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how to use a golf push cart

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How to use a Golf Push Cart. First,adjust the handlebar. You need to adjust the handlebar to suit your ideal height. Of course,it isn’t fixed. Therefore,you can easily stretch … Ensure your bag is at the bottom of the cart. Check where you store the cart and how it folds.

How to put your golf bag on a push cart?

How to Attach Your Golf Bag to the Golf CartAttaching a golf bag to the golf cart so that the bag rides securely is very simple. …Here is a close up of the buckle that secures the straps. …Pick up your golf bag and set it down into one of the two slots at the back of the cart. …Pass the strap under the buckle that is in the open position. …More items…

What type of golf cart should I buy?

These include:YamahaIngersoll-Rand PLCTextronE-Z-GoClub CarPolaris GEMAmerican Custom Golf Cars (ACG)Gulf Atlantic Vehicles

Can college golfers use push carts?

Wolkodoff also says using a push cart can be a competitive advantage by keeping core and shoulder muscles from becoming fatigued. So forget about those scoffing at you, and carry on, college golfers. Or rather, push on.

Which golf cart is better?

Gas Powered Golf Carts: The ProsCan Handle Heavy Loads. Gas-powered golf carts can handle much heavier loads than electric golf carts. …Have Faster Speeds. Gas-powered golf carts can reach their top speed much faster than electric models. …Can Go Further on a Single Tank of Gas. Gasoline lasts longer than the batteries found in electric golf carts. …Easier to Find Spare Parts. …

Why Should You Use Golf Push Carts?

Opting for a push cart has some key advantages over carrying your bag. Some may view carrying their golf bag as a right of passage or a sign of their commitment to the game. But this belief lives in the mindset of a novice. Here are some reasons why professionals and seasoned hobbyists alike choose a push cart.

How To Organize Golf Bags For Push Carts

While no two golf bags are the same, some universal organizational steps apply to almost all types of bags. Here’s a basic overview of how to set up your golf bag for use with a push cart.


In 2020 alone, 3 million people played golf for the first time. As a quickly-spreading sport for both pros and hobbyists, golf is here to stay.

Are Golf Push Carts Lame?

Once I got over my ego that I needed to carry my bag and did some research and discovered that the 2014 Stanford golf team all used push carts in winning the NCAA 2014, I felt better about using a push cart. The answer to my question above quickly became no.

Why do you use a golf cart on the final 5 holes?

Naturally, if you didn’t carry the bag and instead used a golf push cart on the final 5-6 holes you are going to be more fresh and be able to execute the shots that you need to produce your best score. Why zap your energy when you have the option of a push cart? Because your ego gets in the way.

What are the benefits of golf bags?

Another major benefit is being able to stuff your bag with extra layers of clothing, extra golf balls or anything that might make your round of golf better.

How many holes do you need to walk to carry a bag?

Benefit #1 – Saves Energy. Let’s face it, walking 18 holes and carrying a bag for 4 hours is a decent workout that requires you to walk between 6 and 7 miles while carrying a 25-30 pounds bag on your back.

How many holes can you play in one day?

Plus we can play better on back to back days as our bodies can be more fresh! It can also allow you to play more than 18 holes in one day. Staying fresh and not being exhausted at the end of walking 18 holes can allow you practice more or have some extra energy to play an additional 9 holes.

Should I buy a golf push cart?

A golf push cart is something I should have purchased several years ago, but I am glad I finally made the purchase recently. Do not leg your ego get in the way of being comfortable and let it impact your overall performance and enjoyment of the game.

Is a golf cart lame?

They are not lame and there are some major benefits. For many of us that played golf as a junior or in high school, we wouldn’t have dreamed of using a golf push cart because you just didn’t do that. You had a nice carry bag with an awesome stand and part of the round was being able to carry your bag around the course.

How does a golf cart work?

Additionally, using a golf push cart will ease your back from the tension caused by the weight of the clubs.

Why do you walk with a golf cart?

