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Tag: What is the EZGO rear seat flip flop kit

how to install rear seat on ezgo golf cart

how to install rear seat on ezgo golf cart插图

1. Insert the supplied Nylon seatstrapbetween flip frame and cushion at desired location. 2. The thickest part of the seat bottom goes to the rear. Center the seat bottom from left to right on flip frame. Using countersunk bolts from Pack 5,attach seat bottom to frame as shown.File Size:5MBPage Count:5

What is the EZGO rear seat flip flop kit?

This EZGO Rear Seat Flip Flop Kit is designed for ALL EZGO RXV golf carts. Need space for four people on your EZGO golf cart? Just flip up the seat and you’re on your way. Need to transport things? Just flip it down and you’ve got a back bed. It’s that easy.

What is a rear seat kit for a golf cart?

The rear seat kit replaces the rear bag space with additional seating. It’s a great addition for families and businesses that want to transport more than 2 passengers or add more cargo space. You’ll find the right golf cart rear seat kits at Golf Cart Garage. We stock rear flip seat kits for leading golf carts like Yamaha, Club Car and EZGO.

Why buy an EZ GO golf cart back seat?

Another cool thing about having an EZ GO golf cart back seat is, if you like to just kick back and relax on your cart with a few drinks, the Golf Cart Arm Rest With Cup Holders add-on will be perfect for you! You won’t just have room for your buddies, you’ll have a place to put your beers, too!

How many people can fit in a golf cart?

A lot of golf carts can only seat two people, but if you add an EZGO back seat to your golf cart, then you’ll be adding room for two more people! You can cruise around the neighborhood with your kids and grandkids!

How to attach a lean back support to a motor?

Attach Lean Back Supportsto the outside of and rear struts to the inside of the Main Bracketsusing retained strut hardware from Step 1. Tighten hardware. Reattach the motor cover using hardware retained from Step 1. Remove outermost bolts in bagwell and attach Bagwell Bracketusing same hardware. Tighten hardware.

What size bolts are used for seat back support?

to Seat Back Support Barusing 10x45mm bolts from Pack 5.

Where is the arm rest on a car?

Arm Reststo the rear of the Seat Frameand Seat Back Support Bar.