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what is the best golf club shaft for me

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Some golfers will decide which shaft they need based on swing speed alone. If your swing speed is between 75 and 85 miles per hour,then you will need asenior shaft. If you are between 85 and 95 miles per hour,then the regular shaft will be the best choice.

What are the best golf shafts?

steel golf shaftGraphite shafts transmit fewer vibrations up to the golfer’s hands than steel shafts do.The graphite -shafted club is lighter than the steel-shafted club. It could be significantly so.Graphite-shafted clubs are more expensive than steel-shafted-clubs.More items…

What type of golf shafts are right for You?

Steel shafts are less expensive than their counterparts’ graphite and multi-material shafts.As these shafts are made with heavy steel,you will get great control over the golf club you are using.Though these shafts will ensure control,you may suffer when it is about taking the ball some extra yardages. …More items…

How to tell if your golf shafts are too stiff?

What Happens If My Shaft Is Too Stiff?Struggle To Hit The Ball Far And High. One of the most significant indicators of a too stiff golf shaft is that you struggle to hit the ball high.Hitting Slices And Fades. …Decreased Swing And Ball Speed. …Inconsistent Contact. …

What is the best driver shaft?

Mitsubishi Rayon Diamana D+72.335 Graphite Wood Driver ShaftStiff shaft and higher weight make it ideal for super fast swing speeds.Sophisticated flex point for optimal piercing trajectory.One of the best driver shafts for a low spin.May help low handicap golfers increase their distance.

What shaft do you need for a fast swing?

Club fitters will match the right golf shaft to your swing speed and tempo. If you have a fast swing speed, you will need a heavier, less flexible golf shaft. For players with a slower swing speed, the golf shaft needs to be lighter and more flexible.

How do shaft lengths work on golf clubs?

Golf shaft length will change from one club to the next. When you order a set of golf shafts for irons, ensure that they are the proper lengths for the clubs you will be putting them in . The golf shaft length should be determined based on player height.

What is the most important part of a golf club?

The golf shaft is the most critical part of the golf club. Playing the wrong shaft for your swing will significantly impact your golf game. Updating and replacing the shaft in your driver or irons can help you have newer and higher-performing equipment for a fraction of the cost.

What is a Project X shaft?

The Project X is a very low spinning, higher-flying golf shaft that will get you a ton of distance. The Project X shafts typically come with an adapter on them that can fit in a wide range of clubs, but you can order a universal adapter to work with the shaft as well.

How to tell if a golf shaft is good?

One way to tell if a golf shaft is high quality is the amount of vibration it has at impact. With this driver shaft in place, the impact is going to feel incredibly stable. Another positive feature of the Graphite Design Tour AD IZ Is the control that you get.

What is the difference between a heavier shaft and a lighter shaft?

However, it is essential to note that heavier golf shafts are for faster swinging players, and lighter weight golf shafts are for slower swinging players. The heavy golf shafts also tend to lower the ball flight that you are capable of hitting.

What is graphite design shaft?

The Graphite Design Tour AD IZ 4 Driver shaft is a tour-proven model offering players extremely impressive distances and ball flights. If you are serious about your golf game and want to make sure you put a high-quality golf shaft in play, this is an easy choice. The new carbon fiber technology in the Tour AD IZ gives it an even better feel and stability.

What is the difference between a faster tempo and a slower tempo?

Generally, the faster the tempo, the stiffer the shaft flex needed. The slower the tempo, the softer the flex needed.

Why is my golf ball inconsistent in all directions?

Improperly fit shafts can cause inconsistency in flight direction, due to the mismatched flex characteristics of the shaft to the player, and the players perception and compensation for the mismatched flex. Generally, too flexible a shaft can cause inconsistent directional ball flight in all directions. Too stiff a shaft can lead …

Do shafts always equal performance?

A broad range of prices exist in the shaft category. Price does not always equal performance. From a performance standpoint, shafts should be chosen based on their specifications and how those specifications fit the players swing characteristics, providing the desired trajectory, feel and consistency.

Can club fitters analyze data?

