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how to draw a golf ball with a driver

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How do you hit a driver with a draw in golf?

If this is the case, make sure the left foot and the right foot come back to being on the same basic line. To hit a driver with a draw, the easiest ball position is to have the ball slightly forward of where it typically is. This means that you will have the ball almost all the way up by your left foot (for a right-handed player).

How to draw a golf ball?

But in order to draw the ball a golfer must understand what creates a draw in the first place, and also how to hit it. NOTE: I do not personally recommend that people hit a draw. Rather, I recommend people hit the ball straight or fade the ball from left to right. The reason I say this is because of the difficulty in achieving a draw shot.

How to practice driving a golf ball?

If you happen to have a LiveView camera, I recommend drawing two lines as your practice your driver shots. Draw one straight line from the golf ball through the hips. Direct the second line from the ball through the shoulder. If you do not have a LiveView, imagining these lines will do the trick for now.

What is the ideal driver ball position?

When you hit your driver, you have to hit slightly up on the golf club. This means you want to make contact with the ball just after the low point of your swing, when the clubhead is traveling upward. We tee the golf ball up for this exact reason. This is also why the ideal driver ball position is always more forward in your stance.

How to get a clubhead on a golf ball?

First, feel your hands work in as the clubhead stays on that line between the ball and your hip. This helps you get the clubhead slightly outside your hands, which pays off big in the transition. Second, make sure your clubhead is nice and square.

What does it mean when a hula hoop is tilted?

And that tilt means that even if your clubhead is traveling slightly to the right on the downswing, it’s going to travel more towards the left as it ascends after the low point.

Why is the hula hoop not perpendicular to the ground?

That hoop is not perfectly perpendicular to the ground, because you have to hold the club at angle between your hands and the golf ball.

What happens when you hit a golf ball?

Hitting up on the golf ball causes the clubhead to travel in and up at the moment of impact. This is the opposite of what happens when you hit down on the ball. So if you want to know how to draw with your driver, you need to account for this difference. Here’s how:

How to measure golf club tilt?

If you’re not sure how far back to tilt, here’s a really easy way to measure it: Hold your golf club against your body with the handle running vertically up your chest. Bend your knees slightly as you usually would at setup. Tilt your torso away from the target until the clubhead hits your lead knee or thigh.

What camera do you use to draw with driver?

Now, when I teach my students how to draw with driver, I like to use the LiveView camera . This device provides real-time video of your swing from any angle. You can also draw lines on the screen to help you evaluate your own technique more clearly.

Why does the club head travel outside the hands?

So, if you carried the clubhead outside your hands, your clubhead will naturally travel from the inside in the transition. This helps you hit up on the ball and creates that shoulder drop.

What Is a Draw in Golf?

Some players may mistake a draw and a hook; some will think drawing in golf is slicing. However, drawing is the intentional movement that golfers create to control a ball and make it land where they want. It is different from other wayward shots.

Why and When You Should Hit a Draw?

If you play golf for long enough or watch the professionals usually on TV, you may wonder why they hit a draw instead of hitting straight. Even when you don’t know the reasons, you can guess that drawing can bring benefits in golf, and the pros don’t do it for fun.

How to Draw the Golf Ball – A Step by Step Guide

Some players draw the golf ball naturally, and they really don’t know the process and can not do it again on purpose. On the other hand, the professionals can draw or fade on demand.


After reading all the information above, I think you still have many things that need to be explained. Therefore, I chose the most frequently asked questions about how to draw the golf ball and answered them below.


If you are finding the way to master the most controllable shots in your games, you may not want to miss my article about how to draw the golf ball. I provided you with the easiest step-by-step instructions and tips based on my knowledge and experiences above.

How to play golf with a golf ball?

Here’s how it’s done: 1 Choose the spot in the fairway where you want the ball to finish and aim the clubface there. 2 Align the feet and shoulders with the line you want the ball to start on, to the right of the target spot. 3 Take a normal swing on the line where your body is pointed.

What is the effect of a swing?

The effect is a swing that meets the ball from inside the target line, with a face that’s closed in relation to the swing path. This imparts the right-to-left spin that creates a draw.

Which is the most difficult club to draw?

While the driver is the most difficult club to draw, it can be done with proper fundamentals. First off, a few words about the draw. It typically flies lower and rolls farther than its sibling, the fade (left-to-right); hence the added yardage. It can also be more difficult to control, especially if the draw devolves into a hook.

