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how to use long irons in golf

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How To Hit Long Irons: Top Tips For Better Ball StrikingHave correct ball positioningAttack at the right angleSwing with tempoMaintain a quiet body While you’ll never quite hit a 3-iron like Tiger Woods (and may benefit more from using a driving iron ),follow our simple tips in this article and you’ll find those longer irons become an asset,not a hinderance,out on the course. …

How to hit Irons consistentlysecret to hitting long irons?

So one of the most effective and simple tips to hit better long irons is toplay it and imagine it the same as a 7 or 6 iron. There are though some subtle set up and tactics required for crisp long iron shots, but as an important general rule, play your 3,4 and 5 iron the same as a 7. I wager you are confident with the 7 iron… Most people are.

How to hit Irons correctly in 3 easy ways?

Proper Way to Hit Golf IronsPractice. You want to practice each iron swing to get a comfortable swing. …Divot. A good iron shot may include a divot after your shot. …Full Extension. …Shape Irons. …Grip. …Posture. …Body Space. …

What is the correct golf swing for Irons?

Like many golf skills, the first step to hitting an iron pure is getting into the proper position, then developing a good swing– in this case, swinging down and into the ball on the downswing instead of scooping it up on the upswing. Practice your starting stance and your swing technique to hit your irons … More ?

What is the length of a golf iron?

What Is The Standard Length Of Men’s Golf Irons? An iron 1 for a man is typically 39 inches long. 5 inches. Each consecutive number iron is measured by this standard measurement, which increases by 1/2 inch. What Is The Standard Length For Golf Clubs? The length of all clubs, including putters, must be at least 18 inches.

Why are long irons so hard to hit?

The reason is because golf clubs with longer shafts force the golfer to stand farther away from the ball.

What is the best way to swing a long iron?

The best swing to use when hitting a long iron is any swing that you feel comfortable with. Properly positioning the ball between your feet and standing an appropriate distance from the ball should put you in good position to execute the swing.

Why do golf clubs have longer shafts?

The reason is because golf clubs with longer shafts force the golfer to stand farther away from the ball. Standing farther away from your target (i.e. the ball) makes it more difficult to hit the target/ball correctly. Also, the lower the number of the club – the longer the iron – the less angle the club head has to it.

What is the best grip for long iron golf?

The standard interlocking golf grip is perfectly suitable for hitting long iron golf shots. In this grip, the index finger of the left hand and the pinky of the right hand will be interlocked (for right-handed golfers) producing a grip in which the right hand is in front of the left or lower on the club at address.

What is a long iron?

What are the long irons? Long irons are the golf clubs from the 1-iron to the 5-iron. These clubs have relatively long shafts with the 1-iron having the longest shaft with the club shafts getting progressively shorter as we go down in clubs from the one through the five iron.

What is Tiger Woods’ stinger?

Many of you have probably heard of Tiger Woods hitting his ‘stinger 2-iron’ when he is looking for a specific alternative to his Driver. Discover the Best Swing to use with your Long Irons! Additionally, one of the most famous golf shots was executed by Jack Nicklaus using a 1-iron at the 1972 US Open.

When hitting a long iron, what should you do?

When hitting a long iron, make sure that you are comfortable and that the club head will not hit the ground before hitting the ball. The diagram above depicts a proper golf stance for addressing the ball when using one of the long irons. In it, you will see that the ball is positioned in the middle of the golfers feet and …

Full Turn

When it comes to how to swing a golf club, making a full turn in the backswing is a must, not only to build the power but to help deliver a flatter swing. Long irons do not respond to an ‘ over the top ‘ steep and across the ball action.

Ball Position

Many golfers appreciate the fact that they need to get the ball forward in the stance – but go easy. I like to get club players to move it to just forward of centre. With a long-iron, the swing arc is bigger, so the movement of mass will be slightly greater, especially forward.

Weight transfer

Because it’s a long-iron, the temptation is to think, ‘I have to hit it long’, and that often means club golfers don’t complete the backswing in an anxious attempt to hit it hard.

What is a long iron and how do I hit it well?

Most people consider anything less-lofted than a 6-iron to be ‘long’, so for most golfers this would be a 4 or a 5-iron.

How to shallow a golf swing?

For players who swing too steep, practicing sweeping the ball off a tee will help to shallow the swing.

What are the two mistakes people can make when positioning the ball for a long iron shot?