Yes, we as club fitters can analyze data we acquire on many of the wonderful launch monitors that are available, and narrow down choices based on the data. This does take some of the guess work out of the decision and gives us performance data to base a decision on.

What happens if a golf shaft is too stiff?

On the other hand, a shaft that is too stiff may result in ball flight trajectory that is too low, golf balls that do not spin as hoped, or may not go the distance. A club shaft that offers impressive drive distance, control and direction, while optimizing ball flight and accuracy is what you want.

How does a golf shaft affect your golf club?

The shaft affects your clubs performance on everything from launch, spin, and speed. The wrong shaft can cause the ball to launch too low, too high or spin too much, causing you to lose distance. In this article we have reviewed a few of the best golf shafts on the market today as well as explain the importance of a good shaft …

What is the importance of selecting the correct golf shaft?

Most golfers underestimate the importance of selecting the correct golf shaft and tend to focus on the grips and the head of their clubs. Knowing what shaft works best for you, comes down to understanding what your tendencies and patterns are in relation to ball flight and swing characteristics.

How does a flexible shaft affect a golf ball?

All of these things can affect your game. If you are hitting the ball wiith a flexible shaft, you might end up hitting the ball too high or it may spin too much.

What is a graphite project X?

The graphite Project X by Talormade is specifically for drivers and stays consistent even with amateur golfers. The stiffness, weight, spin, and torque are all labeled right on the shaft. It helps you to be the champion with unbeatable accuracy.

What is the Kuro Kage shaft?

The Kuro Kage comes with a dual core titanium nickel, wire in tip section to increase stability at impact for accuracy. This shaft is great for golfers who have under 100 mph swing speed.

Which shaft is stronger, graphite or steel?

Strength – Steel shafts tend to be heavy, durable and offer a low torque rating. Graphite shafts are lighter, less durable and have a range of torque ratings based on their construction. You’ll have to figure out which type works best for you.

How much does a graphite driver shaft weigh?

Graphite driver shafts between 0.12 to 0.13 pounds for men and 0.09 to 0.11 pounds for women.

How does tip flex work?

This is measured by clamping the tip end and applying weight to the butt end of the shaft.

What is shaft flex?

Shaft flex is more than a letter on the shaft that provides you with an opportunity to compete with your playing partners. Flex is the EI profile of the shaft that defines the stiffness of a shaft from the tip stiffness through the butt stiffness measured at different points in the shaft.

What is graphite shaft?

Graphite shafts are made from carbon fiber strands for weight reduction. Carbon fiber is more expensive thus making it more expensive. Since the material is available in a variety of colors the major brands can add a variety of descriptions and branding onto the graphite shaft.

What are the factors to consider when selecting the most suitable shaft for your driver?

Shafts are manufactured from a variety of materials, weights, flex, length, torque, and kick-points. To get the combination correct, you have to understand the function of each component.

What is the right shaft for golf?

The right shaft is exactly the one that fits your swing speed and tempo, irrespective of which shaft is used by your favorite professional or your golf buddies.

How does a shaft reduce in diameter?

The shaft reduces in diameter from top to bottom via some steps at intervals. One strip of steel is used in the process with a wider diameter at the grip end than the clubhead end. It is rolled and mechanically drawn to the required length while steps are generated.

How to know if you have picked the wrong shaft?

If you have picked the wrong shaft, you will immediately know. When you go to swing the club, you will find that the ball won’t go as far as it should, and you may hit the ball off-centre. You may also find that the club may feel “dead” if the shaft is too heavy or stiff, or alternatively it can feel too soft and weak – both can significantly impact your game. Therefore, if you don’t know what to do, don’t guess, because you may end up with the wrong shaft for you and it can be costly to rectify if you have to buy more shafts or new golf equipment.

What is a multi-material shaft?

A recent addition to the market are multi-material shafts which are used on both irons and drivers. This type of shaft incorporates steel and graphite into one shaft to get the best of both worlds for each player, to suit all playing types. Generally, the shaft is made using a steel shaft that has a graphite tip.

How long should a 5-iron shaft be?

