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how to understand disc golf numbers

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Disc Golf Disc Numbers Explained Simply1. Speed A disc’s speed rating represents how efficiently it cuts through the air and maintains velocity. …2. Glide The glide rating represents how well a disc will remain in the air as it slows down. …3. Turn Turn rating is a measure of how much the angle of a disc will rotate during the high speed phase of the flight. …4. Fade …

What are the numbers on disc golf discs?

What Disc Golf Numbers MeanSpeed. The first number on a disc is it’s Speed rating. …Glide. The second number found on a disc is going to be the Glide rating. …Turn. Next,we will find the third rating known as Turn. …Fade. Lastly,we come to the 4th rating on a disc known as Fade. …Putting It All Together. …

What do the numbers on a disc golf disc mean?

What Do the Numbers on a Frisbee Golf Disc Mean?Meaning Of Numbers on The Golf Disk. The number that is available on the golf disk will represent the characteristics of the disk and how it will fly in the …Purchasing Discs Suitable for Your Style. As in the market,there are a lot of discs available however you need to choose one as per,you’re playing style.Comparing Discs. …

What are some good basic starting discs for disc golf?

Let’s check out the three different types of discs:Driver: this is the disc you will almost always use first for your tee shot. These discs are meant mostly for speed and distance.Mid-range: this disc is used mainly for approach shots close to the basket and for tee shots when the basket isn’t too far away. …Putter: putters are meant to travel short distances as accurately as possible. …More items…

How does scoring work in disc golf?

How does scoring work in disc golf? Scoring in disc golf is very similar to scoring in ball golf. Each throw counts as a stroke. The winner is the player with the least amount of strokes. To help assign scores in disc golf, you have to learn the various score terms first.

What is the speed rating on a disc?

The Speed. The first number found on the left side of the flight rating system is the speed rating. It is numbered from 1 to 14 and is the measurement of the disc when traveling in the air. The greater the number is on the speed rating, the fastest the disc travels in the air. Usually, the faster discs easily cut in the air with less effort …

What are the numbers on a Discraft disc?

Those four numbers can be called characters which will determine the different aspects that affect the disc flight. The four numbers on the disc indicate the speed, glide, turn, and fade of the disc in the same order.

Why do players use the flight rating system?

The flight rating system is often used by players to compare different discs and how they will perform during the flight in the air. Based on my experience, I can say that each disc has a distinct character and flight pattern which makes every disc unique to each other.

Why was the flight rating system invented?

The rating system was also invented to help when selecting a disc during the game when playing in different types of situations .

Why use a disc with a low glide rating?

If you are just starting, I would suggest using the disc with a higher glide rating because it will give more distance during the throw.

What does 5 fade mean on a disc?

Meanwhile, if the disc has a 5 fade rating, it has the best chance to go to the left at the end portion of the flight. The fade rating of the disc can also be referred to as the stability of the disc when it is losing power at the end of the flight. The fade will come once the end of the flight starts.

What is the third number on a disc?

The third number is the turn and is usually numbered from +1 to -5. This rating is the indicator of the chances of the disc to curve to the right during the beginning of the flight. This is usually applicable when the disc is being thrown by a right-hand-backhand thrower. The disc with the +1 rating will have more resistance from turning over while the -5 has the more tendency to turn to the right.

How to get faster discs?

1. Buy low speed discs to build up your speed: If you can’t get high-speed discs up to speed yet, find some beginner discs like the Innova Leopard or Latitude 64 River to practice with. Once you become comfortable, and can throw those discs at their listed speed, move up to higher speed discs like the Innova Dragon distance driver. Keep doing this until you’ve reached the highest speed discs.

How does speed affect disc flight?

But the speed of the disc is actually the determining factor of whether or not the disc will fly correctly. Speed determines whether the disc will glide, turn, and fade per those ratings on the disc. If a disc has a lot of glide, and is meant to stay in the air, the disc has to be thrown at the speed listed on this disc for the disc to glide like it’s supposed to . The same goes with the other flight ratings.

Why are disc golf discs so hard to master?

The physics of disc flight control exactly how a disc will fly. The Australian Flying Disc Association has a good article called,The Physics of Disc Flight,” that explains how spinning discs fly .

