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how to throw a disk golf discs straight

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How far can you throw a disc?

The world record stands at almost 1000 feet but not too many pros reach that distance. On average a pro can throw a disc golf frisbee between 450 to 525 feet. Of course, it will depend a lot on the size and skill of the professional disc golfer.

What are some good basic starting discs for disc golf?

Let’s check out the three different types of discs:Driver: this is the disc you will almost always use first for your tee shot. These discs are meant mostly for speed and distance.Mid-range: this disc is used mainly for approach shots close to the basket and for tee shots when the basket isn’t too far away. …Putter: putters are meant to travel short distances as accurately as possible. …More items…

How to throw straight in disc golf?

Throwing technique for a straight backhand throw. 1. Make sure you reach back in a straight line. 2. The pull through also need to be in a straight line. Keep the disc close to your chest when pulling through. 3. Release the disc at a flat angle. If these 3 steps are done correctly and you’re using a stable disc that also has a low fade …

How to improve your disc golf drive?

In a wide-stance,hold the kettlebell with both hands in front of your hips.Squat down,keeping your chest up and weight in your heels.Explode at the hips,using the driving momentum to swing the kettlebell up nice and high to about chest height.At the top,let the kettlebell fall with control,and squat back down. …Repeat!

What does fade mean on a disc?

Fade is the tendency on a disc to hyzer out at the end of flight. So if you are right-handed and throwing the disc backhand, a disc with a lot of fade will tend to turn left as the disc starts to slow down. The fade rating is the last number in the flight rating system. Discs with a 0 rating have no fade.

What to do if disc flips flat?

If your disc continues to turn after flipping to flat, you may want to release the disc with more hyzer to counteract it. You might also try a less flippy disc. Releasing the disc low and with the noise slightly down are also important to the success of the hyzer flip.

Why does my disc hyzer?

If you are releasing the disc flat but aren’t performing your pull throwing in a straight line, this could cause your disc to hyzer or anhyzer instead of flying straight.

How to flip a hyzer?

The trick with the hyzer flip is you will need to release the disc with a lot of force to get it to flip to flat. So focus on pulling your arm through quickly and generating a lot of snap. This can take a lot of practice so don’t be disappointed if you don’t get it right away.

What is the turn rating on a hyzer?

The turn rating is the third number in the sequence and for a good hyzer flip disc, we’re looking for a -2 or lower rating . If you have a beat in stable or overstable disc that’s really flippy, that would also be a great option for the hyzer flip.

What is the perfect throw for disc golf?

The perfect throw for this situation would be a straight shot down the middle. But how do you throw a disc golf driver straight?

How to know if a disc is turn or flight?

The best way to know the turn rating of a disc is to use the flight rating of the disc which is usually printed somewhere on the disc itself. The turn rating is the third number in the sequence. You may also have a really beat in overstable disc that flies really straight for you.

Understanding disc numbers

The first problem disc golf beginners’ encounter when trying to keep throws straight is throwing the wrong disc in the wrong situation.

Disc Golf Nerd

What do the Numbers on a Disc Golf Disc Mean? – Flight Numbers – Disc Golf Nerd

What causes a disc golf disc not to fly straight?

Before we provide you with tips on how to throw a disc straight in disc golf that you can physically control, let’s discuss things that cause the disc not to fly straight.

Reasons Why the Disc Will not Fly Straight

You are not pulling the disc in a straight line during the throw, especially if you are using the forehand throw.

Essential Points when Trying to Throw the Disc Straight

When throwing the disc with a forehand throw, pull the disc on a straight line and provide a good follow-through. If you throw it in a perfectly linear motion, the chances are your disc will end up in a straight flight path.

How to Throw a Disc Golf Driver Straight

Throwing a disc golf disc straight is not an easy thing to do. But through constant practice and the determination to do it correctly will enable the disc golfer to pull it off. There are two ways to throw a disc straight.


Learning different types of shots is essential when playing disc golf. Someone must have a lot of creativity when taking shots in different game situations. Therefore, it is a must for a player to learn how to throw disc golf straight because it is a skill that will be use in disc golf rounds.

How fast can a disc golf driver run?

Think of it scientifically. It is said that an average human can run between 10 to 15 miles per hour.

What to do when trying to throw a disc golf driver?

