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what is the correct swing plane in golf

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Ideally,your wrist angle remains unchanged from address to the top.Your left arm and your shoulders must be on the same slope. …The top of your swing is basically controlled by your right arm,which forms a right angle at the top of the swing. …Your shoulders turn so that they’re at 90 degrees to the target line.The clubface is angled parallel to your left arm and your shoulders. …

Do not swing the Golf Club on plane?

Swing plane is mostly determined by shaft angle at address. One of the biggest imperfections in amateurs’ swings is not swinging the club on plane. To swing on plane, your club needs to go around your body parallel to the original shaft angle at address.

How to properly pivot in the golf swing?

A simple way to improve your core flexibility is to clasp your hands together and extend your pointer fingers.Then,hold your arms straight out in front of you. Keep your feet stuck to the ground and slowly turn as far as you can to both sides.Make a note of how far you were able to turn by looking at the thing your fingers point towards.

How to learn a proper golf swing?

Set both feet with your weight distributed evenly on the middle part of your feet.Set your hips back,and then angle your upper body and spine forward,facing the ball.Then bend your knees a bit to get some added stability.

How to get a tension free golf swing?

How do we prevent tension in the golf swing?Staying more presentBody scans and being more aware of tensionPracticing with different levels of tension on the rangeMuscle relaxation techniquesBreathing techniques

What plane do you swing on in Hogan?

For Hogan, the correct plane depended on the player’s height. Tall players swing on a steeper or “more upright” plane; short players swing on a shallower or “flatter” plane.

What happens when you swing a golf club?

When you swing a golf club, it makes a circle around you.

Is the downswing plane flatter than the backswing plane?

This downswing plane was always a little flatter than the backswing plane. This “two plane swing” concept dominated golf for many years, and many teachers still teach it.

Who is Mike Southern?

He is the author of the instructional golf book "Ruthless Putting" and edited a collection of swashbuckling novels. Southern was trained in electronics at Forsyth Technical Community College and is also an occasional woodworker.

Why Does Being on Plane It Matter?

Swing plane matters for two reasons, distance, and direction. If you want to hit the ball both long and straight, you will need to get your golf swing on plane.

What are some common mistakes in swing planes?

For some golfers this means that you are going to be upright or over the plane line or shallow and under the plane line. These two mistakes are going to lead to much different results.

What are the different types of swing planes?

Types Of Golf Swing Plane. There are two basic types of golf swing plane. They are the one plane swing and the two plane swing. Most golfers will fall into one of these two categories without fully understanding what this even means. Both swing methods are effective.

What is swing plane?

Golf swing plane is a term that many golfers throw around. These golfers will call themselves one or two plane swingers without truly understanding what this means. There are lots of theories about swing plane out there. With more than twenty-five years of experience and having taught hundreds of students, I can honestly say there is no one way …

Why do golf clubs go up and down?

The golf club is intended to swing up on the plane and back down on the plane for maximum results. Sometimes golfers will swing a club upright, and this will cause them to be above the plane line. Other golfers will swing the club too shallow and end up under the plane line. Swing plane in golf is critical.

Why is swing plane important in golf?

Swing plane in golf is critical. In order for players to learn to perfect the golf game, they must learn how to get the club on the right path.

What are the characteristics of a two plane swinger?

Some characteristics will remain true of all two plane golf swingers. Here are a few of them. Medium width stance with a slightly more upright spine angle. Two plane swingers are going to have a lot more hip rotation and movement than that of a one plane swinger. Hands end up very high at the top of the golf swing.

What is a single plane swing?

One plane swing is also known as single plane swing. Many body parts are moving during a swing. Your left arm (for right-handed golfers) and shoulder should move in unison and follow the same plane that your golf club has. The key component in a single plane swing is the rotation of your body and how strong it is.

What is the ultimate goal of a swing plane?

The ultimate goal is that your swing plane guides you toward making a square clubface on impact.

How to make your swing go off plane?

Hinge your wrists properly to create motion. If you do not hinge it correctly and at the right time, then your swing will be off plane

What muscles are needed for a single plane swing?

This entails that you are flexible with strong rotator cuffs, abdominal, and latissimus muscles. Having such strong muscles will help you unwind with ease to drive more power on your downswing. 2.

How to improve your golf swing?

Find out your ideal swing plane based on your body type, more particularly, by the length of your arms. Do the drills to improve your golf swing. Use training aids to speed up the process of learning how to swing correctly.

How to get back to the first plane on a downswing?

You can do this by focusing on your body rotation as the main driving force behind hitting the ball instead of your hands or arms. Hinge your wrists properly to create motion.

How to hit a golf club with a 45 degree angle?

STEP 1: Position the shaft of your driver at a 45 degree angle relative to the ground during address . STEP 2: Swing your club to the right until your left arm is across your chest and the shaft is parallel to the ground, more specifically, the target line .

What is a golf swing plane?

The plane is an imaginary flat surface used to describe the path and angle on which the club swings. The golf swing consists of the backswing plane and the downswing plane, and can be on plane, upright (above the plane) or flat (below the plane). Former PGA Tour professional Ben Hogan popularized the swing plane in his 1957 book "Five Lessons;

Why is a flatter swing better?

The flatter swing has a better chance of staying connected, making it easier to time the swing. It also causes the ball to come off the clubface on a lower trajectory with a tendency to draw, if the clubface is square to the target.

How does each golfer determine his swing plane?

Each golfer has his own swing plane, determined by his body type and the club he is using.

What happens if a golf club is on a plane in the downswing?

If the club is on plane in the downswing, the club will travel straight down the target line. The result will be a straight shot–if the clubface is square, or facing the target at impact.

