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how much is one golf club

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$200 – $400
The average cost of golf clubs is between$200 – $400,depending on the type of clubs you need. Golf clubs can cost as little as $2 for a used putter,or $600+for a brand new driver. How much you shell out on the club is based on your requirements,needs,and goals.

What is the average price of a golf club?

The complete set of golf clubs for average golfers goes from as low as $100 to as high as $1,200. While preparing this golf club’s value guide, we noticed a surprising trend in golf club prices. The average cost of a complete set of golf clubs is the same (in some cases, lesser) with the average price of the set of each component, such as iron.

What are the best golf clubs to buy?

What to look for:name brand clubs (TaylorMade,Titleist,Callaway,Cobra,etc) that are 2-10 years oldcomplete set (driver,fairway wood (s),hybrid (s),irons,wedge (s),putter,bag.). The more clubs,the better.decent condition. If the club faces are completely worn down,then pass. You want at least the iron club faces to be in decent shape. …

How much do custom set of golf clubs cost?

With these, we hope that we gave you a glimpse of ‘How much are custom golf clubs?’ and the process behind it. So now, let us talk about how much are custom golf clubs? For wedges and putters, they cost around thirty to fifty euros or forty to one hundred dollars. The drivers, irons, and hybrids cost about $50 to $150.

What is the most expensive golf club set?

“Takumi” refers to golf industry artisans from Japan, whose designs are often imitated or employed outright by other luxury designers vying for a piece of the action. The most expensive golf club is the BERES Five-Star Irons. BERES tops the list with their premium set of clubs for 2020, the BERES 5-Star Irons (6-11).

When do Golf Clubs go on Sale?

If you’re like many amateur players, you will eventually learn to identify the best times to buy golf equipment. All golf stores tend to offer golf clubs and other such equipment on sale for the customers. You will need to identify the stores and also the times of these sales. This comes with practice.

How much does a Callaway Steelhead XR iron cost?

Professional clubs can cost you over $1000 just for the irons. The Callaway Steelhead XR Irons will cost you $399.98, after discount. Its original price is within $499.99 to $599.99. The TaylorMade RocketBladez Irons, made out of Steel, costs $399.99. The prices are subject to change, based on the available discounts.

What is a Project X HZRDUS shaft?

What is the Project X HZRDUS Black Fairway Wood shaft? Project X HZRDUS Black Fairway Wood shaft is a low spin golf shaft design. It comes with enhanced firmness over the entire length of the shaft….

How much does a Titleist Vokey wedge cost?

It is an expensive golf wedge, which will cost you $149.99.

How much does a set of irons cost?

A brand new set of irons can cost you anywhere on average between $400 -$1200.

How much does a golf club cost?

On average, golf clubs for casual players will range from $200 to $400, based on the metal’s quality used in the clubs. Partially graphite clubs or stainless steel will be more cost-effective than the titanium ones.

What is winter golf?

Winter is generally a time when golfers go into hibernation. Heavy rainfall and snow can make playing golf very difficult. This is the time you will need to take advantage of lower prices.

Why Do They Charge $400 for a Driver?

But why are their costs so big? I stated earlier that increased levels of competition in the industry have lead to big spending in many areas. Two of the areas most effected are (Overhead and Endorsement Spending). You might not have noticed, but companies are launching new models much more frequently then in the past. In the past, a newly released model would last for 2 seasons sometimes even more. It wasn’t until the past decade that almost all companies were releasing new models annually. And in the last couple years companies like TaylorMade and Cobra have decided to release up to 5 or 6 models a year! All in the effort to catch whatever market share they can. The old adage “Throw it up against the wall and see what sticks” seems to be all the rave in the golf industry.

How much money did golfers spend on Tiger Woods?

Golfers spent and extra $100 million dollars last year because of Tiger Woods. Phil Mickelson cost you $47 Million, VJ another $20 million, and Michele Wie who didn’t win a single tournament, made us spend an extra $19.5 million dollars.

Why do people spend money on advertising?

The money spent in advertising is only spent because they want to build a feeling of status and peer pressure to buy a name brand. It is not because their product is better then the other. And also you have to remember that if they are developing more products they have to come up with more ways to convince you to buy them…which costs big money. And in the end every advertising dollar spent by the name brand club is targeted to make you feel better (or justified) in paying more money for the brand. Some people raise their self-esteem by buying a name brand club for more money (it is a fact unfortunately). However I think that during this time in the economy golfers might begin to consider raising their self-esteem by getting the best performance for the best value and knowing their name brand buddies got a worse deal.

