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Tag: What is the best distance golf ball for seniors

what is the best golf ball for a senior player

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Low compression golf ball
If you’re a senior golfer,alow compression golf ballwill assist you the best. As you age,your swing will most likely slow down,and this type of ball will provide you with the most distance and the straightest shots. While you may lack control of the ball,you will spend more time in the fairway,resulting in lower scores.

What is the best golf ball for senior golfers?

Top 10 Best Golf Balls For SeniorsCallaway Supersoft. The supersoft is basically a two-piece and low compression ball,which performs really well in comparison to its price.Srixon AD333. This ball seems appealing to most of the senior golfers,which makes it the best golf ball for seniors.TaylorMade TP5 the Golf Balls. …More items…

What is the best distance golf ball for seniors?

Top 9 Best Golf Balls for Seniors SummarySrixon Soft Feel– Best OverallVolvik 2020 Vivid – Best BudgetWilson Staff Fifty Elite – Best for Seniors Golf DigestBridgestone E6 – Best for a Higher HandicapTitleist Pro V1 – Best for the Average GolferTaylorMade Soft Response – Best for a Swing Speed Range of 90 – 95 mphTaylorMade TP5 – Best for Low Handicap SeniorsMore items…

Which golf ball is best?

Bridgestone Contact e12: NCAA golf balls. Why we like it: Take your school pride out on the course. …Bridgestone: Tour B X. Why we like it: Bridgestone is the ball of choice for Tiger Woods among other PGA Tour pros. …Callaway: Chrome Soft. …Srixon: Z-Star XV 7. …TaylorMade: TP5. …Titleist: AVX. …Titleist: Pro V1. …Wilson Duo Soft+. …

What are the best irons for senior golfers?

Best Golf Irons for Seniors ReviewTaylorMade M4 Combo (Hybrid/Iron) Set. …Senior Men’s Majek Golf All Hybrid Complete Full Set. …Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB. …Aspire XD1 Men’s Senior All Graphite Complete Golf Clubs Package Set. …Senior Ladies Golf Clubs All Hybrid Set. …Extreme X5 Wide Sole iBRID Iron Set Senior Men’s Complete 8-Piece Iron Set. …Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Golf Set. …More items…

What is the Callaway hybrid cover?

The new hybrid cover, featuring what Callaway has christened a Paraloid Impact Modifier, promises improved distance and durability without sacrificing anything on the feel front.

What is the softest fastlayer core?

It features Srixon’s softest FastLayer Core, which has a soft centre that gradually transitions to a firm outer edge. Srixon says that it is also resilient, snapping back into shape more quickly after impact for added ball speed, while reducing long-game sidespin for increased accuracy.

What is Taylormade soft response?

The TaylorMade Soft Response is one of two Response models sitting beneath the brand’s premium TP5 product, along with the Tour Response ball.

What is ZNO Flex 35?

The ZnO Flex 35-compression core helps maximise energy transfer at impact, with the Extended Flight Dimple pattern promoting decreased drag and increased lift. This allows the ball to stay in the air for longer at lower spin rates.

What is a 342 dimple?

A new spherically-tiled 342 cuboctahedron dimple design promotes a more penetrating ball flight with added stability in the wind.

What is extra hang time?

+ Extra hang time keeps the ball in the air for longer#N#+ Ideal choice for mid to low swing speeds in warm conditions#N# – The cover is highly durable but not the softest

What is a 566 microdimple?

The 566 micro-dimple design helps delay the rate of the ball’s descent to maximise distance.

What is a soft feel ball?

The FastLayer core is softest in the middle and gradually becomes firmer as it gets closer to the outer edge. The Soft Feel is a low-compression ball with mid-to-high trajectory offering medium green-side spin.

What is Taylormade soft response?

The TaylorMade Soft Response checks all the boxes in a senior-friendly golf ball. A 3-piece ball with a soft core built for golfers who want a soft-feel without sacrificing distance. The Soft Response is geared towards players with moderate swing speeds, and with its Extended Flight Dimple Pattern, stays in the air longer at lower spin rates.