Don’t Sweat the Technique. One of the worst things you can do when trying to throw a disc golf driver is to tense up. Being as relaxed as possible will allow you to throw further and with better direction. If you can’t relax yourself, there really could be some hurtful repercussions like injuries, strains, and pulls.

Why throw disc golf driver at a short distance?

Additionally, you will throw your disc golf driver at a short distance because your shot will come out of your hands slower when you tense up. The rule of thumb should be that you throw the disc not harder, but faster.

How fast can you throw disc golf?

You do not run straight forward when throwing a disc golf driver. The x-step technique makes each thrower reach only up to 7 or 8 miles per hour. You have to plant your leg to throw, pivot, and turn your body when releasing the disc anyway. In the end, only 2 to 3 miles per hour is gained from your running throw anyways. That is not a big enough gain to say it will help your distance and accuracy together. It will honestly only cause more trouble in the end.

What speed discs make you enemies?

Look for discs with a speed between 6-7, and a stability between -1 to -3. Maxing out at a speed of 10 for your disc will not make you friends, but rather mortal enemies.

How to work on accuracy?

Grip is also a must when working toward accuracy. Of course, your grip should be tight, but not so much that your knuckles turn white. Open up your wrist, as to not strangle your hands around the disc. Also, you do not want the disc to come too easily out of your fingers either.

How to get a disc to come loose?

Finding the right grip, not too hard or soft, can be touchy; however, it is doable. Use a friend for assistance, and ask them to pull at your disc, while you are gripping it. If your friend really pulls at it, the disc should come loose, but it should not be easy to take away either.

Choosing The Right Disc

There are so many discs out there to choose from, and it can be confusing to know which disc is right for you.


Tensing up is not your friend when throwing a disc golf driver. It’s hard when the pressure is on, but being as relaxed as you possibly can helps you throw further and with better directions.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right equipment, practicing new techniques and analysing your existing techniques can be helpful in throwing a disc golf driver straight. But it’s also worth considering what you want to achieve.


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Why People Seek For Straight Throw?

That’s why players like the straight throw because we find a little interference of Turn and Fade in the straight throw. By the straight throw, you can easily land your disc at the defined target.

Why do disc golfers throw farther?

But the Heavier discs fly a bit little farther than more lightweight discs. Because due to their heavyweight such discs are disturbed by the air motion.

Why does my disc golf driver have a curved shape?

Your body must be moved to the extent required for the particular throw. The wrong or over-the-body movement may cause the disc golf driver to move in a curved way and travel a shorter distance.

What does proper holding of disc golf driver mean?

The proper holding of the driver doesn’t mean to hold it tightly, but the correct positioning of your fingers on the edge of the driver. The driver’s proper holding maintains a perfect grip to achieve a straight disc golf driver throw.

How to choose disc golf driver?

Some players choose a driver that is either over heavy or over light, too slow or too speedy. So your choice of disc driver matters a lot to achieve a straight throw. Don’t be trapped by some low and cheap brands. Choose a reliable brand of disc.

Why do you walk before disc golf?

The over-walking can only waste your energy and makes you tired and exhausted. This tiredness will lead the disc to follow a curved path and cover a shorter distance. The proper walkthrough saves your energy and maintains the body strength to throw the disc golf driver straight.

How far should you keep your wrist in a golf basket?

Most beginner golfers make the common mistake of keeping their wrist position at more than 90 degrees with a basket. But this will not drive your golf disk straight and farther. Keeping your wrist at the 90 degrees of the basket will throw the disc golf driver directly and make your disc cover maximum distance.

What is the most common throw in disc golf?

A backhand throw is the most basic throw in disc golf and is used 90% of the time. Avoid facing the front of your body toward the target, as this will cause the golf disc to veer off on an angle.

How to make a golf disc fly faster?

Keep the golf disc at waist height as you make the throw. The faster you bring your arm toward the target, the faster and further the golf disc will fly. Keep your eye on the target, rather than on your golf disc. This will help to improve the accuracy of your throw.

How to hold a golf disc in your hand?

Grip the disc with your thumb on top and your fingers underneath. Hold the golf disc in your dominant hand and then place your thumb on top of the disc to secure it in your hand. Move your fingers around until they are in a comfortable position and the disc feels secure in your hand. Avoid placing any of your fingers along the side …

How to put a disc in your hand?