There’s two errors people can make, somewhat obvious ones, when positioning the ball for a long iron shot: having the ball too far forward or too far back in the stance.

Why do you need a tee on a long iron?

One of the biggest fears for players hitting long irons is the interaction with the turf, so using a tee will help alleviate that pressure and stressful feeling while you work on your swing. What it will also help to do is promote an ‘upward’ strike and counteract steep swings.

What is filthy chunks?

The filthy chunks. The handwringing thins. The inconsistency people experience with long irons often leads to them trekking down to their local store and replacing them all with hybrids.

How to pure a long iron?

To pure a long iron, your backswing should be smooth and controlled, with a slight pause at the top, not a snap, to move between backswing and downswing. The follow through should be full and free of tension, allowing the club shaft to rest on your lead shoulder after making a full turn.

Why are hybrid golf clubs good?

Hybrids are excellent clubs for promoting consistency through forgiving design, but you might find they just don’t have the same ability to work the ball or be kept low into the wind or under trees as they are built to get the ball into the air easier.

Why are hybrid golf clubs so popular?

Hybrids exploded in popularity in the 21st century precisely because, for various technical reasons, they are easier for most golfers to play compared to long irons. In fact, golf club manufacturers often market hybrids specifically as replacements for long irons.

What is a long iron?

The term "long irons" is traditionally applied to the 1-iron, 2-iron, 3-iron and 4-iron, as a group. Today, nearly all golfers use only the 3-iron and 4-iron from the long irons group, and many golfers don’t even use the 3-iron anymore. In fact, some golfers no longer carry any long irons, for reasons we’ll get into.

Do golfers carry long irons?

In fact, some golfers no longer carry any long irons, for reasons we’ll get into. A traditional set of golf irons included the 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, 7-, 8- and 9-irons, plus pitching wedge. A 1-iron and 2-iron plus a sand wedge were often offered as add-ons. The lower-numbered irons are both the longest in terms of shaft length (as measured in inches), …

Is there a golf club that makes 1 irons?

However, 1-irons are virtually non-existent in golf, outside of the professional golf tours (where they are not common, either). In fact, no major OEM golf club company still manufacturers 1-irons, outside of special, custom orders. And 2-irons, while still manufactured, are used pretty much only by the most-skilled golfers …

Do golfers use 2 irons?

And 2-irons , while still manufactured, are used pretty much only by the most-skilled golfers and are almost never seen anymore in off-the-rack asssembled golf club sets.

What order should I swing my golf club in?

You’re better off swinging slower and making sure everything is moving in the right downswing order —body, arms, hands, then club. If you ever watch me swing a long iron, you’ll notice that although I’m about to hit a long shot, the shaft of my club does not reach parallel at the top.

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Why do you put a golf club in shallower approach?

It’s as if the swing thought is to trap the ball. Instead, you want the club coming in on a shallower approach so it can sweep the ball off the fairway —or even a low tee. This will produce crisp contact, a higher launch angle for better distance, and the height needed to get the shot to stop on the green.

How to hit a ball solid with long irons?

If you’re struggling to hit the ball solid with your long irons, then by all means, play the ball in the middle of your stance or a ball or two forward of center, like you would an 8-iron. This will help you to compress it better and launch the ball high with enough spin to carry it the appropriate distance.

How many yards does a 5 iron hit?

According to statistics pulled from TOURCaddie ( www.pgatourcaddie.com ), the average 0-9 handicapper hits their 5-iron 175 yards on average, the 10-19 handicapper 168 yards, and the 20+ handicapper 149 yards. That’s quite a gap between the better player and the higher handicap golfer. Why the huge disparity? For one, most golfers simply don’t like hitting 5-iron. After all, how often do you see someone hitting a 5-iron on the range prior to their round? Probably never. You’ll see them hitting their sand or pitching wedge, and maybe a 7-iron, and then they’ll move right on up into the driver. You see, the long iron is already in their heads mentally before they tee off. So when the time comes to hit a controlled 160- to 180-yard shot on the course, how confident do you think they are standing over the ball with a 5-iron in hand?

How to hit long irons?

If you know there are a few par 3s or 4s where you may need to hit 5-iron, then take a few additional minutes during warm-ups to hit a few 5-irons. Start off by hitting several punch shots, swinging from 9 (o’clock) to 3, so that you can feel and hear the ball coming square off the center of the clubface. Nothing helps your confidence more than the feeling of a few perfectly struck irons. Then progress into some slightly longer, but compact, swings. If you hit a couple of flush 5-irons in warm-ups, it will remove that apprehension you may be experiencing on the course. Here are a few other keys to help you become more efficient at hitting the longer irons.

