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how does the golf swing work

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Put simply,the overall motion of a good swing ispush-pull: You push the club back,and you pull it through. The opposite move—a pull-push—is a common amateur fault. So a lot of golfers have the fundamental motion of the swing reversed. With the help of tour player Gary Woodland here,let’s take a look. —With Peter Morrice HOW TO START BACK

What is swing plane in golf?

The swing plane is the natural line in which your club swings back to the top of the swing and then down to the golf ball. The perfect swing plane is driven by the golfer’s setup.

How important is balance in the golf swing?

Speed in the golf swing is created through rotation, and you can’t rotate aggressively if you are off balance at the top. If you wish to hit the ball as hard as possible – and who doesn’t – you will be best served to focus on balance, even if it means cutting your backswing just a bit short.

How do you swing a golf club?

Watch Ben Hogan explain how to swing a golf club, in 41 seconds. 1 1. Elbows to chest. In the clip, which you can watch in full below, Hogan suggests starting by making small swings, with your elbows connected to your … 2 2. Lengthen your swing. 3 3. Add speed.

What is the downswing in a golf swing?

The downswing portion of the golf swing corresponds to the stage immediately following the top of the swing, as the hands and club are brought down towards the impact with the ball. Your hips should move first by starting to uncoil but they should do so without sliding forward much.

What does a golf swing look like?

When performed correctly, your golf swing should look like one smooth, continuous motion that culminates with you holding a nicely balanced finished as the ball sails through the air. Within that motion, however, is a series of techniques that each must be executed properly in order to strike a good shot.

What is the backswing of a golf swing?

While the takeaway is technically part of the backswing, this section is referring to the portion of the swing between the takeaway and the transition at the top. This is when the club gets lifted up into position, and when you finish your shoulder turn.

How to hit a quality shot in golf?

If you want to hit a quality shot, you have to have a clean transition in your swing – it is just that simple. The club has to change directions from backswing to downswing, and that moment in time is known as the transition in the golf world. Your main focus in the transition should be the motion of your lower body.

How does speed work in golf?

Speed in the golf swing is created through rotation, and you can’t rotate aggressively if you are off balance at the top. If you wish to hit the ball as hard as possible – and who doesn’t – you will be best served to focus on balance, even if it means cutting your backswing just a bit short.

How many sections are there in golf swing mechanics?

Golf swing mechanics can be broken down into five general sections:

Why is impact called the moment of truth?

Impact is often called “the moment of truth,” because it is the only point in the golf swing where the club actually meets the ball. All of the work you have done in the previous three sections will be wasted if you are unable to arrive at a good impact position.

What part of your swing is the key to your swing?

The key to this part of your swing is actually your lower body, because this is when many golfers begin to slide away from the target.

Did These Swing Tips Help You Find Your Perfect Golf Swing?

Because there’s so much information out there, the wealth of golf swing tips and tricks can just turn into a tangle of distraction in your head. In these cases, I find it helps to get out of your head and focus on finding new habits and rhythms in your body .

What happens when you don’t have good posture in golf?

When we do not have good posture in the swing, the body tenses up in certain areas and we can not rotate well in the hips and upper body. This tense feeling also creates tempo issues and we lose control of the clubface throughout the golf swing.

Why is it important to have the same setup for every shot?

Not only does having the same setup for every shot help with consistency, it can also help a golfer perform the correct golf swing takeaway. If the golfer is in a proper setup, the body can move more naturally in the takeaway back into the right heel. We set ourselves up for failure when we do not have the right weight distribution in our feet at address.

Why do golfers have a little hinge in their wrists?

Having a little hinge in the wrists in the setup allows the golfer to hinge the club in the takeaway with ease. If the club shaft and arms make a straight line to the ball it will be harder to get the proper amount of hinge in the wrists during the backswing.

How to make a perfect golf swing?

Make sure the right hand is on top of the left thumb and not underneath the grip. Now take that grip and get into your perfect setup. This will give you the best control of the clubface through the entire swing. I can go on and on about how important the proper setup is to making the perfect golf swing.

What is setup in golf?

The setup is where we prepare to take the golf club back and eventually hit the ball. Just like in any other sport, being in the proper starting position will greatly increase your consistency. Our body can recognize any irregularities in our motor pattern. Due to this, we will make compensations in our golf swing when we feel something out of place.

How to improve your swing tempo?

