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Tag: What is the history of Hazeltine

where is hazeltine golf course located

where is hazeltine golf course located插图

Chaska, Minnesota

What is Hazeltine Golf Club?

Located in Chaska, Minnesota, this is a club like no other. It’s where an internationally recognized club meets a local community. Whether you’re playing golf, having dinner, or coordinating an event, Hazeltine puts you first.

What is the history of Hazeltine?

Learn about Hazeltine’s history. Hazeltine National Golf Club was founded in 1962 on the rules and traditions of golf. Totton P. Heffelfinger, a former president of the United States Golf Association (USGA), wanted to create a golf club that would host major championships while providing a pure golf experience for its members.

When does Hazelton Country Club open for golf?

Monday 3/21/22 @ 8:30am for Golf only. Located in scenic Rehoboth, Massachusetts, Hazelton is the site of the former Sun Valley Country Club. Only 10 minutes from Providence, our 6,740-yard, par 70, golf course has been restored to its original Geoffrey Cornish design.

Why play at Hazeltine?

Designed to host national championships, Hazeltine features beautifully landscaped fairways bordered with majestic woods and water features that lead to the illustrious greens. An exhilarating golf course.