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how to swing a golf iron properly

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Golf Iron Swing TipsOverview Iron shots often get overlooked in the excitement of a booming drive,but they can make or break a round of golf. …Set Up in the Proper Stance An effective iron shot starts with a solid stance. …Adjust Your Backswing Follow the 2-8-12 rule to achieve the proper pace on your backswing. …Check Your Swing When Practicing …

What is the correct golf swing for Irons?

Like many golf skills, the first step to hitting an iron pure is getting into the proper position, then developing a good swing– in this case, swinging down and into the ball on the downswing instead of scooping it up on the upswing. Practice your starting stance and your swing technique to hit your irons … More ?

How to build the perfect golf swing?

The Perfect Golf SwingPerfect Golf Swing – Impact Position. The first step to building your best golf swing is focusing on the impact position. …Perfect Golf Swing – The Swing Positions. As mentioned,the impact position is what really matters in the perfect golf swing. …Focus on One Fix at a Time. …Golf Practice Plans (Follow these Programs)Golf Video Courses. …

How to hit Irons correctly in 3 easy ways?

Proper Way to Hit Golf IronsPractice. You want to practice each iron swing to get a comfortable swing. …Divot. A good iron shot may include a divot after your shot. …Full Extension. …Shape Irons. …Grip. …Posture. …Body Space. …

How to hit irons for beginners?

How to Hit Irons: Long vs ShortYour long irons (2,3 and 4) have a lower loft and are designed for more distance. (1 irons if you have them)Short irons (8,9 and pitching wedge) have a higher loft and help you pop the ball up in the air as you get closer to the green.And your middle irons (5,6 and 7) are,well . . . in the middle.

Why The Iron?

The iron is perfect for when you find that the club will still be descending at the moment of impact between the club head and the ball. To gain the optimal advantage over the dug-up turf or a struck downswing, you will find this type of club ideal.

What is a golf iron?

Irons are the most commonly used golf clubs. They are highlighted by thin clubheads and a spin that is set at the clubface.

Why are longer irons better than shorter irons?

The reason for this is because the higher loft allows a beginner more control over the iron. It is easier to master, and the shorter shaft also requires less effort when it comes to the grip. On the other hand, the longer irons with less loft may not be as simple to control. However, they are the ideal choice for more delicate shots where you want a lower launch angle.

What do you need to know to be a good golfer?

Being aware of the physics and mechanics of a golf swing is essential. However, you also need to have knowledge of the different equipment that can be used.

How to avoid hanging to the rear side of the ball?

Make sure that the shoulder that is closer to the ball is a bit higher than the other one. This way, you will prevent hanging to the rear side during the takeaway. The only time when this takeaway positioning changes is when you are on rough terrain and you are looking for a steeper angle. In this case, your wrists should be fully cocked during the second and third steps.

What is the difference between a 3 iron and a pitching wedge?

Thus, the lower the number, the longer the golf club is. On the other hand, it has less loft but covers a bigger distance.

How many clubs are in a 3-iron wedge?

Today, it is most common to see a 3-iron pitching wedge that includes eight golf clubs. You should keep in mind that irons are always numbered and that irons 1 and 2 are virtually out of the game.

Does This Change the Way You Approach Your Golf Iron Swing?

Do these tips make sense for your iron shots? Has this advice been helpful? Do you have a difference of opinion or tips of your own to share?

What is lag in golf?

For now, I’ll just say that lag refers to the practice of releasing your clubhead late in the downswing in an effort to kick more speed into the clubhead at impact.

What is the purpose of swing motion?

This golf tip will start to move your swing on a better swing plane. You’ll also begin to generate a better swing sequence and you’ll see an increase in your swing speed.

Why do golfers struggle to get contact?

So many golfers struggle to get pure contact because their golf ball is in the wrong position within their stance. More often than not, they’ve got it too far forward. Now, that might be a great position for your driver shots, when the goal is to hit up on the ball. But when it comes to your irons, you want to catch the golf ball on …

What does a stellar golf swing mean?

A stellar golf iron swing results in one of the greatest feelings in the game of golf: that clean, clear crack sound, that purely struck iron shot, that finish right at the pin.

What is the best way to hold a golf club?

There’s a number of things that go into having the correct golf grip, however, the most important thing is that you hold the golf grip in your fingers rather than the palms of your hands. Having the club in your fingers will help with your overall contact with the golf ball.

What does it mean when a golfer holds his weight back?

This means that they’re holding their weight back, and when their weight stays back, they essentially pull their swing arc back, too. As a result, the bottom of their swing happens farther back behind the ball, and they wind up making contact on an upward motion instead of a downward motion.

What is the circle in golf?

Your golf swing is a circle. At the top of your backswing, your arms, club, and hands reach up above your trail shoulder. As you swing through to the finish, your club head traces a circle all the way around until it ends above your left shoulder.

What is the objective of a golf swing?

Whenever you swing your iron, your objective is to hit down on the golf ball. To make this happen, you have to set up your shot so that the club head catches the ball before the low point of your swing.

Why do I have a drill for swing plane?

This is helpful insight to have because veering away from swing plane can lead to the dreaded shank and other nightmares.