Why is the draw the preferred shot off the tee?

The draw is the preferred shot off the tee, because it adds distance to your drives. Learning to hit a controlled draw off the tee also helps you have a better chance of hitting the fairway on right-to-left dogleg holes.

What happens if you rotate your left forearm properly?

If you rotate your left forearm properly through impact, the watch face will be visible on your follow through. Make sure your grip pressure is not too tight.

How to hit a draw in golf?

Some golfers believe it is easier to hit a draw if they drop the right shoulder slightly at address, creating more of an upward shoulder angle.

What happens when you hit a draw?

The rotation closes the club face and creates the right-to-left flight path of the ball. In “Breaking 100, 90, 80,” instructor Janet Coles suggests wearing a wristwatch with the face turned to the inside of your left wrist.

What is the toe of the club in my Golden Lessons?

In his book “My Golden Lessons,” Jack Nicklaus says it helps to have a mental image of the toe of the club moving ahead of the heel through the impact zone and moving farther ahead as the follow through continues. This is the slightly closed club head position you need to execute a draw.

What is the V shape on a golf club?

If you look down at your hands when you grip the club, you will notice the index finger and thumb of each hand have formed a rough “V” shape.

Who wrote the book on drawing the ball with his driver?

By Brian Hill. Jack Nicklaus wrote the book on drawing the ball with his driver. Many golfers strive to hit a draw shot with the driver. For a right-handed player, this means the ball curves moderately from right to left.

How to hit a draw in golf?

Based upon the ball flight laws, to hit a draw, you must be able to attack the golf ball with a swing path from inside to out. In other words, if you are a right handed golfer, your swing path just before impact with the golf ball, must be from inside the ball, and not outside.

What skill do amateur golfers have?

For most amateur golfers, this may be one of the more difficult skills to acquire. Most amateur golfers have a golf swing that causes them to slice the ball.

Why do amateur golfers struggle to hit a draw?

The reason most amateur golfers struggle to hit a draw is that their normal swing plane is too steep and outside in.

What is the best ball flight when you want to hit a draw that starts to the right of your target?

The ideal ball flight when you want to hit a draw that starts to the right of your target is path G.

How does the body compensate for a big slice?

The body compensates by holding the clubface open at impact, and this results in a big slice.

Why do we put the ball on a tee?

The driver has a very limited amount of loft. That is why we place the ball on a tee, and why we also want to strike the ball on our upswing.

What does it mean when you stand beside a golf ball?

When you are standing beside the golf ball, you are swinging on a path that has an arc.

How to draw a fake golf ball?

For a fake draw you need to align your entire body (not just your stance) out to the right of your target. I say “not just your stance” because so many people think that if they just drop their right foot back a little, they will draw the ball. A golfer who thinks this way has no idea what they are trying to and it will never work.

Which direction should the ball curve in golf?

Next, the majority of holes on the golf course are designed so that the ball should curve from left to right.

Why do you hit the ball straight or fade?

Rather, I recommend people hit the ball straight or fade the ball from left to right. The reason I say this is because of the difficulty in achieving a draw shot. Also, a fade is easier to maintain on the greens than a draw (particularly with long irons). This is because the clubface is closed when hitting a draw, but it is open when you hit a fade.

What is a real draw?

So, a real draw has you with a square stance and body alignment.

What is a draw shot?

A draw shot is largely considered to be one of those amazing golf shots that many golfers can only dream of hitting. It is considered so, usually because most average golfers slice the ball (a left to right shot). But in order to draw the ball a golfer must understand what creates a draw in the first place, and also how to hit it.

Why does my golf club swing inside out?

This inside out path is caused because of the golfer’s body tilts excessively to the right through impact. This excessive tilt can be caused from sliding laterally to start the downswing, bumping the hips to the left to start the downswing or just over tilting your body to the right.

What are the two types of draw shots?

The Two Types of Draws You Can Hit. There are two possible draw shots you can hit. I call them the “real draw” and the “fake draw.”. Whether or not you want to hit a draw as your regular shot, there will be occasions when you need to use a draw shot (e.g, curving the ball around a tree or a dog leg left).

Should I use a draw driver?

Around 80% of golfers are battling an unwanted left-to-right (in right-handers) shot shape with their driver… the dreaded slice.

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What we learned from our Best Draw Drivers Test 2022

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