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what is the pgl in golf

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Premier Golf League

What is the premier golf league?

The Premier Golf League (PGL) is a byproduct of the London based company, World Golf Group. They are headed up by former corporate finance lawyer, Andrew Gardiner (pictured). The vision of Gardiner and the PGL is to revolutionise professional golf through a change in playing format and subsequently, increase fan enjoyment.

What does the premier golf league’s letter to the PGA mean?

The Premier Golf League has sent a letter to the PGA Tour’s Policy Board. The Premier Golf League has written a letter to PGA Tour pros, laying the stakes for men’s professional golf at what it declares to be “an historic crossroads” for the game.

What would a PGA Premier Golf League look like?

The Premier Golf League would hold 54-hole events with an individual and team component, and PGA Tour members would receive $2 million each before a single shot is hit. Rory McIlroy said he believes it’s his duty as a member of the PGA Tour Policy Board to present opportunities which benefit the entire membership.

What is the PGL’s vision?

The PGL letter presents itself as an alternative to the Saudi-backed LIV league, claims its vision is capable of generating $10 billion in value and promises that 50% of that value would be spread to the players. It also requests an independent evaluation of the proposal, calling the Tour’s commissioned presentation “bulls—.”

How many rounds of golf are there in 2022?

An eight-month season (from January) would include 18 events, ten of them in the U.S., there would be only three rounds of golf and the first two days would be a shotgun start. The first 17 weeks would produce the individual winner, the 18th week the team champion. The plan was to launch in January 2022 and the players would compete …

What is the biggest story of the 2020 golf season?

The biggest story of the 2020 golf season has been the re-emergence of plans to create an entirely new structure within the sport, but what is it, who’s behind it, what do the players think and what does the future hold?

What is the Q and A?

The Q&A was keen to promote the idea of revolution (taking the sport, or dragging it, into future) and protection (of the game itself and others tours). “Only the best, playing the best, each week,” it stated early on. “If you want the world to watch, you have to showcase your best product, week in, week out … we aren’t taking on the establishment–we intend to work with it.” It focused on comparing itself to the corporate sporting coups witnessed by World Series Cricket, English Premier League soccer and F1. It talked of the “good of the game” and vowed to support the other tours and the charities they currently support. Some might argue that, even within the document, the two aims were in conflict. Which leads to …

Who said "yay or nay"?

World No. 1 Rory McIlroy became the first top player to say yay or nay. “The more I’ve thought about it, the more I don’t like it,” he said during the WGC-Mexico Championship. “I value that I have autonomy of freedom over everything that I do. But if you go and play this other golf league you’re not going to have that choice. If you take the money they can tell you what to do. So if you don’t take the money they can’t tell you what to do. So, for me, I’m out. My position is that I’m against it until there comes a day when I can’t be against it because if everyone else goes I may not have a choice. I don’t like what they’re proposing. I would like to be on the right side of history.”

Who did the backers meet at the Saudi International?

The backers stepped out of the shadows to meet Phil Mickelson during the Saudi International. (Photo …

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Who said a player who went down the PGL route would lose his PGA Tour membership?

Commissioner Jay Monahan made clear that any player who went down the PGL route would lose his PGA Tour membership, and star after star said they were out on it. Months later, the tour even devised a way to reward its star players for something other than their on-course performance, and that was that.

How many holes are there in the Saudi Arabian golf system?

Instead of 72-hole, 144-plus-player every-man-for-himself tournaments, it would incorporate team competitions with much smaller fields.

Who is the commissioner of the PGA Tour?

PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan reiterated in a players meeting on Tuesday at Quail Hollow Club that golfers who join the PGL would lose their PGA Tour membership.

Can the PGL survive?

Webb Simpson is skeptical that the PGL can survive if only a handful of top players are on board. According to a player in attendance, the meeting lasted just 30 minutes or so and was more a State of the Tour than anything else: Budget talks, financial breakdowns, that sort of thing. No players spoke.

Is the Ryder Cup part of the PGA Tour?

The majors and the Ryder Cup and the PGA Tour are all part of a professional golf ecosystem that has evolved over the past 70-odd years. Signing with the PGL, then, would not be purely a financial decision, but a willing departure from the framework the shaped the careers of Ben Hogan and Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. Simply put, it would shake the game to its foundations. How would the World Ranking work? How would we compare players from different eras?