1. Grip the disc between your thumb and middle finger. Place your middle finger flat against the inside rim of the disc with your palm facing the disc. Put your thumb on top of the disc above your middle finger to secure the disc in your hand. Let the web between your thumb and index finger rest on the outside rim.

How to increase distance in golf?

Hold the golf disc flat. This is the easiest way to increase the distance of your throw. If your golf disc is angled upward, it will quickly lose momentum and fly down toward the ground. If the disc is angled downward, it will hit the ground before using all its potential momentum.

What is disc golf?

Disc golf, also known as frisbee golf, is a fun sport and a great way to get some exercise. The backhand and forehand are the primary throws used in the game, and both are quick and easy to learn. With a little practice, you’ll be getting hole-in-ones in no time. Steps.

Why does my golf disc bend?

The top of the golf disc may bend a little from the pressure of your thumb, which is normal.

How to throw a backhand?

Make sure your shoulder is pointed right at the point you want to throw if a backhand is what you want to throw. Start your throw with a runoff if you are following a straight course, and do not start it from either side of the tee pad.

How to get closer to your goal when throwing a disc?

Concentrate and pull it right across your chest, and you should get closer to your goal. Another common mistake seen in players is that when releasing the disc, they twist their wrists, which surprisingly could make the disc turn completely over. So, even if you are releasing your disc completely flat, the twist of your wrist could twist your throw …

How to throw disc golf disc straight?

There are generally two ways you can throw a disc golf disc straight, the first one being releasing a stable disc completely flat. The second one is to release the disc with a hyzer angle, but remember to use an understable disc with this technique. If you surf through the internet for a while, you will most probably find other techniques …

What is the turn rating of a stable disc?

Generally, a stable disc has a turn rating varying from 0 to -1, so when you are choosing a new disc, this is something you should definitely keep in mind. Actually, you will have to look at the flight rating of the disc to know the turn rating, which will come in third from the top. With a flat release, an overstable disc might also fly on …

Is it normal to throw a disc?

When you go for a throw that travels a long distance, your disc will almost certainly not follow a straight path, and this is normal. Often times, you might want to impress your peers, and that’s why you throw the disc with all your might to achieve a greater distance.

Can a wrist twist cause a bummer?

So, even if you are releasing your disc completely flat, the twist of your wrist could twist your throw and result in a bummer! Your run-up could also possibly hamper your throw, making it tilt off a straight course. Make sure your shoulder is pointed right at the point you want to throw if a backhand is what you want to throw.

Can an overstable disc fly straight?

With a flat release, an overstable disc might also fly on a straight line, so you could possibly consider it as an option only if you are in the market to pick up a new disc to play with.

What is the SS version of Buzzz?

It is very fade resistant, and while it may not ever overcome the original Buzzz in popularity for all players, the “SS” is for “Super Straight” and this one was designed to be the ultra straight-flying version.

What does it mean when a disc is straight flying?

If you are a new player, and the disc tends to fade too early on pretty much every throw, then a “straight-flying” disc would be one that resists the fade, meaning that it would be a significantly understable disc. However, if you have some speed and power to your throw, a disc which is too understable will turn over prematurely or turn …

How fast is the Discmania driver?

It is one of the most popular drivers by Discmania for good reason. Speed: 7.0. Glide: 6.0.

How fast is Anubis?

It is a great starter disc for new players. Speed: 5.0 . Glide: 5.0. Turn: 0.0.

What is the Mako3?

MAKO3 by Innova. The Mako was the original version of this popular mid-range flyer , but the Mako3 quickly took over the superior version when it was released by Innova. It is a slightly faster version of the Mako, with a flatter top. It is considered one of the go-to straight flying discs on the market for a controlled, slower-speed throw.

Which disc is the straightest?

The Axis is the straightest-flying mid-range disc by the company that created the overmold, gyro disc technology, MVP. MVP and their sister company, Axiom Discs, have a great selection of discs that have nice, flat tops which are popular for forehand (sidearm) throwers. The Axis isn’t the flattest, but it is definitely one of their discs that flies the straightest.

Can a disc turn over prematurely?

However, if you have some speed and power to your throw, a disc which is too understable will turn over prematurely or turn into a roller. So your experience, strength, speed, etc. are factors which will determine how straight a disc flies for you.