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how to turn off seatbelt alarm vw golf

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How to Disable a Seat Belt AlarmBeware of the airbag risk.Check the user manual or ask your reseller to disable it per software.Disable your alarm.See More….

How to disable a seat belt alarm?

How to Disable a Seat Belt Alarm 1 Beware of the airbag risk. 2 Check the user manual or ask your reseller to disable it per software. 3 Disable your alarm. See More….

Can a seat belt alarm sensor affect airbag performance?

Tampering with your seat belt sensor in any way can affect airbag performance. This can put you and/or your passengers at serious risk. Be sure that your airbags will not be affected before altering your seat belt alarm sensor. This article was co-authored by wikiHow Staff.

How do I know if my seat belt lock is connected?

To verify if they’re connected, try looking under your seat. The connector for the seat belt lock will often be a bright color, and if you see it, that means it’s connected to the airbags. However, not all car models will have this feature. If you’re not sure, take your car to the dealership or ask your manufacturer.

What happens if you cut the seat belt on a car?

Tampering with the seat belts will void your warranty. Do not attempt to cut the buckle harness. This will likely disable the front passenger airbag. In some cars, cutting this cable will also have the opposite effect that you want, forcing the seat belt alarm to stay on constantly.

How to stop seat belt alarm from going off?

To stop a seat belt alarm from going off, you can purchase a seat belt alarm stopper at a scrap yard or from the manufacturer. One option is to buy an unattached clip that is inserted into the seat belt receptacle and will stop the alarm from going off .

How to stop dinging alarms?

Install the seat belt alarm stopper. Make sure that your stopper fits your seat belt receptacle. Then, simply click the stopper into your receptacle. You are now free of the dinging alarm sounds.

What is the other stopper on a seat belt?

The other stopper option, called an extender, is a piece that clips into the receptacle, but also provides an additional receptacle so that you can use your seat belt without removing the alarm stopper.

What is an unattached seat belt clip?

Get an unattached seat belt clip if you don’t plan to use the seat belt. There are two basic products on the market that are referred to as a seat belt alarm stopper. The first is simply an unattached seat belt clip that can be inserted into the receptacle.

Why is it important to have an extender for seat belts?

Following the criteria for your extender is important because your seat belt system needs to pass an anchorage pull test, which ensures that it can withstand crash-level forces. You can find these requirements online or by asking your seat belt manufacturer.

What is the seat belt sensor used for?

Beware of the airbag risk. On many cars, the seat belt sensor is also used to trigger the airbag. Investigate whether this is the case on your car before doing anything drastic to your seat belt alarm. …

How to turn off seatbelt alarm?

You should turn the key off, and then back on. Hold the same knob for 10-15 seconds. While still holding the knob, put on your seatbelt, and then release the knob. You should see “B OFF” flash on the instrument panel. This indicates that you turned off your seat belt alarm.