What does "turn" mean in disc throwing?

Turn: how much the disc turns to the right when first thrown ( rhbh thrower ).

How to get better at disc golf?

1. Buy the right discs: making sure you get discs that match your playing style and your skill level is critically important if you want to improve and get better in disc golf. Nothing is worse than being a beginner and throwing discs that are way too overbearing for your crappy technique. Believe me, I’ve been there and I don’t want you or anyone you know to have to go through that. So make sure you check on the discs you are throwing and make sure they are for beginners.

What do the numbers on a disc mean?

So what do the numbers on a disc golf disc mean? The four numbers on a disc golf disc are a flight ratings system that represent the true characteristics of a disc golf disc as it flies through the air, including the speed, glide, turn, and fade of the disc. Basically, how a disc is supposed to fly.

What is the speed of a disc?

We know already that the speed of the disc is how hard the disc must be thrown to work correctly. The disc has a certain rating on it, represented by the numbers 1 through 15. A high speed disc is up at the top, let’s say around 12, 13, 14, and 15. As you get lower on that scale, the required amount of speed is less. A 1 speed disc requires very little effort and speed to work properly after it’s thrown.

What factors affect the glide of a disc?

The factor that influences glide more than any other is the shape of the disc. This shape is what air passes over and under when the disc is in flight. In addition to shape, the glide is affected by the player. The way you throw your disc and the angle you use will have an impact on glide.

How does a disc affect the wind?

The way you throw your disc and the angle you use will have an impact on glide. If you choose to throw the disc at an angle where the wind is under the disc, it will achieve more glide. If there is more air across the top of the disc, it will have less glide. Less glide is also inevitably going to mean less distance.

What size are Frisbees compared to discs?

Disc golf dics are smaller and denser than frisbees. Frisbees can be around 12 inches in diameter , whereas a disc will be 8 inches.

Why is a high turn disc rating important?

A high turn disc rating will help a beginner achieve a longer flight. Understable discs, those with a high turn rating, will naturally want to turn over. You have to get the hang of throwing these in different winds, which will affect the turn. Again, we emphasize the need to practice, practice, and practice some more!

How many numbers are on a disc golf disc?

Discs intended for disc golf will have four numbers on top. These numbers represent the flight pattern when the disc is thrown, and they are identified from left to right as follows:

What are the numbers on a disc?

For stable discs, look for a set of numbers close to these: 1 Speed 9 2 Glide 4 3 Turn -2 4 Fade 2

What happens when you throw a disc?

When you throw your disc initially, you may start to notice the disc will turn right, or it will flip up in the air. This movement is the disc turn.

What are a Skip and Spike Shot?

A skip shot is when the disc hits the ground and bounces up to fly again, before finally settling. A spike shot, or a spike hyzer, is the kind of shot that hits the ground vertically, and stops dead in its tracks.

What is the fastest disc in golf?

The first category, speed, is the degree in which a Frisbee travels through air, and it ranges from 1 to 14. If a disc reads “14,” this is the fastest disc on the market today. This is also the Professional Disc Golf Association’s (PDGA) most legal option to use. The faster the disc, the more you will see it cut through the air with less exertion. If your disc reads “1,” you can expect the disc to need more power for it to be thrown in the wind.

What is a low speed fade?

The last group on the rating system is fade. Ranging from 0 to 5, the low-speed fade is technology that hooks to the left for people who throw right handed. A rating of 0 stays straight as possible, while a 5 hooks hard at the finish of a throw. People who use discs with a high fade usually are looking to complete a skip or spike shot.

What is the best number for a roller disc?

When looking for roller discs, -3 to -5 are a perfect number. Less turn-able discs are definitely more accurate in the wind.

What are the four categories of Frisbee?

These four categories are: Speed, Glide, Turn, and Fade.

What affects flight rating?

Flight Ratings System are Affected by Plastics. Now that you know how the Flight Ratings System works, it is also vital you know what can affect your disc numbers.

What is a high speed turn?

From +1 to -5, high-speed turn is the ability of the disc to turn over in flight, or head to the right for athletes who throw with their right hand. If you have a disc with a +1, this is the type of disc that will not turn over.