Try to work on your posture next time you are out on the range. Make sure the shoulders, knees and balls of your feet are all relatively in line with each other. Relax the back so that it is not arced and be at hletic. These tricks will allow the body to rotate well and improve your swing tempo.

What is the downswing in golf?

The downswing portion of the golf swing corresponds to the stage immediately following the top of the swing, as the hands and club are brought down towards the impact with the ball.

What is the top of the golf swing?

The top of the golf swing corresponds to the halfway point between the address position and the moment of impact. It represents the position when your hands are highest and the transition point between the backswing and the downswing. The left wrist should be flat at the top and your spine angle should still resemble the one set at address.

What is the address and setup stage of golf swing?

The address and setup stage of the golf swing involves assuming the correct position before the swing actually starts. There are many elements to consider and overlooking key areas at the start will snowball into issues down the line.

What is the release and extension sequence of golf swing?

The release and extension sequence of the golf swing occurs after impact with the ball. It corresponds to the phase that precedes the final golf position, i.e., the follow through.

How should an impact made with an iron be made?

An impact made with an iron should be made on a downward motion while one made with a wood should be made after the club has reached the lowest point of the swing arc, as the clubhead is rising.

What is the moment of impact in golf?

The moment of impact is the only point in time where your body – through the golf club will actually come in contact with the ball or exert any influence on it. Despite the long journey that precedes it, there are still key elements to focus on in order to promote a pure strike at the ball in what should be a straight shot.

Why should a golf club be taken back square?

Indeed, the club should be taken back square so that the shaft points at the target when it is parallel to the ground.

What does it mean when your golf swing is out of sequence?

What does this mean? The golf swing is an athletic motion that requires a winding and unwinding of the body along with the swinging of the golf club in a circular motion.

How to make a consistent golf swing?

In order to create a powerful and consistent golf swing you need to get everything moving in the correct order. If you get the sequence correct during the backswing chances are you will produce the proper sequence in the forward swing.

What sequence should a forward swing take care of?

If you are successful in creating this sequence, the forward swing should take care of itself and unwind in the opposite sequence (hips, torso, arms and club).

Which part of the golf swing must move first?

Hips. The clubhead has the furthest distance to travel from the ground up to the top of the golf swing, therefore it must move first. The arms will follow in the sequence, then the torso, and lastly the hips.

How does a two plane swing work?

Two plane swing. Obviously, the two plane golf swing has a shift during the swing that changes the plane of the club shaft – and that shift occurs when you are moving from backswing to downswing. The vast majority of golfers are going to move from an upright plane to a flatter one when they are using a two plane swing. This means that the club swing up on a relatively vertical path during the backswing, then the club is laid down flatter as it changes directions and heads toward the ball. Some players who use a two plane swing will take the opposite approach, and go from a flat backswing to a steeper attack angle toward the ball – however, this is hard to do successfully and will most often lead to problems in your swing. If you are going to be trying to use a two plane swing, you should be thinking in terms of a steeper backswing before dropping the club down for a flatter approach.

How to tell if you swing on a single plane or two planes?

If you’re curious about the nature of your swing plane, stand with a mirror or glass window to your right and swing a club back to the top. It should be fairly obvious whether you swing on a single plane (left arm matches shoulders) or two separate angles (left arm above shoulders). Because of the differences, see your PGA professional …

Why is it impossible to identify one golf swing plane?

It is impossible to identify one proper golf swing plane for all players simply because there are too many differences between golfers to fit them all into the same model. While there are certain golf swing plane tips that will apply to every player on the course, there is plenty of room for individual style as well.

What is a golf swing plane?

Your swing plane is an imaginary ‘line’ that is created by the club while it is in motion. The angle of the shaft of the club throughout the swing creates your plane, and swing plane is something that can vary wildly from golfer to golfer. While there are definitely some do’s and don’ts when comes to swing plane, there is no one right way to do it. However, making sure that you are swinging on a plane that works for you, and that you can swing on the same plane time after time, is important. While this might be a concept that plenty of amateur golfers are happy to ignore, it is worth your time to understand and practice.

What is a one plane golf swing?

A one plane golf swing, as the name would suggest, has the club traveling along one plane throughout the entirety of the swing. In a two plane swing, the club makes a shift, generally during the transition from the backswing to the downswing.

How to determine if you are using a one plane or two plane swing?

The best way to analyze your current swing and determine if you are using a one plane or two plane swing is to record your swing on video. Ask a friend to use a cell phone or other recording device to take some video of you hitting balls on the driving range.

