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Tag: What is the junkyard Golf Club

how much is junkyard golf london

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Pricing Off-peak11 Per person, Per game Peak 13

What is the junkyard Golf Club?

Get excited on four mashed up 9-hole crazy golf courses created from pre-loved and reclaimed random shizzle. Groups can putt their way through all sorts of bizarre holes; think UV garage, scrapyard slides, circus freaks and jungle bathtubs. Please note Junkyard Golf Club’s venue contains flashing lights, UV lights and loud music.

What age can you putt at junkyard Golf Club?

Please be aware Junkyard Golf Club only allow Under 18’s at certain times and ID is always required, you better check this before booking to putt! We’ve placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. By continuing to use the site we’ll assume you’re cool with this.

How long will my junkyard golf experience last?

For package deals, including the time it takes you to check-in, grab a table, order one of our EPIC cocktails and putt your way through one of our 9 hole courses – your Junkyard experience will last an hour to an hour and a half on average! If you’ve booked for just golf it should take you up to half an hour!


Welcome to Dirk’s Acid House of Horrors… an all-nighter rave straight outta the 90s.


Dark fairgrounds, circus freaks and twisted clowns. Winner takes it all in our homage to all things carnival!


Wind your way through towers of tyres, written-off cars and auto-junk in our scrapyard challenge


Loser Buys The Drinks! We serve a wide range of cocktails, beer, and everything in between! Check out our menu by clicking below…

How many adults can you have with you at the golf course?

Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult (18+) 1 adult supervising max 5 under 18s. The supervising adult will be required to purchase a ticket and go around the golf course with the under 18’s that they are supervising for health and safety purposes.

How long does it take to reply to a lotta email?

We get a lotta emails so please allow up to 24 hours for a response. If you email again on the same thread your email may go to the bottom of the pile so please be a patient putter!

How many groups of people are allowed to go round the course?

In line with Government guidelines on social distancing, parties must go round the course in no more than groups of 6 at all times.

What is required for Challenge 25?

We operate Challenge 25 and passport, driving licence or PASS card is required. We also operate a safety policy regarding excessive intoxication; if you appear to be, you may be asked to leave or refused entry.

Can you rebook a junkyard golf club?

This is at the Customer Service team’s discretion. Please email [email protected] with proof of your booking and we’ll be in touch!

Can you buy tickets at the yard?

Until further notice, we’re only taking advance bookings so make sure you plan ahead to avoid disappointment as you won’t be able to purchase any tickets at the yard!

Can you gift a gift card to a venue?

Yeh sure! Head to our Gift Card page – just make sure you buy a gift card for the venue that you want to visit as these are non-transferable across venues.

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Do you have to carry coats in a cloakroom?

The cloakroom when we arrived was full, so majority of us had to carry around our coats while on the course. If you have a venue which holds a certain amount of people surely you should have enough space in your cloakroom to accomodate coats for all guests – especially on a cold and wet February day!?

Is the junkyard golf course smaller than the previous?

Having been to the Junkyard golf in its original location a couple of years ago I was expecting big things, however was left disapointed! This venue is much smaller than the previous and it seems the management have decided to cram in as much as they can into a smaller venue. The "Gary" course started off good but the final three holes were crammed in a small room, seems they ran out of space or ideas!