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how to put a hitch on a golf cart

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Attach the ball receiver to the top of the hitch ballwhile moving your golf cart on a trailer. You must attach the hitch ball to the tow hitch of your trailer. Make sure the hitch latch is open when you load your golf cart into the trailer and not shut it down if the lift is off.

What size trailer do you need for a golf cart?

You need to consider the size of a trailer when transporting your golf cart. The standard is 5X10 in size; this model would accommodate the average golf cart. However, situations may warrant a different sized trailer. Using the standard trailer is an easy way to load up your cart.

What is the best golf cart lift kit?

The Top 8 Best Golf Cart Lift KitsClub Car Precedent 6″ Double A-Arm Golf Cart Lift Kit. …Club Car DS 6″ Double A-Arm Golf Cart Lift Kit. …Drop Axle EZGO Lift Kit. …EZGO All Terrain Golf Cart Tires Combo. …Drop Axle Lift Kits for EZGO Golf Cart. …Club Car Precedent 6″ A-Arm Lift Kit. …Freedom Off-Road Performance Yamaha. …EZGO TXT 6″”Rhox” Spindle Lift Kit for Gas and Electric. …

What type of golf cart should I buy?

These include:YamahaIngersoll-Rand PLCTextronE-Z-GoClub CarPolaris GEMAmerican Custom Golf Cars (ACG)Gulf Atlantic Vehicles

Which golf cart is better?

Gas Powered Golf Carts: The ProsCan Handle Heavy Loads. Gas-powered golf carts can handle much heavier loads than electric golf carts. …Have Faster Speeds. Gas-powered golf carts can reach their top speed much faster than electric models. …Can Go Further on a Single Tank of Gas. Gasoline lasts longer than the batteries found in electric golf carts. …Easier to Find Spare Parts. …

1. Hydraker Golf Cart Trailer Hitch

There are so many reasons why you might want to hitch a trailer to your golf cart, and this hitch from Hydraker will get the job done.

2. Hodenn Golf Cart Rear Seat Trailer Hitch

Another hitch worthy of your consideration is this one from Hodenn, which is similar in many respects to the Hydraker hitch previously introduced.

3. Lonwin Golf Cart Trailer Hitch with Receiver Fit for Backseat

This easy-to-install golf cart trailer hitch from Lonwin is designed to be mounted under the rear foot platform footrest.

4. Golf Cart Trailer Hitch for Backseat Footrest

This golf cart hitch from ELITEWILL connects to the backseat footrest and has developed a great reputation with reviewers for its sturdiness and its ability to withstand heavy loads.

5. Huskey Parts Company Golf Cart Trailer Hitch

Huskey’s golf cart hitch has been designed to be affixed to the backseat footrest of most American-made golf carts on the market, including popular models by Club Car, Yamaha, and EZGO.

FAQs – Read Before You Buy!

Find out just how easy it is to fit a golf cart hitch and other important information you should be made aware of with our FAQ guide below.

How Do You Attach a Trailer to A Golf Cart?

The good news is that attaching a trailer to your golf cart is reasonably straightforward. Most hitches are pre-drilled and designed to be easily affixed to the back of most golf cart models available in the United States.

What is a hitch on a golf cart?

With a hitch on your golf cart, you turn that gas or electric golf cart into a hauling machine. You can pull a trailer with a hitch and haul dry leaves, cut brush, and tree limbs with ease and comfort. Or maybe you want to attach a cargo carrier to haul your toolbox or a tow hook for pulling. Having a golf cart receiver hitch allows you to increase the functionality of your golf cart.

How much can a golf cart tow?

The average golf cart can tow about 1000 pounds. Some gas golf carts have higher towing capacities and can tow up to 4000 or 5000 pounds without a problem. Always consult your golf cart’s owner’s manual before towing for its manufacturer’s rated towing capacity.

Can a golf cart pull a trailer?

Yes, golf carts can pull a small trailer. Keep your trailer’s weight plus the weight of the load under the hitch and the golf cart’s rated tow weight. If you need to buy a trailer to pull with your golf cart, the 5 foot by 8 foot trailers are a popular choice.

What is a club car hitch?

This Club Car Golf Cart Trailer Hitch is designed for installation on ALL CLUB CAR PRECEDENT GOLF CARTS. It is just what you need to turn your Club Car golf cart into a utility vehicle. The trailer hitch is made of heavy duty steel so it’s very durable and you’ll be able to pull large loads. It’s also easy to install.

How to contact GolfCartGarage?

If you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-401-2934 or send us an email at [email protected]

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Will a Golf Cart Fit in a Pickup Truck?

If your pickup truck has a length of 6 feet 4 inches for the bed, that is only 76 inches of room you can use. A standard golf cart reaches 96 inches which means you will not be able to fit a golf cart in that size of bed.

Does a Golf Cart Fit in a Short Bed Truck?

This is a definitive answer, no it won’t. The compact short bed measures roughly 60 inches of 5 feet long. That is going to be 3 feet short. Then the standard short bed size is only 6 1/2 feet long or roughly 77 inches making the bed 19 inches too short.

Can You Tow a Golf Cart Behind a Camper?

While this idea would solve many of your problems, some states frown on this train-like caravan. In fact, they have frowned on it so much that they have made it illegal for you to put a trailer onto a trailer.

What happens if a cart doesn’t fit in a truck bed?

If the cart doesn’t fit into your truck bed then you will have to add equipment to extend the bed and even the hitch. Both can be costly if you can’t lower your tailgate.

How much weight can a golf cart ramp hold?

Also, those ramps should be able to support approx. 3,000 pounds so they do not bend or get damaged. Then, you have to make sure the ramp can handle off-set wheels. That is if your golf cart has those.

What is the best cable for a golf cart?

Steel cables are good if they are the right length. They are strong, will hold the weight, and keep the golf cart from moving. If you can get ratchet tie-downs that would be a good purchase. It takes a little more work but you or your golf cart will be very secure.

How big is a golf cart?

The very first step in this task is to take accurate measurements. An average golf cart’s dimensions are 48 by 96 inches. That means this vehicle will only fit in pickup trucks that have long beds. Short bed pickup trucks won’t work.