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What is Team Me and my golf?

Led by world-renowned PGA coaches Piers Ward and Andy Proudman, we combine super simple on-demand, online lessons and practice plans with a supportive global community of like-minded, improving golfers – all in a single, powerful coaching membership. Ready to join Team Me And My Golf and play the most enjoyable golf of your life?

What is the best driver on the PGA Tour?

Sergio Garcia tells Me and My Golf GREAT driver tip: Pull the chain! Sergio Garcia is one of the best drivers on the PGA Tour and he shows Me and My Golf exactly why in this fantastic tutorial clip. Sergio Garcia is one of the most timeless and consistent players on the PGA Tour.

Why join me and my golf membership?

Sign up to Me And My Golf Membership today and join the thousands of others who are playing their most enjoyable and consistent golf of their lives. Our members are seeing fantastic results and transforming their games. Sign up today and join them to start achieving your golfing goals!

Do you want to know how to Swing Your Driver?

No matter what your current level of golf, it’s likely that you want to know how to swing your driver so that you hit your drives straighter more frequently. Hitting long, straight drives that land in the middle of the fairway and set up a perfect second shot can be difficult to achieve on a consistent basis.

Structured Coaching Plans Packed With Effective Online Golf Lessons

We’ve created the most comprehensive golf coaching platform on the web, with structured coaching plans covering every part of your game.

Winter Golf Plan

Get the most out of your golf through the winter and prep for the new season in style.

Home Swing Guide

Learn how to make effective changes to your swing at home to produce amazing consistency.

Break 90

No more average golf. Break 90 in weeks with our simple, tried-and-tested method.

Ultimate Irons

Develop the purest and most consistent ball striking of your life with our simple plan.

How To Play Golf Level 3 – On The Course

Gain the knowledge and confidence to enjoy playing on the golf course round after round.

Complete Wedge Play

Develop the confidence and precision required from within 100 yards to the pin to shoot your lowest ever scores.

How to hit the golf ball on the downswing?

Put your golf club across the shoulders, putting the grip end on the lead shoulder. Start your backswing and imagine you’re going to hit the ball on the downswing with the club, maintaining your posture all the way through your swing.

What happens if you extend your hips in golf?

If you were to early extend in this drill and have your hips, torso and head thrust up, the club head would raise up and make it impossible to get to the golf ball.

What does it mean when your golf swing is high?

Some amateurs have a high – nearly vertical – finish to their swing, which suggests they’re swinging too far below the plane and can lead to hooks off the tee.

What is a connected takeaway?

A common fault is a ‘disconnected takeaway’, where your arms disconnect from your torso at the start of the backswing. This can lead to a whole host of issues that will have you playing nowhere near your potential.

Why do golfers struggle to hit their driver straight?

Early extension is another issue we see in golfers of all levels causing them to struggle to hit their driver straight.

Where to put head cover on golf ball?

Simply place a head cover on the ground inside your golf ball and behind it, so it’s inside your target line. If you swing below the plane on your downswing, there’s a really good chance that you’re going to hit the headcover. So, your job is to avoid it.

What is the first course in golf?

Your first course is all about hitting the golf ball with your longer clubs and building confidence and consistency with your driver.

What is the purpose of getting to grips with the driver, fairway metals and hybrids?

Get to grips with the driver, fairway metals and hybrids to generate power and distance.

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Is Glad Golf Course open in Michigan?

This site has help me so much in re-building my golf swing from the ground up. So much good information. Glad golf course are open in Michigan, so now I can work on this outside.