What happens if you hit a couple of flush 5 irons in warm ups?

If you hit a couple of flush 5-irons in warm-ups, it will remove that apprehension you may be experiencing on the course. Here are a few other keys to help you become more efficient at hitting the longer irons.

What to do if you don’t wear a cap?

If you don’t wear a cap, then try to keep your head relatively still. This will not only ensure a short, compact backswing, but it will keep you more centered over the ball s o that you can hit it more solidly. As soon as you sway or move off the ball, you’re dead.

Where is Dave Myers?

Dave Myers is a Staff Instructor at TOURAcademy TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. For more game-improvement tips from the TOURAcademy instructors, on-the-spot club recommendations and 3D previews of each hole you play, download the TOURCaddie PRO app at www.pgatourcaddie.com.

Why are irons called irons?

The golf clubs called irons are so-called because their clubheads are made of metal.

Why are golf clubs called irons?

The golf clubs called irons are so-called because their clubheads are made of metal. Of course, "woods" are now also made of metal, but that’s a relatively recent development. Irons have featured metal clubheads (steel, these days) for centuries. The clubheads of irons are thin from front to back, and the clubfaces are grooved to impart spin on …

What is the difference between a blade and a muscleback iron?

The difference is that a blade-style features a full back on the rear

How many clubs are in a golf club?

A typical, off-the-shelf set of irons will include a 3-iron through pitching wedge (advertised as "3-PW"), 8 clubs total. The clubs are identified by a number (3, 4, 5, etc.) on the sole of each club, except for the pitching wedge which will have a "PW" or "P." Other irons may be available for purchase separately, including a 2-iron and additional wedges ( gap wedge, sand wedge, lob wedge). None of the additional clubs are necessary for beginners, and especially not the 2-iron. 1-irons used to be available, too, but are now virtually extinct.

What are the different types of irons?

Irons are generally categorized as long irons, mid-irons , and short irons. Long irons are the 2-, 3- ,and 4-irons; mid-irons, the 5-, 6-, and 7-irons; short irons, the 8- and 9-irons and pitching wedge. (Two-irons are becoming obsolete and are exceedingly rare for recreational golfers. Because of this, some sources now count the 5-iron as one …

How many yards is a 3-iron?

The yardage gap between irons is generally 10-15 yards. Your 3-iron, in other words, should produce shots that are 10-15 yards longer than your 4-iron. The specifics of this gap depend on the player, but the gap should be consistent from club to club.

What is a hybrid iron set?

Relative newcomers to golf shops are sets called "blended sets," or "hybrid iron sets." These sets replace the traditional long irons with hybrid clubs, and fill out the set with cavityback mid- and short irons.

How does the club head change direction?

Think of the shape your club head makes as you swing through the golf ball. As you move through the transition at the top of your swing , towards the ball , the club head is traveling at a downward angle. At some point (more specifically, at the low point), your club head changes direction.

What irons are considered long irons?

First, make sure you know which irons are considered “long” and which are “short.”. Your long irons (2, 3 and 4) have a lower loft and are designed for more distance. (1 irons if you have them) Short irons (8, 9 and pitching wedge) have a higher loft and help you pop the ball up in the air as you get closer to the green.

How to hit down on a golf ball?

To Hit Down on the Golf Ball: At setup, position the ball in the center of your stance. Shift your hands toward the target just slightly so the club is in front of the club head. In the transition, think about pulling on the club with your lead hand instead of throwing the club out and down with the trail hand.

What is the goal of an iron shot?

For an iron shot, however, the goal is to hit down on the golf ball. Another way to say this is that your moment of impact should occur before the low point of your golf swing. It’s important to make this distinction when discussing how to hit irons because this whole down/up thing trips up a lot of golfers.

How to avoid steepness when swinging a long iron?

However, you don’t want your angle of attack to be as steep as it is when you’re hitting a short iron. In order to avoid that steepness, position the ball just slightly forward of center.

Why do you swing away from the ball?

As you swing away from the ball, allow your head to slide away from the target. This accommodates for better rotation, better speed, and a better shot.

What happens when you keep your head down?

When you keep your head down, you create tension through your shoulders. It becomes very difficult to get the rotation you need in your golf swing. Remember: swinging a golf club is an athletic movement. You need to be loose and mobile.