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why do golf carts use 6 volt batteries

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Run time
Run timeis the main reason why 6-volt batteries are great for golf carts. Running for almost 154 minutes at 56 amps is a great deal. This is also the reason why the batteries can give a longer range compared to 8- and 12-volts ones.

What is the best golf cart battery?

Best 6V Golf Cart Batteries: Our Top Picks; 1. VMAXTANKS 6-Volt 225Ah AGM Battery; 2. Trojan T-125 6V 240Ah Deep Cycle Battery; 3. Mighty Max Battery 6V 200AH SLA Battery; 4. Amstron GC2 6V AGM Golf Cart, Marine, RV Battery; 5. NPP NP6-225Ah 6V 225 Amp AGM Deep Cycle Battery

What are the best golf cart batteries?

Best 12V Golf Cart Batteries: Our Top 5 Picks1. Interstate Batteries DCM00352. Mighty Max ML35-12 Battery3. WEIZE UB12550 12V 55Ah Deep Cycle Battery4. ExpertPower EXP12330 12V 33Ah Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery5. NPP NP12-35Ah Rechargeable AGM Deep Cycle Battery

How many batteries are in a golf cart?

The average golf cart needs 4 to 6 batteries to operate correctly. In rare cases, you’ll find 8 batteries in a golf cart. Golf carts are powered by a total of either 36 volts or 48 volt. A typical golf round requires the golf cart to run for about 40 minutes.

What battery does a golf cart use?

The majority of golf carts driven today use a 6-volt golf cart battery, which is why most online searches for golf cart batteries tend to take you straight to 6v options. Of course, as any golf cart owner familiar with using a 6-volt battery knows, there are reasons why people want to find another option.

Why Do Golf Carts Use 6-volt Batteries?

Most available in the market golf carts require 48-volt battery packs.

How to Test a 6-volt Golf Cart Battery?

Part of the battery checking process has some key issues like Voltage, Amph, Cable, and Electrolyte (VACE). You can check your battery voltage by using the voltmeter. To check the battery Amph you have to use a battery load tester. You have to check the battery wire if it is wiggly or torn.

How to Charge 6-volt Golf Cart Batteries With a 12-volt Charger?

There are two ways to charge your battery with a 12 Volt charger. The first one is to open up the battery clamps off the charger, leave four inches of wire on the battery clamps. Place an electrical tape on the battery wire to mark the positive battery clamp. Solder positive wire on the leads of the first resistor. Cover the joints when it is cool.

What is the depth of discharge of a 12 volt battery?

12-volt battery provides the least impressive depth of discharge between the other three battery types. The DOD at 80 minutes reaches 48%, which is almost at the recommended limit of deep-cycle flooded batteries. The DOD of these packs is 13% higher than the 6-volt units.

What does 12 volt mean?

If you opt for 12-volt batteries, it means you will need to install the least amount of packs in a cart, compared to the other two options. Fewer battery packs result in a lighter cart, which leads to less energy use upon acceleration. This also means you will enjoy an expedited installation process compared to the other batteries.

Why do golf carts have 12 volt batteries?

It is the 12-volt variety that takes this round. Because you need to install fewer packs, thus reducing your initial start-up cost. This is one of the main reasons why golf cart owners seriously consider this option.

How many volts does a golf cart need?

Considering that your golf cart likely requires 48-volts to run, it means that you need to budget for eight 6-volt batteries. This is why 6-volts carry a higher upfront cost and demand more time for installation.

How much do 6 volt batteries discharge?

Once again, it was the 6-volt batteries that reigned supreme in the DOD department. After 80 minutes of running, these batteries only discharge up to 35%. This figure is substantially lower than the 44% from the 8-volts and 48% of the 12-volt’s.

How many amps does an 8 volt battery use?

8-volt batteries fall in the middle when it comes to range, at 56 amps. The 8-volt batteries come up 36 minutes short of the 6-volt’s range at 56 amps, at an average of 128 minutes.

How long does a 6 volt battery last?

One of the advantages of 6-volt batteries is their run time. In a study conducted by US Battery. They found that a 6-volt battery was able to run for 154 minutes at 56 amps. As a result, these batteries offer a longer range at this rate than the 8 and 12-volts provide.

