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what is the lightest golf cart bag

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What are the best golf cart bags of 2022?

With hundreds of bags on the market to choose from, keep reading to see how the best golf cart bags of 2022 ranked. The best overall golf cart bag in 2022 is the Sun Mountain C-130. Sun Mountain makes some of the best cart bags, stand bags, and Sunday bags on the market.

What is the lightest golf bag on the market?

The Players 4 Carbon Stand Bag is Titleist’s lightest golf carry bag weighing 2.8 pounds at 35.5 inches in length. The bag is made of lightweight, durable ripstop material.

What is the best golf cart bag for men?

1. TaylorMade Pro Cart 8.0 Bag 2. Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag 3. TaylorMade TM 5.0 Cart Golf Bag 4. Boy Golf Chiller Cart Bag 5. Founders Club Premium Cart Bag 6. OGIO Cirrus Cart Bag 7. PING Golf Men’s Pioneer Cart Bag If you use a cart regularly, using one of the best golf cart bags is a good move.

Is the Cleveland Golf lightweight golf cart bag any good?

The Cleveland cg cart bag features a 9 inch top with a 14. Lastly, the Cleveland golf lightweight golf cart bag is of great quality, It is very lightweight and has a perfect design. Most buyers agree that the cart is a great bag “for the money. In addition, a few say that the bag is falling apart, but it is from 1995.

What is Taylormade FlexTech Lite?

With a self-adjusting strap system and four full length dividers, the TaylorMade FlexTech Lite is a bag designed for ease of use and we certainly found this when using it.

How much does the Hoofer Lite weigh?

Weighing just over 1.5kg, the Hoofer Lite has a well proportioned 4-way top that feels well made and protective of any clubs clattering around as you walk the course. It also has seven pockets, one more than the Hoofer Monsoon despite it being a slightly smaller bag. The water bottle pocket is one of the best features on this bag, being conveniently placed so you can access your water bottle as you walk.

What does the cart strap pass through mean?

The cart strap pass through means that remains the case when the bag is on a cart.

What is Eco Lite bag made of?

The first of its kind to come to market, the Eco Lite cart bag incorporates water-resistant fabric that has been made from 25-30 recycled plastic bottles in a bid to reduce harmful waste.

What is a Cobra Ultralight Stand Bag?

The Cobra Ultralight Stand Bag has a 5-way top with designated full length club dividers and a useful top grab handle, making this one of the most spacious lightweight stand bags in our list. The 5-way divider was especially useful and that extra section, when compared to bags with a 4-way top, was great for better club organisation.

How much does a Callaway Hyperlite Zero weigh?

As you might expect from the name, the Callaway Hyperlite Zero stand bag is seriously light – At just 1.3kg, it’s one of the very lightest on the market right now.

How much does the Titleist Players 4 Carbon weigh?

Weighing in at just 1.3kg, the new Titleist Players 4 Carbon features an ultra-lightweight frame with carbon fibre legs for style, practicality and stability.

How much does an ultralight bag cost?

One of our recommended ultralight bags can be purchased with a single strap option. They are priced over $200. As a category, the ultralight stand bags seem to be one of the most expensive forms of carry bag.

What is the most comfortable golf strap?

The Hyperlite boasts Callaway’s padded OptiFit Comfort Strap design, which it claims is the most comfortable strap in golf. It has an innovative airflow design, which can be seen in the rolling pattern of the “aerospace-grade foam.”

How much does a 2.5+ golf bag weigh?

Overall, we are big fans of Sun Mountain and how it has organized its product line and the naming convention of its bags. The 2.5+ Stand / Carry Bag is Sun Mountain’s lightest golf carry bag. And, as the name implies, it weighs close to 2.5 pounds coming in at 2.9 pounds.

How many pockets does a Callaway Hyperlite Zero have?

The Callaway Hyperlite Zero Stand Bag has seven pockets, the most of our recommended ultralight bags. These pockets include a:

What is the lightest golf bag?

The Hoofer Craz-E Lite is Ping’s lightest golf carry bag with a stand. It weighs three pounds. The bag’s material is a high tensile strength (HTS) fabric.

How much does a golf bag weigh in 2021?

A bag weighing four pounds used to be considered very light. In 2021, the lightest golf carry bags with stands weigh three pounds or less. This desire for lighter and lighter bags makes sense.

How many dividers are in a 2.5+ stand bag?

The 2.5+ stand bag comes with a nine-inch top with four full-length dividers. It is a very clean looking top design enabling easy loading and unloading of clubs.

What is a golf cart bag?

Cart bags are perfect for golfers that are probably going to make use of a cart at least 95% of their rounds and like to prepare for every round by packing all the possible necessities that may be vital during the time out on the course.

What is the best bag for 18 holes?

If storage is your main priority and you know that you are unlikely to carry a heavy bag for 18 holes, then a cart bag is the right choice for you. Cart bags are not designed to stand upright freely on their own and will be more of an impediment than assistance should you decide to walk the 18 holes. Cart bags ought to fit quite comfortably on the …

Why do I steer clear of cart bags?

One of the core reasons why I steer clear of cart bags is because they seem to always fall off my pushcart. Leaving me to adjust the position after every bump I navigate. The TaylorMade Pro Cart 8.0 bag solves this problem with a key lock base.

How much does a cart bag weigh?

Generally, cart bags weigh between 30 and 40 pounds. Unless the weight to be transferred between your car and the clubhouse is a key concern, the burden of the bag will not play a major role in your eventual choice.

How many pockets does the golf cart carry?

With eight forward-facing pockets, the bag makes it easy to store and remove your rainwear, golf balls, tees, cellphone, and wallet. Finally, if your cart is out of action, the bag does contain a padded shoulder strap enabling you or a caddie to carry it for the round.

What is the key feature of a cart bag?

A key feature to assess on a cart bag is the locking system . The system must be capable of fastening your bag to the cart to avert an eventful redistribution of your cubs to all parts of the course.

How much does a Sun Mountain C130 weigh?

Weighing as a middleweight at only 7 pounds it sparkles in 11 colorful combinations that will stand out in any company.

The 8 Best Golf Cart Bags 2022

The best overall golf cart bag in 2022 is the Sun Mountain C-130. Sun Mountain makes some of the best cart bags, stand bags, and Sunday bags on the market. However, where we think they really shine is the golf cart bag. The C130 features all of the pockets and technologies that a player needs, and it comes in a ton of different colors.

What To Look For When Buying A Golf Cart Bag

Now that you have all the details on the best golf cart bags on the market, it’s time to narrow down which one is the best for your needs. There are some specific features that golfers need to be aware of when shopping for a golf cart bag. With so many great options on the market, use these features to determine which is best for your needs.


We hope you now feel like you have a better understanding as to which golf cart bags are the best on the market. These golf cart bags features easy access to all of your gear, large ball pockets, plenty of room for apparel, and technology to keep your golf clubs safe.