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what length golf clubs should i get

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Here you’ll find the standard recommended measurements for golf clubs based on height:Six feet,six inches and taller-add two inches to the standard length of the clubSix feet,five inches-add one and a half inches to the standard length of the clubSix feet,three inches to six feet,five inches-add one inch to the standard length of the clubMore items

What is the standard length for a golf club?

What Is the Standard Length of a Golf Club?Rules of Golf. The rules regarding golf club construction are found in Appendix II of the Rules of Golf,published by the United States Golf Association.Graphite Vs. Steel. …Drivers. In a 2010 “Golf Digest” article,PGA Tour player Bubba Watson said the typical off-the-rack driver is 45.5 inches long.Irons and Hybrids. …

What is the minimum golf clubs needed?

Minimum number of golf clubs needed to play decently. Had a couple of friends suggest that I take up golf so I can play with them. As a minimalist, I find the idea of 14 clubs excessive. As a total non-golfer, I’m guessing 4: 1 wood; 1 Iron; 1 sand wedge; and 1. Putter.

How to shorten the length of a golf club?

To do that,the DIY golfer will have to:Remove the existing grip.With steel shafts,use a tubing cutter to trim the shaft; with graphite shafts,shorten using a hacksaw.Re-install a grip on the newly shortened shaft.And,most importantly,Wishon says,add weight to the clubhead in some manner to restore the swingweight feel of the club. …

Do you need full set of golf clubs?

You certainly can begin in golf with a full set of clubs, but you don’t have to. The Rules of Golf state that golfers can carry a maximum of 14 clubs in a golf bag. That doesn’t mean that you must carry 14, only that you can carry any number of clubs up to and including 14.

What Are Standard Length Golf Clubs?

As you can see in our golf club size chart above these would typically fit in the 34″ to 35.5″ range.

Why is it important to know the size of your golf clubs?

This is because if you use golf clubs that are either too tall or too short for you there is a chance that you won’t hit shots consistently and more distance.

Why is it important to choose the right golf club size?

These range from having a better connection with your shots and hitting them from the correct lie angle. Both of these benefits will contribute to your achieving a better golf handicap score.

What does it mean to use the correct size golf club?

When you use the correct golf club sizes you will be hitting your shots with the ideal length club which will help you to get a solid contact on your shots. This accurate measurement can help you to achieve consistent contact by ensuring the club face is squared properly at impact.

How does the handicap index work?

The golf handicap index works by calculating your score s from previous rounds. Therefore with better shots you are more likely to achieve better scores on the golf course.

How to determine what length golf clubs to buy?

Using your height and then your wrist to floor measurements is a great way to get an idea of what the right length of clubs will be.

Why are golf clubs so complex?

The reason that golf club sizes can be a complex topic is because it isn’t as easy as just saying that height is the only factor in which size to choose. In our complete guide we will explore what other factors are at play and what some of the main benefits are from taking the time to choose golf club sizes bespoke to yourself.

What factors affect the size of a golf club?

Here’s another factor that affects the appropriate golf club size. The angle and the grip size of the club are as important as the height and wrist-to-floor measurements . However, this means more to serious professional golfers than to someone just starting out.

What is custom fitting golf?

Custom golf fittings will tell you the exact sizes that you need for each of your golf clubs. Knowing the proper golf club sizes will ensure that you can get the clubface to match up to the ball each and every time you swing. The more accurate your club sizes are, the better the chance you have of scoring and performing. Even though custom golf fittings can be expensive, most golfers find them to be very well worth the pricing.

How to adjust golf clubs?

If you find that your golf clubs are not the exact length you need, you can adjust them by cutting or extending the clubs and then regripping them . If you don’t have the tools to do this yourself, there are typically local golf club repair shops that offer these services.

Why do manufacturers make golf tables?

Manufacturers create such tables to help everyone from beginner golfers to pro golfers choose the right club size for their play. Here’s how your size affects the dimensions of your needed golf club size and why it matters. Last but not least, the grip size should also be determined for the club to fit perfectly in your hands.

What is the difference between men’s and women’s golf clubs?

The difference between men’s and women’s clubs is generally noticeable on the grip. Men’s golf clubs have larger grips and are also about 2.5 cm longer than women’s golf clubs. Kids’ clubs are even smaller than women’s for the most part. Knowing what type of golf club you need is the first step in determining the appropriate size.

How to measure grip size?

In order to determine your grip size, there are two measurements that you have to take. The first one is the distance between the tip of your middle finger and the main crease in your wrist. The second measurement is the length of your middle finger from the tip to its base.

How tall is a golf club?