What Are Golf Cart Batteries?

On average, electric golf motors operate at 36 or 48 volts and draw between 50-70 amps of current while cruising at about 15 miles per hour. Keep in mind that the current draw during acceleration or while going up a hill is much higher. To keep you from getting stranded, golf cart batteries must supply a steady flow of high current for long periods.

Can I Use Battle Born Batteries in My Golf Cart?

Yes, you can use Battle Born Batteries in your golf cart! They do require a golf cart that has a governor installed. Governors limit the speed of the golf cart, which, in turn, limits the current draw. Battle Born Batteries have a continuous discharge current limit of 100 amps and can discharge at up to 200 amps for 30 seconds. Exceeding these limits will cause the battery to shut off.

How many amps does a Battle Born golf cart battery draw?

Governors limit the speed of the golf cart, which, in turn, limits the current draw. Battle Born Batteries have a continuous discharge current limit of 100 amps and can discharge at up to 200 amps for 30 seconds. Exceeding these limits will cause the battery to shut off. Battle Born Batteries are all 12-volts.

How many volts does a golf cart battery have?

For example, six 6-volt batteries connected in series would provide 36 volts, or four 12-volt batteries would provide 48 volts.

What is the difference between 8 volt and 6 volt batteries?

For example, if you wanted to provide 48 volts to your golf cart motor, eight 6-volt batteries would have more capacity and run longer than six 8-volt batteries. This is because you are using more batteries overall.

What is an AGM battery?

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are a sealed variation of a lead-acid battery. In an AGM battery, the lead plates sit between electrolyte saturated fiberglass mats. AGM construction eliminates the need to refill the fluid in the battery and allows them to be sealed, making them leak-free.

What type of batteries are used in golf carts?

Lead-acid batteries are the most common and lowest-cost deep-cycle batteries for golf carts. They consist of lead plates suspended in a sulfuric acid solution which creates a chemical reaction allowing energy to be stored.

What About A Marine Battery?

Sometimes, people find a great deal on Marine Batteries, or they are well stocked nearby and easy to obtain. Since they are also cheaper, can they be used to replace your golf cart batteries?

How long do 6 volt batteries last?

6-volt batteries are built with heavier lead plates in each cell and usually have longer lifespans than 12-volt batteries. They can last from four to eight years, depending on maintenance, type, and use of the battery. 6-volt batteries also weigh less than 12-volt batteries, which makes them better for lowering the burden on your golf cart.

What voltage do solenoids operate on?

Step 5. If your electrical accessories and solenoids are operating on an18-volt tap, an important factor to consider is you will need to use a step-down from batteries 1 and 2. It is possible that the solenoids will operate with just 12-volts, but it is something to consider.

Why is a 6 volt battery bigger than a 12 volt battery?

They have a larger discharge and recharge capacity – 6-volt batteries can discharge and recharge more often than 12-volt batteries, owing to the larger lead plates. The bigger the Amp-Hour on a 12-volt, the larger it gets – Going for a larger Amp-Hour rating on a 12-volt to compensate for the difference with the 6-volt means …

What is the difference between a 12 volt and a 6 volt battery?

What Are The Differences Between 12-Volt And 6-Volt Batteries? Other than the obvious difference in voltage, 6-volt flooded lead-acid batteries have an advantage over the 12-volt flooded lead-acid batteries. 6-volt batteries are built with heavier lead plates in each cell and usually have longer lifespans than 12-volt batteries.

How to keep batteries close to the frame?

Taking care to keep the batteries close enough so that the jumper cables between them can reach, place the batteries in the battery boxes. Arrange the batteries to the best fit and secure them to the frame.

What is a 12 volt battery?

The 12-volt starting battery you have in your car is a shallow discharge type. It is designed to deliver a high amperage burst of power to start a car and not as a long, steady electric source. You will also need to confirm that your speed control and battery charger are compatible with this change.

Average 6 Volt Golf Cart Battery Cost

You can get yourself 6 volt golf cart batteries for a price between 170 to 1000 dollars that are manufactured by the trojan. But if you want to play it safe, go between the sound option. So, keep aside around 350 to 450 dollars for the batteries.

