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how to track golf balls

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Can You track a golf ball with GPS?

These GPS golf balls could be tracked via your mobile devices. In such a golf ball, an RFID tracking chip will be embedded. The chip is so minuscule that it does not affect the ball’s performance. The RFID Chip in the golf ball will send radiofrequency waves to your mobile device. As you get closer to the ball, you’ll hear a beeping sound.

How does a golf ball tracking system work?

A golf ball tracking system that includes at least one golf ball with an RFID device that provides information like a distinct identification. The system contains an RFID reader that can read the data from the RFID chip embedded in the golf ball.

How do Topgolf golf balls know it’s my ball?

Topgolf golf balls are all equipped with a unique RFID (radio frequency identification) chip. When you wave you golf club over the sensor to get another golf ball, the hitting bay connects the RFID tag in that next golf ball to your bay. That’s how it knows that it’s your ball.

How do I see how far my golf ball went?

Just a few seconds after your golf ball stops, you look up at a monitor in your hitting bay and find out how far your ball went and how many points you scored in the Topgolf game that you’re playing.

How has technology changed sports?

In the last 20 years, the technology used in television broadcasts of sports has radically changed. Football has added the first-down line you can see on every play. Baseball has added the strike zone superimposed on the screen to identify whether a pitch is a ball or strike. One of the most impressive advances in technology appeared in tennis back in 2006.

When did Chirkinian join CBS?

Chirkinian first directed the 1958 U.S. Open, and his presentation of the event caught the eyes of CBS. He joined the network in 1959, stayed until 1996, and made a whole slew of advances in between.

Is Toptracer the same as Hawk Eye?

In 2016, it was rebranded Toptracer when Topgolf purchased it. The proprietary technology works similar to Hawk-Eye in that there are strategically-placed cameras that track the shot, then send that data back to the sensors, which then convert that into an on-screen graphic seen by the television audience.

When did golf start being televised?

Since golf made its television debut at the 1954 U.S. Open, viewers have been able to watch the game and see how the world’s best perform on a consistent basis. Those early days of broadcasting were rudimentary compared to broadcasts seen today, and it’s due in large part to Frank Chirkinian, who is known as the “father of televised golf.”

Which sport has the strike zone?

Football has added the first-down line you can see on every play. Baseball has added the strike zone superimposed on the screen to identify whether a pitch is a ball or strike. One of the most impressive advances in technology appeared in tennis back in 2006.

Who developed Protracer?

The same year Hawk-Eye technology debuted at the U.S. Open in tennis, Swedish entrepreneur Daniel Forsgren developed ProTracer, a software that tracks a golf ball and its flight.

Can you see golf balls flying through the sky?

Until recently, golf fans watching PGA Tour events on television have always relied on the cameraman to track the golf ball in flight. Depending on the weather conditions, it was sometimes challenging to see the little white ball flying through the sky.

What is the Genius ball?

The GENiUS ball from OnCore Golf uses GPS location technology to help golfers locate their lost ball more quickly, as well as a number of other smart tech upgrages. The GENiUS Ball might just yet be what most golfers have been waiting for, because it is being billed as the golf ball you simply can’t lose and is set to be a disrupter to …

What is a golf ball with a brain?

The “ball with a brain” from OnCore Golf uses GPS location technology, a tech innovation that has never been used before in a golf ball. The smart upgrade makes locating your golf ball simple and easy, but OnCore promise there are many more benefits to the unique golf ball they have innovated.

When will the Genius balls be released?

So, it will only be an option in practice rounds. The GENiUS balls are set for public release on Father’s Day (Sunday, June 19) once the rigorous testing by golfers has been undertaken.

When is the rule to limit driver length implemented?

Rule to Limit Driver Length Can be Implemented from January

Can a golf ball last forever?

Of course, no golf ball can last forever. While losing the GENiUS ball is unlikely due to the GPS, the cover of a golf ball will ultimately have a shelf-life with no manufacturer yet to come up with a casing—the GENiUS has a durable urethane cover—that won’t eventually damage.

Who excels in the long drive world championships?

Bryson DeChambeau Excels In The Long Drive World Championships

Can you lose a smart golf ball?

The Smart Golf Ball You Can’t Lose

What is a shotgenius core ball?

The ShotGenius Core ball helps golfers looking for more control and straighter shots due to its three-piece ionomer construction and large resin core.

How does ShotGenius work?

Not only does the ShotGenius app provide unprecedented accuracy on the course but it also provides on-the-spot club recommendations based on game performance. Along with that it keeps data between you and your ball and all you have to do is tell the app which club you are using to get access to game changing stat analysis. Keep all of your scores and data and share with our online community to get the results you want.

How many golf courses are there in the world?

Get access to our map libraries to provide complete and precise information on over 40,000 golf courses.

Where is the no power GPS chip located?

The no power high precision long range GPS chip is located inside the core. This high performance chip is capable of transmitting GPS data, shot tracking, height of shot, etc and only takes a few seconds to sync to the app.

Does ShotGenius have GPS?

There are other GPS golf systems out there, but none of them can compare to the ShotGen ius system. By using state-of-the art GPS technology inside the golf ball along with your handheld smartphone, our system provides unparalleled accuracy between you and your ball.

Does Shot Genius save your rear end?

There is not just one time that the ShotGenius® saved my rear end. It is an asset EACH AND EVERY round of golf. One can adjust the Shot Genius® pin placement on each hole for proper distance and club selection. It’s a great tool to have!


I had lazer surgery about 8 years ago because I could not see the ball past 150 yards, it helped a lot. However, it wore off about a year ago and I am now in the same boat as you. I am not going to have the surgery again and decided just to live with the problem. I am 72, just have old eyes.


Regardless of your age, if it bothers you then go see an eye doctor. I had lasik a few years back and the results were great. Still there are some days that I can see every ball and others where I lose my own ball inflight.


When I was under 55, rarely would I run into someone who had trouble tracking/seeing their ball.
Now that most of my playing partners are 62+, I frequently play with players that cant track their ball and have difficulty even judging where it landed and how far.


My post was based on a casual game, where many USGA rules are frequently ignored. I also am not sure partner is defined the same as a member of the foursome.
In any event, he wouldnt be penalized since I dont stand directly behind him, nor do I allow anyone else to stand behind me.


If I was in an important tournament and had difficulty tracking/seeing my ball, I think I would request special permission for the specific help that I wanted from the tournament official. I am thinking that this request might be granted in a local club tournament just out of fairness for a "handicap".


The group I play with are in the 20s/30s and one of my friends, in his late 20s, has trouble tracking his shot over 180-200 yards. He’ll get the general direction but can’t see it down and will generally think he’s short of where the actual shot ended up.


Nobody has said anything about non-competing golfers here, quite on the contrary. Fellow-competitors are co-competitors and yet are allowed to stand behind another player’s ball while the player is making his stroke.