What is the difference between a one plane swing and a two plane swing?

In a one-plane swing (for a right-hander), the left arm’s position at the top of the back-swing matches the tilt of the shoulders when viewed looking down the target line. In a two-plane swing, the left arm is typically higher (more upright or vertical). In other words, it’s above the shoulder plane. The two-plane swing is more common, but the …

What is a SKLZ Tempo and Grip Trainer?

The SKLZ Tempo and Grip Trainer club is designed with a unique golf grip that has position guides for your hands and fingers to help you learn the proper grip.

What is the clubface in golf?

The clubface is raised off the ground which forces you to swing down at the ball with a descending strike and forward shaft lean to be able to make contact with the ball. It’s one of the most popular golf training aids and can help your ball striking improve.

What is Skygolf SkyPro?

You’re going to love the Skygolf SkyPro Swing Analyzer. This golf training aid is for the data junkies who love to make decisions after reviewing data on their golf swing.

What causes a slice in golf?

Having the wrong grip is a major cause of slices, hooks, and other swing faults most golfers face.

What is super speed golf?

SuperSpeed Golf has a training system for golfers of all skill and strength levels. The SuperSpeed training system selection includes a men’s, ladies, senior, long drive, junior, all-star and pee wee set.

How long does it take to train for SuperSpeed Founders?

Each training session only takes about 10 minutes to complete.

How much lighter is a Superspeed stick?

Essentially the Superspeed sticks are three weighted golf clubs. The lightest club is 20% lighter than a standard driver, the next one is 10% lighter than your driver, and the third is 5% heavier.

Can You Get A Negative Score In Golf?

According to the Science of Golf from NBC Learn, there is a chance to have a negative score in golf. When you score in relation to the par, you can end up being under the expected strokes to complete a hole. When this happens, you end up with a negative number for your total of strokes in relation to the par.

What is the goal of scoring in golf?

The main goal in golf is to try to sink the golf ball into the hole using the least amount of purposeful swings possible. But, what is considered a purposeful swing?

What is a stroke in golf?

Mark all the strokes for each player – In a game of golf, a stroke is understood to be an intentional swing at the golf ball. Even if the ball doesn’t move, if a player swings at it, that counts as a stroke. You can add or subtract the par and handicap at the end of the game.

How to add handicap to score?

To add the handicap to your score, simply subtract your handicap number from the total number of shots you took.

How many steps are there to fill out a golf scorecard?

According to Golf Week, here are the six steps to filling out a golf scorecard correctly:

How does scoring work in golf?

Golf scoring works by counting the number of purposeful swings, accounting for penalties, and totaling with handicaps and par. Although it may seem like a complicated system, once you understand the basics, scoring for golf becomes effortless.

How many rules are there for golf?

According to Golf Week’s Guide on How to Score Golf Penalties, there are 34 basic rules created by the United States Golf Association (USGA). These rules are in place to help keep the game fair, especially between unevenly matched players.

Golf Scores – Meaning of Golf Scoring Lingo

Golf’s own language can be very confusing if you’re a newbie, almost like some foreign language altogether. So let’s cover basic ground in terms of the most commonly/popularly used golf scoring terms.

How Does Golf Work In Terms of Scoring – Golf Scores With Relation to Par

Golf scoring terms are all based on the par value. And ‘ par ’ means the expected number of strokes a highly skilled golfer takes for completing every individual hole on the course. This means each hole features its own par rating. The most common ones include par-3, par-4, and par-5.

Golf Scoring System for Beginners – The Basics Where Every Swing Counts!

How to keep score in golf is actually a very simple thing to do. It only seems difficult, complex, and intimidating because you might not be acquainted with scorekeeping.

The Different Formats of Golf Scoring

When golfing, to keep score against opponents or golfing buddies, these are the 3 most commonly used formats…

What About Penalty Strokes In Golf?

In many circumstances, penalty strokes are also added to the scores of a golfer, especially beginners. These strokes are a result of when you hit into a water hazard or if your shot goes out of bounds. At such times then, you have to take another shot i.e. an extra stroke added to your score.

What Is A Good Score In Golf?

If you’re talking about PGA Tour players, that “good” score is any score under par for the golf course.


In comparison to most sports, golf has a pretty eccentric scoring system. Because in golf, the lowest score is considered to be the best score. That just means fewer and fewer strokes or shots taken for a particular hole and in the entire round of golf.