So How Much Does It Cost to Replace the Batteries in a Golf Cart?

After having a look at all the cost factors on batteries, we can now come up with a replacement expense. And generally, it should be at least 800 dollars to a maximum of 1500 dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, most golf carts would require you around four to six 6 volt golf cart batteries. However, there are a few that needs around 8 batteries to work.

Wrap Up

Still not sure how much does a 6 volt golf cart battery cost even after this guide? I doubt that. However, please keep in mind giving a specific price point will be hard because there’s more than just one factor that comes into consideration. And so, it will keep varying based on that.

What is the best battery for an RV?

AGM Batteries are the best option for most RVers. I say this largely because most RVers part time, and most people don’t need another maintenance item (gotta fill/charge the RV batteries) in their brain space.

How to get the right smart charger?

The easiest way to get the ‘right’ smart charger is to match the amperage of your current battery charger converter. Some people get confused and try to match the line amperage (30amp or 50amp) of their RV. These are measuring two different things. Your RV plug is 110V, the charger converter is 12V. That’s why our 30-amp RV has a 45-amp charger converter.

What is a 12 volt charger?

Most RVs include a converter / charger – a device that turns 120-volt A/C power into 12-volt DC power. Typically this unit also charges the RV house batteries. The converter powers your 12-volt appliances when you’re plugged into shore power. This includes lights, vent fans, your TV antenna, water pump, electric awnings, etc..

What is a 6 volt deep cycle battery?

6-Volt Deep Cycle Batteries are designed for golf cart use. These batteries are workhorses that can take a lot of abuse and last a long time.

How much voltage does it take to charge an RV battery?

Charging the batteries from 50% discharge at a consistent 13.7 Volts takes much longer without the higher voltage bulk (14.8V) and absorption (14.2V) stages that a smart converter provides.

What is the liquid form of lead acid?

In regular lead-acid battery cells , the acid is in liquid form. AGM and other VRLA (valve regulate lead acid) batteries keep the acid electrolyte solution immobilized either by soaking a fiberglass mat in it (Absorbed Glass-Mat batteries), or by turning the liquid into a paste-like gel by the addition of silica and other gelling agents (gel batteries).

How long does it take to fill a RV battery with water?

Adding water to your RV’s house batteries is very easy. You’ll need distilled water and battery syringe filler and about 5 minutes. House batteries have either 3 (6V) or 6 (12V) cells to fill each. To fill battery cells simply unscrew the vent cap.

What Is The Best RV Battery Set-Up?

If you’ve ever talked to dedicated boondockers or dry campers you’ve probably heard your fair share of RV battery talk.

How many watts does a 12V battery have?

One 12V RV battery with 100ah will have 1,200 watt-hours. Two 12V RV batteries with 100ah will be 12×200 which equals 2,400 watt-hours.

How to wire RV batteries together?

There are two ways to wire batteries together, series and parallel. When you wire in parallel like you do with 12V RV batteries you are basically making a larger battery but the voltage stays the same. When you wire in series you are increasing the voltage but not the amp hour capacity.

How much does a 12V battery weigh?

The more amp hours a 12V battery has the bigger it gets. One 200ah 12V AGM deep cycle RV battery can weigh as much as 114 lbs. Can be slightly less durable than a 6V battery, but a high quality 12V battery (AGM, Gel, Lithium) that is not marine deep cycle battery can be just as durable.

What kind of batteries should I use for a deep cycle RV?

In conclusion, after taking all the factors into account like space, emergency use, affordability, durability, and weight I think no matter how many deep cycle RV batteries you use, an RV battery set-up using 12V batteries is going to be the best option no matter what kind of RVer you are.

What battery should I use for a RV?

When it comes to the best RV battery set-up for boondocking I would say lithium with solar power all the way. But that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, especially for regular weekend campers or people who usually camp with electrical hookups.

Why use 6V batteries in RV?

The second and most compelling reason for using 6V RV deep cycle batteries instead of 12V ones is the weight. Two 71 lbs 6V batteries with 225ah are way more manageable than one 114 lbs 12V battery with 200ah.