What posture do you need to play golf?

Now, a lot of people make the setup more complicated than it needs to be. The main thing to remember is that this is a sport. As such, golf requires an athletic posture. You know what I’m talking about. Knees slightly bent, a hinge at the hips, feet shoulder-width apart.

Why is it so hard to find the right spot on the backswing?

A lot of golfers struggle to find the right spot at the top of their backswing simply because it’s hard to get started from zero.

How to get your feet in the right place?

To get your feet in the right place relative to the golf ball: Stand with your feet together. Take a small step towards the target with your lead foot. Take a bigger step away from the target with your trail foot. You should wind up with the ball slightly forward in your golf stance .

What happens if you hinge your wrists on the takeaway?

If you hinge your wrists on the takeaway, working the club head closer to your body than your hands are, you set yourself up for a tricky transition. To avoid this, note where your hands are in relation to the club head when your club shaft is parallel to the ground on the takeaway.

How to use irons in golf?

In a golf game, the main keys to using your irons effectively lie in the positioning of the iron and swinging it in the right direction with the right posture. Driving a golf ball far down the course may be the ultimate for many of us (me included) but as time goes by you need to know the skills to use the iron club.

What does the number on an iron mean?

Here is a guide to what the number on the iron means. The greater the iron number the more loft there is and the shorter the golf shaft. The loft is the angle of the golf club head. The more the angle of the club the higher in the air the ball will rise.

What is iron club?

Iron clubs are designed to hit down on the golf ball. That is correct. The squeezing of the ball to the ground or compression allows the ball to travel up correctly. Check out are article How to Hit Down On The Golf Ball for more details. You can also check out my article on Golf Swing Tips With a Driver.

What is the best way to swing irons?

One of the key golf swing tips for irons is creating a solid, wide, balanced and stable stance.

Which iron has the least loft angle?

The least number irons which are 1 2 3 irons have the least loft angle and the longer shafts of the club. This means your ball will travel further and straighter (the least loft angle). As you go down in the iron number from 9 the loft is less (the ball will not go as high in the air and the ball will travel farther).

How to swing a golf swing?

Use plenty of knee flex for providing a solid base for the swing. Tilt your hips forward, allows the arms to hang freely from the shoulder. Always keep the chin up so to allow a free shoulder to turn towards the backswing.

How to do a downswing?

Most beginners start the downswing with the upper body instead of bumping the hips. For a better swing, you need to bump down the hips and get the right posture.

How to check contact point before hitting the ball?

You can also check your contact point by looking at the divot that is left after you hit the shot.

How to get your golf club to loft higher?

Keep your back shoulder lower than the front throughout the backswing. Adjust your backswing to loft the ball higher if you are hitting from the rough.

How to get a good pace on a golf club?

Adjust Your Backswing. Follow the "2-8-12" rule to achieve the proper pace on your backswing. Pull the club straight back for the first 2 inches of the backswing. From 2 inches to 8 inches, allow the club to travel upward without rotating your wrists.

How to shoot irons?

An effective iron shot starts with a solid stance. Line up your feet so the ball is between your sternum and the armpit on your non-dominant side. Spread your weight equally between both feet, and keep your knees flexed for balance.

Can iron shots make or break a round of golf?

Overview. Iron shots often get overlooked in the excitement of a booming drive, but they can make or break a round of golf. You must be able to get the ball from the fairway to the green in as few strokes as possible to give yourself a chance to putt for a birdie.

How to swing a golf club without bending your knees?

Bend your knees slightly. Instead of being a stiff mannequin, try to adopt an "athletic stance" by bending your knees slightly. Try a practice swing with your knees totally straight to see how hard it is — and how unnatural it feels — to swing a golf club without slightly bent knees.

How to check your golf club alignment?

To check your alignment, get into your stance and place a golf club on the teeing area along the tips of your toes. Step back from the golf club and look at the direction it’s pointing in. It should be pointed either at your target, or at the hole itself.

What does it mean to have a relaxed grip on a golf club?

A relaxed grip will allow the club head to turn over when you swing, giving you better accuracy and usually better distance. This is referred to as closing through impact. As with most things in golf, the harder you try, the worse things get, as trying harder may cause your muscles to tense, hindering your swing.

How to make your golf club grips right or left?

Tighten your grip on the top of the club so that the lifeline portion of your palm rests on top of the left thumb. Your right thumb should be pointing slightly left-of-center, while your left thumb should be pointing slightly right-of-center.

How to put a golf club in stance?

Start with your front foot slightly ahead of the ball. Place your feet so that your front foot is slightly ahead of the ball; this way your club will be resting near the centre of your body. Your feet should be a little wider than shoulder-width apart with your golf ball toward the middle of your stance.

What grip do you use for golf?

Try the baseball grip. This is a very basic grip similar to how baseball players hold a baseball bat, hence the name. Note: For all three of the following grips, the left hand (on a right-handed golfer) will be in the same position.

Which grip is used by Jack Nicklaus?

Try the interlocking grip. This grip offers probably the most stability of the three by interlocking the left and right hands on the underside of the club. This grip is used by golf greats Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods.

