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Tag: What is the difference between Titleists Pro V1 and V1x golf balls

how titleist golf balls are made

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Core mixing; Core moulding; Grinding
How are Titleist golf balls made? It comes as no surprise that Titleist has an hugely in-depth manufacturing process. Throughout the whole production process computers and quality assurance teams monitor every stage in order to achieve the exacting standards Titleist expects. The key steps in the process are as follows:Core mixing; Core moulding; Grinding

What is the difference between Titleist’s Pro V1 and V1x golf balls?

Titleist manufacturing standards in New Bedford are exacting, and during production a Pro V1 can undergo 90 quality checks whilst a Pro V1X sees 120 quality checks – the extra checks for the Pro V1X is down to it being a four-piece golf ball, where as the Pro V1 is a three-piece.

What makes a Titleist ball so good?

All Titleist golf balls embody superior performance, innovative design and technology, precision manufacturing, and unmatched quality. It is why Titleist is the unequivocal #1 ball in golf. Your Ball. Your Number.

Where are Titleist golf balls made?

Please try again later. For over 85 years, Titleist golf balls have been manufactured in the greater New Bedford, Massachusetts area. Throughout these nine decades, Titleist has been the design and process technology leader manufacturing golf balls with a wide range of constructions to meet golfers’ varying performance needs.

What is the Titleist Pro V1 made of?

According to a Titleist executive, polybutadiene, a synthetic rubber, is the Pro V1 core’s essential element because it produces a high-energy return. The Titleist Pro V1 also features the Next Generation 2.0 ZG Process Core Technology, a process that took the manufacturer more than five years to perfect.

How many quality checks are there for Titleist golf balls?

These associates manufacture every Titleist golf ball to exacting standards in Titleist owned and operated facilities – there are about 90 process and product quality checks for Pro V1 and AVX; about 120 for the dual-core Pro V1 x – assuring that every golf ball performs consistently for every golfer, every round and on every type of shot.

What is the titleist philosophy?

A belief that a better process will result in a better quality and performance product has been constant throughout Titleist’s history. An unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and performance and quality excellence are core values of the Titleist tradition.

What is Titleist’s commitment to quality?

Our craftsmen are committed to keeping Titleist’s quality reputation untarnished to the next generation. While these individuals have a serious passion for the game and unparalleled expertise in their vocation, their satisfaction is derived from the affirmation of the game’s best players and the millions of golfers who place their trust in our products.

How does a reputation for quality work?

A reputation for quality does not just happen, it is achieved through years of demanding the highest standards and traditions of product and process quality.

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What is Titleist V1 cover?

In addition to all these performances pluses, the Titleist V1 Urethane Elastomer cover makes the ball quite durable, saving the golfer time and money. They will notice that the ball stays whiter during a round while delivering consistent results.

What is Titleist Pro V1?

The new Titleist Pro V1 features a Urethane Elastomer cover system that delivers the softer feel that golfers love. As a result, golfers can expect an improved short game due to enhanced spin and control. They can be more aggressive in their putting and aim closer to the hole, enhancing their putting game.

How many golfers use Pro V1?

In 2017 alone, professional golfers using the brand won approximately 206 worldwide victories. Their closest competitor was used in approximately 28 victories. Since the original Pro V1 was created in 2000, more than 2,600 professionals have chosen to use this brand.

Why is the core of a golf ball important?

Experts call it the " engine of the golf ball " because the core supplies much of the ball’s energy. As a result, designers spend most of their time trying to perfect this element. According to a Titleist executive, polybutadiene, a synthetic rubber, …

How many dimples are in a dimpling?

After having developed the advanced core and cover, the manufacturer went one step further, creating an advanced dimpling design featuring 352 tetrahedral dimples. The placement of these triangular-pyramid shaped dimples allows for flight consistency and improved trajectory.

Does Titleist Pro V1x have better performance?

The new Titleist Pro V1x delivers greater performance as well and is also popular on the professional circuit as well as the local golf course. The contemporary golfer hits the links armed with …

Where is Titleist Ball Plant III?

Titleist Ball Plant III in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Does Titleist offer a golf ball plant tour?

Titleist also offer a unique golf ball plant tour to Team Titleist members which is bookable here: The Titleist golf ball experience

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Does Titleist have a manufacturing process?

It comes as no surprise that Titleist has an hugely in-depth manufacturing process. Throughout the whole production process computers and quality assurance teams monitor every stage in order to achieve the exacting standards Titleist expects. The key steps in the process are as follows:

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How long does it take to develop a Titleist Pro V1?

As every new Titleist Pro V1 represents years of rigorous R&D and player testing, every Pro V1 sidestamp represents “at least five months of development that’s running in parallel to the overall process,” according to Senior Golf Ball Product Manager Frederick Waddell.

What is the 2000 Pro V1?

2000 Pro V1: When the original Titleist Pro V1 debuted in 2000, it incorporated three ground breaking advances: A large resilient core, multi-component construction, and a cast urethane elastomer cover.

When was the Pro V1 put in play?

LOOKING BACK: On Oct. 11, 2000, 47 golfers put the new Pro V1 in play at the PGA Tour’s Invensys Classic in Las Vegas, the first week it is available for competition, marking the largest pluralistic shift of equipment at one event in golf history. The winner, Billy Andrade, also plays Pro V1.

When did Padraig Harrington win the Open?

LOOKING BACK: On July 23, 2007, Padraig Harrington plays a Pro V1x in winning The Open Championship for his first-career major, triumphing by one shot in a four-hole playoff.

Who is the first Australian to win the Masters?

LOOKING BACK: In 2013, Brand ambassador Adam Scott ( Pro V1) becomes the 1st Australian player to win at The Masters.

Who won the 2009 Masters?

LOOKING BACK: On April 12, 2009, Angel Cabrera wins The Masters on the second hole of a sudden-death playoff, marking the second major for Cabrera who also captured the 2007 U.S. Open at Oakmont playing Pro V1x. Also in 2009, Bill Haas (Pro V1x) captured the 1,500th victory for the Pro V1 family with his win at the 2010 Viking Classic.