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Tag: What is the difference between Mario Tennis and golf

is mario golf coming to switch

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Is Mario Golf making a return to Nintendo Switch?

With Mario Tennis Aces becoming a great success for the Nintendo Switch, it seems like the right time for Mario Golf to make a return for the console. The Super Mario brand has long been expanded into different sub-genres of gaming since the early 90s where Mario first ventured out into the medical field with the puzzle game Dr. Mario for the NES.

Is there a Mario Golf game?

The 1999 sports game, developed by Camelot Software Planning, lets you play golf with a variety of characters from the Mario universe, including everyone’s favorite red plumber himself, as well as some of his friends and foes. Each character provides a unique gameplay experience with his or her own power and swing style.

What is the difference between Mario Tennis and golf?

Whereas Mario Tennis has been released on every Nintendo console and handheld since the Nintendo 64 and GameBoy, the Golf sub-series has released exclusively on handhelds for the past 17 years.

When did Mario Tennis Tennis 2 come out on Nintendo Switch?

It was released in 2018 for the Nintendo Switch and is now the best-selling entry in the Tennis line of Mario games.

When will Mario Golf be released on Nintendo Switch?

When looking for a reason to why Mario Golf should make its return, fans should look no further than Mario Tennis Aces. It was released in 2018 for the Nintendo Switch and is now the best-selling entry in the Tennis line of Mario games. This is no big surprise, as the Nintendo Switch has become somewhat known for its incredibly high software sales, with the most recent entries in franchises like Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, Mario Party, and Luigi’s Mansion reaching record-breaking sales for their respective series. With all this said, it should be expected that any other Mario sub-series that gets a new game on the Switch would also reach record-breaking sales levels, so a new Mario Golf game therefore seems like a no-brainer.

Is Mario Golf the same as Mario Tennis?

When looking at both series as a whole, Mario Golf and Mario Tennis were quite equal with one another for their first several entries: both series began on the Nintendo 64 and received sequels for the Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, GameCube, and finally the 3DS. The similarities somewhat stopped there, however, as Mario Golf ‘s last entry was Mario Golf: World Tour for the 3DS in 2014, which released shortly after Mario Tennis Open for the handheld.

Is Mario Golf on Nintendo Switch?

Other than the Mario Golf games, plenty of other Mario sports titles would do incredibly well on the Nintendo Switch: Super Mario Strikers is another prime example of a great sports game that should make a return, as it too hasn’t received a new entry in a very long time. It was incredibly popular back when it was originally released on GameCube, and only ever received one subsequent entry on the Wii a few years later. The Mario Baseball games were also some great fun back in their heyday, and would also surely do well with an additional entry for Switch. Other than that, a new Mario Sports Mix, or Mario Hoops game could be interesting to see for Nintendo’s hybrid console.