What is a Titleist Pro V1?

The Titleist Pro V1 has been one of the most popular golf balls among golfers of all ages for years. The Pro V1 is a 3-piece ball with soft feel, high spin in the short game and medium spin on full-swing shots. In 2021, Titleist updated the Pro V1’s dimple pattern to a 388-dimple layout, allowing it to maintain its penetrating ball flight.

What is the longest soft feel golf ball?

Seniors looking for a ball with distance and soft feel should give the Callaway ERC Soft a try. Callaway insists the ball is its longest soft-feel golf ball. The 3-piece ball includes a multi-material cover made in collaboration with the Dow Chemical Company.

What is XXIO 11?

Created for all-around performance in golfers with moderate swing speeds, the XXIO Eleven golf ball is a 3-piece ball with a FastLayer Core for distance and an extremely soft feel. The XXIO Eleven comes in both men’s and women’s options.

What is vice pro soft?

The Vice Pro Soft offers consistency with low dispersion at lower club head speeds paired with a soft feel and maximum control around the green.

Can seniors play golf?

But that doesn’t mean that senior golfers play the same style of golf as players in their 20s and 30s. Like it or not, as golfers age, their swing speed decreases. Because of that, most senior golfers can benefit from a lower-compression ball that launches high.

How many dimples does a golf ball have?

In windy conditions, the performance of the ball is exceptional because of its 338 dimple design.

What is a Q star golf ball?

Srixon Q-Star golf balls are best known for providing control over spin. The ball has a low compression score which gives a good feel when hit. During your driver shots, the spin is greatly reduced. That means your shots will gain more distance and stability.

What can disable skilled golfers to feel the control over the ball?

Softness can disable skilled golfers to feel the control over the ball.

What does a high dimple count?

The high dimple counts lower air resistance for better control.

What to consider when choosing a golf ball?

So, when choosing a golf ball they, have to take into consideration the distance the ball travels, control of the ball and durability. In some cases, visibility can also be major criteria.

Is a Surlyn cover ball good for senior golfers?

Surlyn cover balls can give you more control and straighter shots with low trajectory. That seems good enough for a golf ball.

What does the thin cover on a sleeve do?

The thin cover gives a soft feel on the hits.

What is Bridgestone E6?

Bridgestone e6 golf ball. For golfers with moderate swing speeds, who crave extra distance with plenty of feels, this Bridgestone e6 is specially engineered. The reformulated two-piece construction makes the ball easier to compress. This will help those earlier-mentioned golfers.

What is a soft feel golf ball?

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls (One Dozen) Being one of the leading golf ball brands, Srixon offers golf balls for every kind of player and every playing type. This ball is suitable for advanced golf payers and also for beginners.

What is a Surlyn drive?

This golf ball has a soft Energy Speed Core that helps the players with low to medium swing speeds that generate added distance. The Surlyn cover with highly cut resistance makes it more durable. The latest model of Drive serves up higher wedge spin, which rates for greater control close to the ground.

What is supersoft ball?

The supersoft is basically a two-piece and low compression ball, which performs really well in comparison to its price. This ball consists of 35 ultra-low compression points core, which is extremely soft. This belongs to the softest balls available.

How do senior golfers break stereotypes?

Some of the senior golfers break the stereotypes by gradually declining swing speed with each year passing. There are also many old golfers who can not swing as fast as they did once or hit as far as they used to do.

How many layers are in a Tri Fast Core?

With a Tri-Fast Core, this ball is 5- layer along with a Dual-Spin outer layer. It is more durable than the previous model.

Is urethane good for seniors?

Positives. The u rethane cover offers more spin, which is helpful for old golfers. Offers additional distance to the golfers with slower swing speeds. More penetrating ball trajectory and distance will be suited for most experienced senior golfers and makes it best golf balls for seniors.

Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls – Best Runner-Up

First off, we love the matte neon green surface of these Callaway golf balls. They stand out against the surface of the green. If bright chlorophyll isn’t your color of choice, you can select from matte yellow, red, or orange.

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls – Best Visuals

The Titleist Titleist Pro V1x golf balls have a super soft feel that translates to smooth aerodynamics and precise short shots. The cover of these golf balls are made from thin urethane sheets. As such, it offers lots of spinning.

MG Senior Golf Balls – Best Distance

MG balls go long distances with the help of low swing speeds. These balls give seniors the confidence to enjoy the green with friends. The MG balls are sure to help you stay within the limits of a low par. Yet, you shouldn’t expect your short shots to improve.

Buying Guide

Senior golf balls are built in the same way as traditional golf balls. Only, their cores and covers tend to be both lighter and softer. Check your golf balls’ compression ratings to see if they are senior-friendly. Senior balls should have a compression rating that is no higher than 90.

Wrapping Things Up

We hope that you found our buying guide and golf ball selections to be informative. Age shouldn’t stand in your way of enjoying the game of golf. When your swing speed slows, and you can no longer pull off the long-distance shots of your youth, softer balls can help you stay par for the course.

What Are The Best Golf Balls For Seniors?

Here is the list of best golf balls for seniors that they can hit easily.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Here are some questions that people asked frequently. As a golf player, you might have these questions in your mind so have a look.

Final Word

If you are looking for the best golf balls for seniors then select the one from this article according to your price range. Here you get the variety and the facilities that you want. So save your time and make a better decision.


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What is the softest golf ball from Bridgestone?

The ball is great on slow swings with the irons and offers tremendous spin and control with the wedges. It is a 3-piece 86 compression ball and is deemed to be the softest tour ball from Bridgestone. Any senior golfer that prefers a soft feel for greenside play, will benefit by putting this ball into play.

What is a Callaway Chrome ball?

The Callaway Chrome Soft ball is their answer to the Titleist ProV1. It has a softer urethane cover and is a 4-piece premium ball. It has a magnificent soft feel and the urethane cover grips the grooves on the clubface maximizing spin and control. Ideal for the senior golfer seeking ball and flight control over sheer distance. Smooth off the putter face.

What is urethane cover?

Urethane Cover—The low compression urethane cover is for the golfer that likes a soft feel off the clubhead. The amount of spin generated allows for an attacking aerial-style approach to the pin on short shots. If you expect to play a few rounds with a ball, then the urethane cover is not the greatest as it marks and “scuffs” very easily. Cart paths and thin shots will leave marks and affect the aerodynamics of the ball. It is also the most expensive ball.

What is a 40 compression golf ball?

It is a 3-piece, 40 compression ball with a 100% urethane cover. Every golf ball used on the tour has a urethane cover which enhances the feel and spin around the green.

What is a Taylormade 5 piece golf ball?

5-Piece Ball— TaylorMade is the only manufacturer of the 5 -piece golf ball. They have increased the compression from 83 to 85 on the latest addition. They start with a very soft 16-compressive core, then pack the extra layers on, that adds speed, with no loss of velocity.

What is Bridgestone E-12 soft?

The Bridgestone e-12 Soft is a 3- piece 50 compressions surlyn cover golf ball and ideal for the senior golfer seeking all-around playability. Designed for players with a driver speed of less than 105mph. Bridgestones’ new proprietary Active Acceleration Mantle layer provides increased thrust and higher velocity at impact.

What is a good golf ball for seniors?

A great ball for all senior golfers. At 65 compression, it will deliver good results even on mis-hits. The Tour Soft has the largest core of any Titleist ball on the market and provides smooth spin and additional distance. A 342 dimple pattern, adds stability in the wind, and the ultra-thin 4CE grafted cover will still look good after a few rounds. A 2-piece ball. Price is competitive.