but three of the main places are setup, transition and swing path . If you want to produce consistent, solid strikes, you’ll need to get all of those components nailed down. That’s the theme of this week’s Home Practice — getting yourself in proper position to produce a more solid strike. GOLF Top 100 Teacher Debbie Doniger has three drills that will help you produce more consistent and solid ball-striking.

How to do a step drill on a golf ball?

Set up to the golf ball the same way you would for a normal step drill (with your feet together) but put your lead leg back about a foot. As you complete your backswing, step forward with your front foot, push down and swing all the way through. This will help you if you hang back on the transition.

What happens if you come over the top?

If you come over the top, often times producing a slice, you’ll need to get yourself to swing more out to the right.

What happens if you slice the ball?

If you slice the ball, you will habitually start to aim left to compensate.

What happens when you hit out of the rough?

They go after it a bit more, right? The swing naturally gets more compact and aggressive when you’re hitting out of the rough.

Why do you want to be in the rough when you practice?

Yes, we know, you’re in the rough all the time when you play –- why would you want to be in the rough when you practice? Because the rough can teach you a lot about ball striking.

What happens when you are told to swing nice and easy?

That’s what can happen when you’re told to swing nice and easy –- you forget that you have to go after the ball.

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How to swing a golf club?

Swing! Send the club down, swinging towards your ball. Strike the ball slightly under its center and with the midpoint of your swing.

What is the difference between a birdie and a bogey?

Golf is a game of accuracy. Driving the ball straight off of the tee can be the difference between a birdie and a bogey. With the right technique and some practice, your golf game will only get better.

How to get the largest swing in golf?

Put the ball high in your stance. Stand so that the ball is aligned with your left toe. Swinging from this stance will allow the largest swing.

What does a high tee do?

A high tee will allow you to strike the ball on the upswing.

How to control golf swing?

Grip lower on the club. Place your hands a bit lower down on the grip area of your club, away from the clubs end. Gripping down further on the club will give you more control over its movement as you swing.

Why is it important to grip a golf club high?

Gripping the club up high allows for power at the cost of accuracy.

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Why so high?

Lots of amateurs right now might be asking why I hit so high on the club face? Well, I also hit 7-9 degrees up on the ball, so my sweetspot is a little higher on the face (a concept I might explain in a later article). But hitting higher on the face also helps to launch the ball higher with lower spin. Check out my spin rate and launch angle in the below image.

Why are the sweet spots not in the centre of the face?

Also, if you are wondering why the marks are not in the centre of the face that the manufacturers have marked out, that’s because it’s not where the sweetspot is.

How to improve your strike?

Improve your ability to control, adapt, feel and create the strike you want by using skill drills and feedback exercises.

What does the red circle on the swing speed chart mean?

The red circle shows my swing speed, Green shows the carry distance and purple shows the total distance

Is the ability to direct the centre of mass of the clubhead to the ball effectively a skill or a?

The ability to direct the centre of mass of the clubhead to the ball effectively is a Skill not a technique. As such, it should be trained like a skill.

Can you miss the club face on a golf club?

While the average amateur can almost miss the club face and not be able to identify where the ball struck on the face, this shot pictured/highlighted below was very noticeably a heel shot for me. I felt the club twist closed, and the ball flew more to the right and looked ‘spinny’. My hand even came off the club in my followthrough – it felt that bad!

Do golfers miss 40% of fairways?

Don’t we all buddy. But while most golfers don’t realize that even pros miss 40% of fairways (yes, that’s right, they are failing almost half of the time), there is something amateurs can really do to improve their driving distance and consistency.