1. Speed

A disc’s speed rating represents how efficiently it cuts through the air and maintains velocity. When a disc leaves the hand it quickly reaches top speed and begins to slow down. Due to the sharpness of the edge and the weight distributed through the mold, some discs will slow down much sooner than others.

2. Glide

The glide rating represents how well a disc will remain in the air as it slows down. If a disc is described as floaty, or having a lot of loft, this means it has a lot of glide. With a few exceptions, discs will have a glide rating of 2-6.

3. Turn

Turn rating is a measure of how much the angle of a disc will rotate during the high speed phase of the flight. The turning action of a disc can be manipulated to find the unique shot shapes that only exist in disc golf. Matching a disc’s turn to thread a winding wooded fairway is one of the most satisfying feelings in the game.

4. Fade

The fade rating covers how a disc will behave as it slows down and falls to the ground. Fade ratings come in the 1-5 range. Discs with a high fade number are generally more overstable and have less turn and glide. On the other end, discs with a low fade number often have more turn and a high glide rating.

Now Go Throw

We have only scratched the surface of the physics of disc golf flight. Other factors, like the weight of the disc, the plastic blend, and the amount of damage or "seasoning" a disc has absorbed will further complicate the flight characteristics.

How to rate Discraft?

Discraft uses a single number based on where the disc lands after completing its flight. Discraft’s rating system gives a number from -3 to +3. The best way to explain this system is to think back to the 4 number system. If you add the last 2 numbers from the 4 number system (Turn and Fade) together you will approximate the number in the Discraft system. For example, a disc in the Innova system that has a turn of -3 and a fade of 2 would be around a -1 rating on the Discraft scale. It’s not a perfect ratio, but because so many people already have knowledge of the Innova system it’s the easiest way to understand it.

What is the speed rating of vibram?

The Vibram speed rating is the minimum throw speed, in MPH, to get the desired flight out of the disc. The turn and fade ratings are given on a scale of 0-30.

What is the fade rating on a disc?

Similar to the HSS, the direction of the LSS is dictated by the way you throw the disc. The fade is how much the disc will come back at the end of its flight. The turn starts right after the disc has been thrown and is curving in one direction. As the disc slows towards the end of its flight the fade begins to kicks in. This is when the disc starts to curve back in the opposite direction of the original turn. The numbers for the fade rating range from 0-6. Zero means that the disc will settle down in a straight path. The higher the number the more severely the disc will hook.

What is the 4 number system?

The four number rating system is the most commonly used rating system by disc manufacturers. Despite frequently being referred to as The Innova System, many other companies (Latitude 64, Dynamic Discs, Westside, Legacy, etc.) use the same system. Being used by so many different brands provides some great benefits, but also has its drawbacks. One of the main benefits of so many companies using the same system means a lot of people recognize the numbers. One of the biggest drawbacks is that not many people fully understand them. It is also worth noting that while many companies use this four number system, comparing one company’s discs to another company’s disc isn’t always compatible.

How to tell if a disc is a fairway driver?

Take a disc with the ratings 8, 4, -2, 3. This disc is going to be a fairway driver, with a fair amount of glide. With a turn rating of -2 and a fade of 3, (when thrown RHBH) that means this disc’s will have what is called an “S curve”. Meaning right after leaving your hand the disc will start turning to the right. As the disc slows down the fade starts to become a factor and the disc will start coming back to the left. Since the fade rating is higher than the turn the disc should land just slightly to the left of where you threw it.

What does a +1 mean in math?

Generally speaking, a +1 means it will immediately start turning left (overstable), a rating of 0 means it won’t turn either direction and will go straight (stable), and a negative number means it will start turning to the right (understable). The more negative the number the more it will turn over.

How to use flight rating?

Most importantly, use the flight rating systems as a way to compare one disc to another for the way you throw it. Say you find that a disc with a -1 for turn on Innova’s scale still flies very straight for you and doesn’t turn at all. A disc with a -2 should show more turn for your arm in comparison to the first disc. The more you can use the systems to figure out how each disc performs for you, the more you’ll be able to get a better idea of what to expect when you pick up a new disc. Just because the disc says it will turn or show minimal fade, doesn’t mean that might translate 100% to you and your style of play. Take it as a benchmark and you’ll be good to go!