How to strike a golf ball in the middle of your swing?

With the ball in the middle of your stance, place the clubhead behind the ball at address, with the shaft leaning slightly forward. When the shaft is leaning forward and the ball is in the middle of your stance, your normal swing automatically creates a downward strike on the ball.

What does it mean to set up with the ball in the middle of your stance?

In this position, the clubhead is still moving downward when your normal downswing brings it into contact with the ball.

Why do you take a divot?

Take a Divot. Because the clubhead is traveling downward when it strikes the ball, it will continue moving downward. When the clubhead hits the ground, it will also take out a small divot. Taking a divot lets you know you really have hit down on the ball. The divot should not be very deep.

Do you divot in front of the ball?

The divot should not be very deep. Some players do not take much of a divot at all. However, the divot should be in front of the ball. If the divot begins behind the ball, it means you have hit the ball fat.

When you swing the ball up in the air, should you swing it?

When most players want the ball to go up in the air, they think they should swing upward. When you are hitting a drive, where the ball is perched on a tee, this is correct. However, when the ball is sitting on the ground, an upward strike is impossible. To get the ball up in the air using an iron, you must hit down on it with a descending strike.

Do you take a divot on a high handicap?

They stand up as the clubhead reaches the ball, which results in a thin hit. Make sure you stay level when you make your downswing. Not only will you take a divot, but you also will be rewarded with a solid hit.

Can Sergio Garcia hit an iron?

For too many golfers, irons are a mystery. Even though they hit solid drives off the tee and perhaps can even hit an iron off a tee, they simply cannot hit an iron shot off the ground, …

How to hit irons pure?

Like many golf skills, the first step to hitting an iron pure is getting into the proper position, then developing a good swing– in this case, swinging down and into the ball on the downswing instead of scooping it up on the upswing. Practice your starting stance and your swing technique to hit your irons pure every time!

What does it mean to catch the ball on the downswing?

Catching the ball on the downswing means hitting it before your club starts swinging up again. If you hit the ball on your upswing, you will achieve less distance and accuracy with your iron shots.

What does it mean to hit an iron pure?

In golf, "hitting an iron pure" means making a solid connection between your iron and the ball in order to get the most distance out of your shot. Once you’re comfortable hitting a driver, the next step is learning how to use your irons to hit the ball the rest of the way down the green. Like many golf skills, the first step to hitting an iron pure …

How to swing a golf club back down?

Shift your weight to your front leg and swing down towards the ball. Swing the club back down towards the ball. Let your shoulders drop back down so they are straight above your legs when you make contact with the ball on the downswing. Try not to take big divots out of the turf under the ball.

How to swing a golf club with your head straight up?

Swing the club back with your arms and let your shoulders turn with the momentum. Shift your weight towards your back leg and swing the club back and above your head. Let your shoulders rotate upwards behind you as you swing the club above your head so the head of the golf club is straight up in the air.

How to keep your feet planted in golf?

Keep your feet planted as firmly as possible to stay balanced. Shift your weight slightly back to your heels if it helps keep them planted. Try not to let them move at all until the end of your swing. If your feet are moving a lot at any point of your swing, then you are swinging too hard.

How to start a golf stance?

Tip: Your complete starting stance will look like this: standing with the side of your body lined up with the target, your feet shoulder-width apart, the ball in front of you in the middle of your stance, but slightly more towards your front foot, and the club held out in front of you so the head of the club reaches the ball.

Why do golf clubs travel at a great distance?

Aside from that, it also provides more torque and momentum of the swing. Modify the swing the time you notice restricted movements over the wrists or if the hinge on the wrists hurt.

How to hold a golf club?

The proper of holding the club is through gripping the golf club using the dominant hand in which the grip connects to the shaft and as the head of the club rest on the ground. Basically, grab the club through your fingers positioning below the shaft and your thumb lying within the top of the grip. Remember to grip the golf club firmly yet it should not be too hard. Moreover, do not lean or bend just to hold the club because doing so may make the club too short.

How to use a baseball grip?

Basically, hold the golf club grip using the dominant hand. Afterwards, put the non-dominant hand at the back of the dominant hand and put your fingers around the grip. This will basically result on a baseball bat grip that is also highly suitable for kids and novice golfer.

How to put a golf club in your hand?

Generally, put your left hand at the back of the right one. Afterwards, grab the golf club within the palm of the left hand. This applies true if you are a right-handed person. In case you are left-handed, just simply do the opposite way.

How to get accurate shots on golf clubs?

Generally, let the club be on a comfortable position off the ground as you are placing the club into a comfortable grip. This will usually help you to find an accurate position. Remember that setting the grip without knowing the space from the ground will not give you the right position for the shot. Aside from that, if you will already rest the club head near the ball without the grip, it may have the tendency to tap the ball and cost a stroke.

How to catch a golf ball on the downswing?

Basically, put the golf ball having one ball apart from the chest centerline towards the non-dominant arm . Having this position can give you a better catch within the downswing. A good trick is lining up the ball within the logo of your shirt especially if you’re right-handed.

How to play golf with your back straight?

Generally, the proper positioning lies on a straight back vertical axis having a similar angle on the head and neck.