Manufacturers usually make clubs to account for golfers anywhere between 4’8” to 6’7” inches tall. The second measurement is wrist-to-floor distance. This is done by standing on a flat surface with your arms relaxed and pointing down. You then measure the distance between the ground and the line where your wrist meets your hand.

What is the correct putter length?

When asking what length golf clubs to use, factoring in posture and wrist-to-floor measurements, most golfers usually end up with a putter between 32-35″. To have the best chance of establishing the correct putter length for your personal set-up, …

What Length Driver Should I Use?

With drivers, the shaft length you choose will affect the amount of clubhead speed you can create vs the amount of control you have.

Why use one length irons?

All that being said there is an added element of using one-length irons too which have become increasingly popular because of Bryson DeChambeau. One-length irons allow you to stand to the ball in the same way regardless of the iron you’re using, in theory helping with consistency of strike and club speed.

What happens if you putt too long?

A putter that is too long will cause you to subconsciously stand further from the ball, moving your eyes inside, instead of over, the ball. From here your arc is flatter and the toe of your putter could be off the ground, pushing your aim left of target.

Can you take shaft length off a golf driver?

Some brands now offer different length shaft options, so you can try before you buy, while any good fitter can take length off your driver if you need to add control to your game.

Does a shortened shaft make the flex softer?

As shaft length increases, so does the weight. Increasing the length also alters the shaft’s flex; adding length makes the flex softer, while a shortened shaft will play stiffer, so you’ll need to bear this in mind. Collapse Best Golf Hybrid Clubs.

Does length affect weight?

As shaft length increases, so does the weight. Increasing the length also alters the shaft’s flex; adding length makes the flex softer, while a shortened shaft will play stiffer, so you’ll need to bear this in mind.

Can Golf Clubs be Lengthened?

Yes, golf clubs can be lengthened, though it’s not an easy task. Most clubs follow a half-inch rule when you look at the different sizes, like in the chart above.

When do You Need Custom Golf Clubs?

When you can’t seem to find a 9 iron or a putter that’s designed for your height. Using the information that we provided above, you can determine your

How does a lengthened golf club work?

A longer distance can be achieved with a lengthened club if you have the ability to swing it with the same force and speed that you did with a shorter club . This increases the ball’s velocity upon impact, and you can hit it farther. Flex: The flex of the shaft will be altered. This happens for a few reasons.

Why do putters have longer shafts?

If you had a shorter putter, you’d almost certainly tap the ball too hard most of the time. A longer shaft allows for gradual adjustments instead of quick, direct hits .

What happens if your woods aren’t longer?

If your woods didn’t have the length that they do, and they were shorter, you’d be sending your ball almost straight up and they wouldn’t close much of a distance. It’s not always about the angling of the golf club head; sometimes it’s about the length and force to make it meet the ball.

Why do you have to swoop on your golf club?

Because the club is longer, you have to swoop on your downward swing, causing the force of your wood – if you’ve hit it correctly – to be applied to the bottom of the ball and send it upwards. A wood without enough length just doesn’t cut it. You’d be sending the ball higher but with almost no distance.

What happens if you use too long golf clubs?

If you’re using clubs that are too long for you, you’re going to have a rough time closing the gap between your tee and the hole. If it’s too short, you’re going to hit it too fast without proper form.

What is WTF in golf?

Wrist-to-floor measurement or WTF for short is a common method in which the golfer stands with their feet together in street / tennis shoes with their arms hanging straight down and relaxed. Then someone measures from the floor to the crease just above the wrist.

How to control swingweight?

It is easier to control the swingweight by manipulating the lie than by adding (or removing) weight from the head from a production standpoint. Most clubhead are made to narrow weight ranges from one manufacturer to another and there is a limit on how much weight can be added to a club. So you may see tall golfers get a combination of extra length and a more upright lie as not to make the clubs feel too heavy or shorter golfer a shorter length / flatter lie combination so that it does not become too light.

What is the average lie angle for a 5 iron?

A common lie angle for a 5-iron is 61° , therefore the length of the 5-iron may be 37.25" to achieve the B length. This combo may be very well for a lady golfer that is 5′ 8" with a 33.25" WTF measurement. A C6.5 swingweight would be perfectly normal in what you would see in a standard length woman stock set. However, let’s say this was a man we were talking about that might have the same proportions of the lady golfer, or perhaps taller but with long arms. Instead of the shorter club with the lighter swingweight, the clubfitter or manufacturer may suggest a 38” 5-iron that had a 2° flatter lie angle. This would make the swingweight in the normal range you would see for a male golfer.