Who endorsed Alice Cooper?

You might remember when Callaway endorsed Alice Cooper (famous Rock Star). Bill Gates has even received some scratch from a golf company in past years. Other areas that effect the final cost of your new golf club are listed below: 1. Research & Development.

How Expensive Are Pro Golfers Clubs?

On average, a professional golfer’s bag of clubs can cost between $3500 and $5500 if you were to go to your local golf store and purchase each club individually.

What are the Best Name Brand Golf Clubs?

The best name-brand golf clubs are Titleist, Ping, Taylormade, Cleveland, Odyssey, Callaway, Mizuno, and Cobra. They each have a rich history and are all used by professional golfers on the PGA tour and are available to the average golfer.

Are Expensive Golf Clubs Worth It?

An expensive set of golf clubs isn’t going to make you a better golfer , however, an ancient or damaged set can hold you back so yes, generally speaking, expensive clubs are worth it because they are made from higher-grade materials that perform better and last longer.

Is Getting Fitted for Golf Clubs Worth It?

Getting fitted for golf clubs is worth it. A custom-fit set of clubs will help your swing become more consistent. Your swing can be negatively influenced by using the wrong clubs and lead to bad form.

How Much Should I Spend on First Golf Clubs?

Your first set of full golf clubs should cost around $600 to $1000. This will provide you with a complete set of modern clubs that will last for many years.

How Long Will Golf Clubs Last?

Golf clubs will last on average for 6 years. As a general rule, technology developments make a club obsolete before it would ever quit performing or degrading to such an extent that a replacement club is required.


What kind of club is it and where you shipping it from and what class service? I am pretty sure you can check UPS.com for a guestimate as well. I know you asked UPS, but Priority Mail is going to avg $15-20.


In a previous post, you mentioned you did not have a car on campus. I would then suggest Fedex. You can create an account online at Fedex.com, generate a shipping label, pay for it with a credit/debit card and drop the package at Kinko’s on College and Atherton.


Reviving an old thread and curious to know how much one should be paying to ship:


sorry, found the topic via google search and responded without looking at the group. not tour clubs, please disregard.


I ordered a single iron from PXG. $30 shipping for ground, $75 for priority shipping.

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What is a Divnick golf club?

While the "Whole-In-One Divnick Adjustable Club" can play the whole game, it is most like an iron. As a 4-iron length, it can’t generate as much club-head speed as a driver. And it is the most unlike a putter in terms of length, shape, weight, and feel. So many customers also purchase a "Tee & Fairway" Driver, and a Telescopic-Putter to go with their Adjustable. You can bomb it off the tee and hit long fairway shots with the TF Driver, replicate all your irons and wedges with the Adjustable, and putt with a normal length and feel with a Telescopic Putter…and they all fit into a checked roller bag so you don’t have to pay all that money to the airlines to check a full golf bag! Remember, "Our Clubs Fly Free!"

How accurate is a divnikk golf club?

According to independent laboratory robot tests, the DIVNICK telescopic adjustable golf club hits farther and is an unprecedented 21% more accurate than standard clubs! We didn’t expect these results but sure do like them.

What is a white paint filled ridge?

This white paint-filled ridge serves two purposes: 1) It is a visual alignment aid to help you make sure your club is square to the target at address which makes it easier to be square on contact. 2) The raised ridge frictionally engages and holds the shaft when in the closed position.

How big is a big stik?

When we say "Big Stik" we mean really BIG STIK! It is 5-Feet long and has a massive DOUBLE SIZE head! It can hit the ball out of sight! Of course, it is COMPLETELY ILLEGAL!

What to do if playback doesn’t begin?

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Is the whole in one adjustable military?

The Whole-In-One Adjustable is very popular with military all over the world. We have special military options, and you can order one for someone in the military if you wish.

Is a 4-iron a driver or a putter?

As a 4-iron length, it can’t generate as much club-head speed as a driver. And it is the most unlike a putter in terms of length, shape, weight, and feel. So many customers also purchase a "Tee & Fairway" Driver, and a Telescopic-Putter to go with their Adjustable.