Is a 5 foot 2 golfer flat?

A 5-foot-2 golfer holds a 40-inch-long club at more of an angle (flatter) than a 6-foot-2 golfer; therefore, a shorter golfer will tend to have a flatter on-plane swing than a taller golfer. If that same 5-foot-2 golfer swings the club below that plane, his swing is flat in relation to the plane.

Is a tilt like a Ferris wheel?

That tilt can be upright like a Ferris Wheel, flat like a baseball swing or somewhere in between.

Who is Kim Kleinle?

Kim Kleinle is a PGA/LPGA professional and a member of a select group certified in instruction by the Professional Golfers’ Association . She began writing in 1980 after earning her degree. Her work has appeared online, in "Northeast Golfer" and in newspapers, including the "Scranton Times.".

Why is Swing Plane Important?

The below points highlights why finding the right technique and improving your swing plane is so important to becoming a better, more consistent ball striker - the goal of most golfers!

What is the spine angle of a golf swing?

The set-up for a one plane swing generally has more spine angle with the golfer being bent over around 35 degrees with even weight distribution on each foot. During the backswing your shoulders turn on a steeper angle than your hips because you are bent over more.

What is a one plane swing?

What is a one-plane golf swing? The one-plane swing is flatter and works around your body and your lead arm remains on the same plane as your shoulders at the top. Strong rotation from your shoulders, chest and hips, and maintaining your posture are the keys to a one-plane swing.

How to improve your golf swing plane?

Your spine angle at set-up determines your swing plane. Having more bend in your posture encourages a flatter, one-plane swing while standing taller encourages a more upright two-plane swing. Regardless of what type of swing you choose, you should practice the set-up until it becomes second nature. If you adjust your set-up to help produce a different swing plane it can potentially throw off your alignment, so practicing it becomes that much more important. Maintaining your spine angle throughout your swing is critical, and rehearsing it to develop the muscle memory to execute consistently on the golf course is essential. An important aspect of a proper golf swing plane is maintaining your spine tilt as you rotate, which means your arms and torso need to be strongly connected for a one plane swing, and well synchronized for a two plane swing. Seeking the help of a professional instructor or using a golf plane aid like the Swing Align are great ways to understand and improve your swing plane.

Why do people use one plane swings?

Both one plane and two plane swings can create power and accuracy. In general, the one plane swing is good for players that have strong flexibility and recoil. A two plane swing is good for players that may not be as flexible but have timing and rhythm. Many top modern golfers have migrated towards one plane swings due to their specialized golf strength and flexibility. Many top instructors advocate for a one plane motion as being able to produce more consistent distance and accuracy.

How to do a golf downswing?

A good drill is to put a driver on the ground outside of the ball and perpendicular to your target line and imagine your shoulders pointing inside the head of the driver. To start the downswing rotate your hips and torso with your arms following in a more passive role. Remember the downswing plane is the same as the backswing plane so just return the club the way you brought it back paying particular attention to keep your spine and shoulders on the same tilted plane. At the finish your trail shoulder has rotated through and is pointed at the target and your arms and hands have rotated around to be above your lead shoulder.

What does it mean when your swing plane is bigger?

A larger angle between your swing plane and the ground indicates a steeper swing plane which is typical of a two plane swing where the arms swing up onto a steeper plane at the top. The golf swing moves both up and around. The less it moves up, and the more it moves around, the flatter your swing plane. If your arms swing around and stay on the …

Why use a flat plane for golf?

Another benefit to using a flat swing plane with your driver is the increased swing length you can achieve by taking this path. It is hard to make a long backswing when you pick the club up high over your head. When rotating along a flatter plane, however, you should be able to wrap the shaft of the driver well around your back before changing directions and heading down toward the ball. This longer swing length will give you more time to accelerate into impact, leading to improved distance overall.

Why do drives lose distance on the ground?

In addition to that, those drives will lose distance on the ground because the backspin rate will take away much of their bounce and roll yardage. Any way you look at it, it is going to be nearly impossible to live up to your driving potential if you are using a steep swing plane and a high spin rate. Commit yourself to using a flatter plane in order to take spin off the ball and you are likely to love the results you find on the course.

What is the best way to swing a golf driver?

Swinging your driver on a flat plane is almost certain to be the best option for your game. Not only is this type of swing highly repeatable, it also offers a number of ball flight advantages – such as the ability to reduce the backspin on your drives. If you are currently swinging on an upright plane, get to work on flattening out your swing during your next practice session. Once your swing has been flattened, you should begin to see benefits in the way the ball leaves your club out on the course. It may take a bit of time and effort to get from here to there, but you will love the results when all is said and done. Good luck!

Why is a steep swing plane unnecessary?

In the content above, we mentioned that using a steep swing plane is unnecessary because you will not be hitting down on your driver at impact. With the advantage of a tee on your side, you can simply sweep the ball off the tee and out toward the target. Being able to play from a tee to start each hole is a tremendous advantage, and it is the main reason why you can swing your driver differently from the rest of your clubs.

How to swing a driver?

First, you have to consider the fact that the ball is up on a tee. When hitting a driver, you are not hitting down as you would when hitting irons from the fairway. Instead, you are going to sweep the ball off the tee with the club head moving roughly parallel to the ground at impact. Since you don’t need to worry about hitting down, there is no need to use a steep swing plane. Such a plane would be effective for a short iron, but not so much for a driver.

What is a flat swinger?

Flat swingers typically hit the ball with a pronounced inside-to-out swing path, imparting right-to-left (draw) spin.

What is the swing of an upright swinger?

Upright swingers tend to swing only slightly inside-to-out, or straight down the target line, producing left-to-right (fade) spin.