The following lists what length of shafts you should consider for certain heights. If the crease where your wrist and hand meet to the floor is: 29 to 32 inches = irons should be based on a 5-iron of 37 inches. 33 to 34 inches = irons should be based on a 5-iron of 37 1/2 inches.

How much does graphite shaft weigh?

Graphite shafts are much lighter, less durable and more expensive in comparison to steel shafts, and weigh between 50 and 85 grams – around half the weight of a steel shaft! These light-weight shafts help to provide a greater swing speed for more power, however, it sacrifices control due to the flex generated in the swing.

What is the difference between steel shafts and graphite shafts?

Steel shafts are much heavier, more durable and are generally less expensive than their graphite counterpart s. They are often made from carbon steel, but stainless steel is sometimes used, and start at 120 grams.

How important is shaft length?

Once the shaft is installed onto your golf club, you must determine the right length for you. But how important is shaft length, we hear you say? Well, the importance of length, according to research, is extreme. For instance, ball impact that is 0.5 inches off-centre equates to a 7% loss of carry distance, and an impact that is 1 inch off-centre equates to a 14% loss of carry distance. So, the key to choosing the right shaft is finding the correct length that provides a repeating, solid hit each time.

What is the first thing to decide on golf shafts?

The first thing is to decide is what type of golf shafts you would prefer, followed by shaft flex, kick-point, torque rating and length. Each of these different aspects of golf club shafts that can influence the performance of your club, and each must be carefully considered before you put in an order. Read on to find out all about how …

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What is the average speed of a senior swinger?

Senior – Slower swingers fall into this category. Between 72 and 83 mph signifies you need to be hitting senior flex.

What is the X stiff range?

X-stiff – This is the range where most high-level players fall. If you’re swinging the driver above 105 mph, it might be time to get some X stiff shafts in your set.

Is True Spec Golf affiliated with 8AM?

Our friends over at True Spec Golf shared some data with us that illustrates the shaft that’s right for you based on your swing speed throughout the bag. ( True Spec and GOLF.com are affiliates of 8AM Golf ).

Can you extrapolate your swing speed to driver?

You should consider that your swing speed for your irons might not extrapolate perfectly to driver (and vice versa), so while a certain flex might be right in some clubs, that might not be the case in others.

Who is Zephyr Melton?

Zephyr Melton is an assistant editor for GOLF.com where he spends his days blogging, producing and editing. Prior to joining the team at GOLF.com, he attended the University of Texas followed by stops with Team USA, the Green Bay Packers and the PGA Tour.

What is flex in golf clubs?

Flex – the most critical component, this is where many golfers are mismatched with their shafts. Beginners may acquire clubs from friends or family and not consider the flex of their shafts. Shaft options include senior, ladies, regular, firm, stiff, x-stiff. Length – shafts can be cut different lengths – for most beginners, …

What is the best shaft for golf?

What’s in a Shaft? 1 Material – steel or graphite – this can vary, but a good rule of thumb is your driver and woods should have graphite, your irons should be steel. 2 Weight – while the weight of a shaft will only vary by 10-50 grams, this will make a difference in how fast you swing the club and how it feels. 3 Flex – the most critical component, this is where many golfers are mismatched with their shafts. Beginners may acquire clubs from friends or family and not consider the flex of their shafts. Shaft options include senior, ladies, regular, firm, stiff, x-stiff. 4 Length – shafts can be cut different lengths – for most beginners, standard length is fine, unless you are an abnormal height. The key with length, if you bought used clubs, did the previous owner adjust them?

How does swing speed affect shaft flex?

Your swing speed will determine the appropriate flex and weight of a shaft. The faster you swing, the stiffer your shaft flex needs to be. This is where a lot of beginner’s get mismatched. For example, if you are a younger player with an aggressive swing, but you have a senior shaft in your driver, it will be tough to consistently hit …

What is in a golf shaft?

What’s in a Shaft? A golf shaft seems so simple but is actually very complex. There is a lot of technology in the modern golf shafts and if you review the specifications, you will find things like material (steel/graphite), flex, length, weight, tip flex, butt flex, torque, spin, and launch. Wow, that’s a bit much!