With a golf push cart, you can practice brisk walking because of the absence of the heavy weight that can significantly slow you down in going from one hole to another in the course. This will allow you to execute more swings and enjoy more of the game because you get to the holes faster.

How many holes does a golf cart take?

For this, you need to have sufficient energy, which can easily be drained by walking through 18 holes while carrying your bag along. For this, the use of a golf push cart can prove to be advantageous because rather than having …

What do you need to know when playing golf?

This can prove to be challenging if all you can think about is how heavy your golf bag is. With a push cart, you have the opportunity to think about your next move or strategy as you walk on the course. There is also a greater chance that you will get to enjoy the magnificent view of the course.

Why use a golf push cart?

Golf is one of the greatest sports to engage in because aside from the physical strength you need for a perfect swing, you also need to challenge your mind to remain focused. Aside from this , you also need to spend your energy on walking through the golf course, lugging your bag containing all your clubs

Can you carry a golf bag on a golf course?

It is an understatement to say that it can be a pain to have to carry a golf bag full of heavy clubs through a golf course. For this, consider using a golf push cart, which can greatly be beneficial for you in the long run.

What is the best golf carry bag?

In order to help make your carrying experience a safer, and more enjoyable one, Sun Mountain offers several of the best lightweight golf carry bags including the Three 5 and 2Five golf carry bags. All Sun Mountain’s carry bags have dual-strap carry systems that are easy to get on and off, and well balanced for easier carrying.

Is it safe to ride a golf cart?

Dr. Sese continues by saying that if you’re relying on a round of golf for your exercise, riding is not the way to go. He recommends instead that you walk and carry your clubs or use a golf push cart. The push cart is considered by Dr. Sese to be safer than carrying your bag, for those with neck, shoulder, and back pains.

Do you need a golf cart bag for riding?

If you’re a rider, then you need to be sure your gear matches with a riding cart. By ensuring that you have a sturdy, yet lightweight cart bag, (like Sun Mountain’s C-130 best-selling golf cart bag ) you’ll be allowing yourself the peace of mind to know that you won’t be struggling to get your bag to the cart or from the cart to the car after a long round of golf.

Why do golfers use push carts?

The push cart allows the golfer to potentially perform better and keep fresh legs, back and shoulders throughout the round of golf. The push carts are rather impressive today and collapse down to make for easy transport from home to golf course. I would highly recommend the push cart for most golfers and those that are hesitant, …

How many holes does a push cart hold?

The push cart helps keep you fresh and going for the entire 18 holes. For those that play competitive golf and are sometimes faced with 36 holes in one day, the push cart at this point becomes almost essential. The advancement in some of the features on the push cart are impressive and easy to transport from home to course.

What are the pros and cons of using a push cart?

Pros of Using A Push Cart: Other accessories help create a routine. Most push carts come with some simple accessories that help you create a routine. There is typically a holder for golf tees, golf balls, a scorecard, a cell phone and other essentials that you need for the round of golf and other personal items.

Why is it important to walk with a push cart?

The biggest and most important benefit is the relief on the body. Being able to walk alongside the push cart and simple push with very little effort helps maintain your stamina and energy levels throughout the round of golf.

How long do you carry a golf bag?

Throw in a 30 pound golf bag that you have to carry around for 4 hours and close to 7 miles and you can understand why some people go with the push cart. I held out for many years and refused to use the push cart because there was and probably still is something special about carrying the golf bag in golf’s most natural way.

What does a push cart do for golf?

With the push cart you can load up your bag and not notice a difference as you are pushing the cart down the fairway. Also, many golfers want to carry a beverage and a snack and the push cart helps make that easier as well. Overall, the ability to stock up your bag with all of the essentials and not worry about the weight …

Why do you use a push cart?

Using the push cart is easier on the legs, back and shoulders keeping you fresh throughout the round for the entire 18 holes. When there is a quality option as the push cart, go for it! It could possibly help you score better and protect your body. The push cart is a game changer!