How tall is a 5’10 golfer?

In the chart above, we can see that a 5′ 10" male on average will have a WTF measurement just shy of 34 1/4", while the average female that stands 5′ 4" would be just a hair over 31 ¼". The 6" difference in height equals approximately a 3" difference in the WTF measurement and to 1" length change. Well, at least in theory between men and women stock clubs. If you consider that a 48" junior golfer has a WTF measurement of nearly 12” less than the 70" golfer would suggest that the junior golfer get a 5-iron that is 4" shorter than a typical men’s club. However, the math does not add up as most junior charts will suggest a 48” junior to have a 5-iron in the neighborhood of 9" shorter.

What is the average WTF?

Statistically, the average WTF measurement is 48.9% of the person’s height. If everyone was proportional to this percentage, then height-based charts would have the same effect. However, statistics are based on averages and not everyone will have proportionate arm lengths to their height, thus requiring not only different lengths than what their height may indicate, but also the lie of the club.

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How tall is the average golf club?

The average woman’s height in the U.S. is approximately 5’ 5” (165.1cm), with about 68% between 5′ 2" and 5′ 7". The average male is approximately 5′ 10" (177.8cm) with nearly 68% between 5′ 6" and 5′ 11". The difference between the finished stock men’s and women’s clubs is usually 1" difference in the length.

Should I Get a Custom Fit?

A custom fit can be great, but you need to remember some things. If you are ordering a club that is custom to you, the club shaft is going to be made in such a way that the flex is going to match the club length.

Why is it so hard to make contact with the golf ball?

As the length of the shaft increases, a lot of golfers can have a difficult time making their delivery consistent with the club, and this means that it can be more challenging to make contact with the ball. In this case,

What happens if your putter is too long?

If your putter is too long then you are more likely to be inclined to stand much further away from the ball. This means that your aim may end up to the left of your target, as your eyes are inside rather than over the ball.

How long is a standard golf club?

5 foot 9 inches to 5 foot - A standard club length will suffice.

What to do if you aren’t sure what fit is best for you with a putter?

If you aren’t sure what fit will be best for you with a putter then you should try to have a proper fitting with somebody who knows what they are doing. Again, length can have a big impact on this particular golf club.

What happens if you have a shorter shaft?

If you have a shorter shaft then it is going to feel stiffer, so you are probably going to need to change your power and swing to work with a stiffer club.

How to tell if a golf club is too short?

First of all, the path of your swing goes from in to out. You will find that when you are trying to take your shot that you are needing to excessively bend at the waist area.

How to measure golf clubs?

Measuring Your Clubs in Five Steps 1 Use a forty-eight-inch sturdy straight edge aluminum ruler. A tape measure is too flimsy and won’t give you an accurate measurement even if it is pressed against the club’s shaft. If you don’t currently own an aluminum yardstick, you can easily find one at a local home improvement store. 2 Don’t use your workbench to measure the golf clubs. A better alternative is to stand and place the club in its correct position at address. The sole of the club should be completely flat on the ground. 3 The straight edge should be placed so that the corner is touching the ground. The club should remain in address at this time with the ruler squaring up against the hosel. The hosel is the portion of the club where the clubhead is connected to the shaft. 4 The straight edge should be pressed as close as possible to the shaft. Now, read the measurement at the bottom of the grip cap. This should tell you the length of the shaft.

What is the most important spec to pay attention to when you’re shopping for a new set of golf clubs?

According to the pros, the length of golf clubs is the most crucial spec to pay attention to when you’re shopping for a new set of clubs or an extra driver or hybrid.

Why is it important to know the length of a putter?

The putter you use should provide total control and accuracy. Putter length will, of course, affect both accuracy and control, which is why using the correct length is so important. However, the length of the putter isn’t solely dependent on the height of the golfer. Before you buy a new putter, you should also consider your playing style because your technique is a huge factor when it comes to picking out the perfect putter.

How long is a driver?

Drivers: A standard driver measures in at forty-five inches in length

Why is dynamic fit measuring more reliable?

The dynamic fit measuring technique is more reliable because the measurement is taken as a player swings a club with the help of a launch monitor. A launch monitor is used to determine the correct head and shaft that will best suit the golfer’s playing style.

What should be taken into account when buying a new golf club?

When you’re getting fit for a new set of clubs, launch angle, dispersion, spin rate, and ball speed should also be taken into account in order to ensure you purchase the correct length.

How to tell the length of a golf shaft?

The straight edge should be pressed as close as possible to the shaft. Now, read the measurement at the bottom of the grip cap. This should tell you the length of the shaft.