What are the key things to consider when choosing a golf club?

The average/beginner golfer doesn’t need to worry about all of these – the key things to consider are material, weight, flex, and launch.

Is there a beginner shaft?

Unlike other components, there are no beginner or advanced shafts. They key is matching the shaft to your swing. There is no doubt – if you are currently playing with shafts that are wildly mismatched to your swing, it will cost you strokes and make the game more frustrating. There is no reason to make a challenging sport even harder.

When you hit the ball solid, is it high or low?

When you hit the ball solid, is it high or low? The correct shaft can help you – if you tend to hit the ball low, you probably want a high launch shaft. This will help you get the ball in the air and it will travel further. If you tend to hit the ball high and lose distance, a low launch shaft could help.

What does low torque mean on a shaft?

5. Torque. A low torque measurement means that a shaft has greater resistance to twisting, while a high torque measurement means it will twist more easily.

Why do golfers buy shafts?

The problem is that buying a shaft because someone else uses it is like buying a size 44-long jacket because that’s what Tiger wears. It can be counterproductive to your game to purchase a shaft that isn’t right for you.

What shafts do you need for a slow swing?

Slow swing speeds will generally require softer-flex shafts, while high swing speeds need stiffer shafts; due to variations in swing patterns, however, swing speed is only one portion of finding the right shaft. Briand’s recommendation is to use your current driver shaft as a baseline.

What happens if you have a longer shaft?

As Briand says, a longer shaft will cause a less consistent strike on the face, and the golfer will tend to hit the ball closer to the heel. A shorter shaft, on the other hand, will cause a more consistent strike pattern, but impact location will tend to be on the toe. A golfer’s physical size, arm length, swing speed, consistency, …

What happens if your driver shaft is too stiff?

Generally speaking, a driver shaft that’s too stiff will cause shots to launch too low, with too little spin and low peak heights. A shaft that’s too weak, on the other hand, may cause shots to spin too much, fly too high, and widen dispersion patterns.

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How many inches is Rickie Fowler’s shaft?

A look at Rickie Fowler’s fairway wood shaft, which measures 42 inches with 0.5 inches of tipping.

Do I Need The Same Flex On All Clubs Or Different On Irons And Driver?

Golfers naturally tend to swing their driver a bit faster than the other golf clubs in their bag. The driver is most often lighter in weight, and it is a bit longer as well. When players step up to hit a driver, they know it is a power shot, and they will often swing with quite a bit of speed.

What Will happen if My Shaft Is Too Stiff?

If a golf shaft is too stiff for a player, there could be a decrease in distance and accuracy as well. The most common miss with a shaft that is too stiff is a slice. If you have tried everything to learn how to fix your slice, it could just be that the equipment you are using does not fit you properly.

Will I Lose Distance Switching To Senior Flex?

Golfers are always concerned about losing distance when switching golf shafts. If you are playing with a regular shaft currently and it is not the right fit for you, the senior flex shaft could help you increase distance.

Is Light Flex The Same As Senior Flex?

Yes, a light flex and a senior flex are the same things. Some golf companies will put an A on the golf club to indicate that it is the senior flex.

How important is flex in golf shaft?

How Important Is Flex In A Golf Shaft. The flex of a golf shaft is probably just as important, if not more important than the clubhead itself. Flex is what will make or break a golfer. Even if your golf swing is near perfect, you won’t be able to perform correctly with the wrong flex in the shaft. If you told a golf professional …

What are the different flex shafts for golf clubs?

When it comes time to replace or upgrade the shafts in your golf clubs, it is essential to choose the proper flex. Golf clubs for men come in four basic flexes, extra stiff, stiff, regular and senior. The regular and senior flex shafts are for the slower swinging player. Some golfers have a hard time deciding if the regular or the senior is going to be the better fit for their game.

How fast should a golf shaft be?

Some golfers will decide which shaft they need based on swing speed alone. If your swing speed is between 75 and 85 miles per hour, then you will need a senior shaft. If you are between 85 and 95 miles per hour, then the regular shaft will be the best choice. You can get your swing speed measured at a local golf fitting center.