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Tag: What is the proper way to hold a golf club

how to hold a golf club when driving

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Things You Should KnowPlace your dominant hand lower on the club with your nondominant hand on the opposite side.You can tuck your hands against one another or interlock your fingers depending on what’s more comfortable for you.For a simpler grip,try holding the club straight up in the air and gripping it like a baseball bat.

What is the proper way to hold a golf club?

What is the proper way to hold a golf club?Your right hand should be placed on the club so that the right thumb points down the club shaft at 11 o’clock.The V formed by your thumb and forefinger should point between your left cheek and shoulder.Your left hand should be place so that the pad of the left thumb covers your right thumb. …More items…

What is the correct grip on a golf club?

Types of Golf Grips10-Finger Grip. It’s called the “10-finger grip” because every one of your fingers is on the club. …Overlapping Grip. The overlapping or “vardon” grip is one of the most common in golf. …Interlocking Grip. …

How to hold a golf club right handed?

Things to keep in mind-Observe the proper tightness. A very tight or loose grip will not do any good on your swing. …-Hold with the fingers,not the palm. Also,you must remember that you’re supposed to hold the club with your fingers and less of your palm.-Use the right grip. …

How many golf clubs should be in a golf bag?

What are the 14 clubs in a golf bag for the seasoned professional golfer:Hybrids – 4,5,and 63 wood1 Pitching wedgeIron- 7,8,and 9Putter

Why do golfers interlock their fingers?

Many of golfers choose to interlock their fingers because they feel it helps them work together as one, which increases their power.

How to make a straight line on golf club?

Hold your club waist-high in front of you, horizontal to the ground, and square the club face. Always grab the club with your left hand first. Stretch out the fingers of your left hand; align the club handle with your left palm so it makes a straight line diagonally across your fingers.

How to grip a golf club with your left hand?

Close your hand around the club.As you grip the club with your left hand, the heel of your palm should rest along the top edge of the handle (but you should still be able to see the tip of the handle). Rotate your hand to the right until you see two knuckles on your left hand when you look down.

What is the best grip for golf?

The overlapping or “vardon” grip is one of the most common in golf. This is when you positioning the pinkie finger of one hand and placing it in the ridge between your other hand’s index and middle finger. This grip’s biggest advantage is beneficial for anyone with particularly large hands.

Why do you put your fingers together in golf?

The biggest advantage is that this ‘locks’ your fingers together so both of your hands work together, which can give your golf swing some added power.

Where should the grip of a golf club be?

The grip of the golf club should sit diagonally across your fingers into the palm of your left hand. When you close your left hand, you should be able to see the knuckles of your left index and middle fingers.

How to get a neutral grip on golf?

Rotate your hand to the right until you see two knuckles on your left hand when you look down. This will give you a neutral grip, which is a great starting point for lots of golfers.

How to know if you have a proper grip on a golf club?

If you have secured your grip properly, you should feel every part on the underside of your bottom three fingers making contact with the club’s grip. You’ll know you have a proper grip when you can feel the base, fatty part of your thumb on the handle, and not overlayed on your forefinger. 4. Place your dominant hand.

What is the most common grip?

The Vardon grip is the most common and is the traditional textbook grip.

How to put a golf club in your hand?

Keeping your off hand relaxed and with the palm facing you, lay the grip of the club across the inside of your fingers in the area where your first knuckles and palm meet.

How to get knuckle out of golf club?

Secure your off hand. Curl the bottom three fingers of your non-dominant hand around the grip. Set your thumb flat across the club. You want to roll your thumb over towards the opposite side of the grip, while curling your forefinger around the grip. You should be able to see the knuckles of your index and middle fingers.

What is interlocking grip?

The interlocking grip reduces tension and excess wrist movement, but some players find it uncomfortable.

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How to play golf with a right hand?

If you’re right-handed, this is your right hand, and vice-versa if you’re left-handed. Grab the shaft where it connects to the grip and lift the club up at a 45-degree angle.

Basic Types of Grips

You may see some wild variations when you visit your local golf course, but if you ask most golf experts how to hold a golf club, they’ll give three options to consider. In order of popularity they are: Overlap, Interlock, and 10-finger (aka baseball).

Should Your Grip Change Based on the Club?

The short answer. No. You want your golf club grip to stay the same regardless if you’re hitting your driver or your sand wedge. Consistency is key. The one exception to this rule is your putter. The perfect golf grip for your putter will almost always be different from your other clubs.

Will Perfecting My Grip Make Me A Better Player?

Learning how to hold a golf club the correct way is critical if you want to continue to grow in the game of golf. Without a proper golf grip, your swing is broken before it even starts. If you take a lesson with a certified instructor, the first thing they’re going to investigate is your golf grip.

How Do PGA Tour Pros Hold the Golf Club?

The most popular grip amongst professional golfers is the Overlap, but many leverage the Interlock as well. There are only a few that go with the 10-finger grip. Scott Piercy has 4 PGA tour victories with a 10-finger grip and is currently ranked 100th in the world, but he’s the exception.

Common Mistakes: Tips for Improving Your Grip

Struggling with how to hold a golf club? A few quick things for you to keep in mind the next time you practice.


If your swing was a house, your golf grip is the foundation. With every shot you hit, you want to get off to a good start. How to hold a golf club should be the first thing you learn when you pick up the game.

What happens if you don’t grip your golf club?

A poor grip on the golf club results in a bad stance and weak swing, leading to a poor performance. The sooner you figure out the right grip pressure for you, the better. It’ll give you room to improve at a fast and steady pace. It’s important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all proper golf grip.

Why is interlocking grip important?

The main benefit of the interlocking grip is that your hands work together. This helps to improve the stability and consistency of your swing. This grip is also good for players with big hands.

How to use a golf club with a left hand?

Step 1: Golf Club Position. Hold the golf club at the shaft where it connects to the grip with your dominant hand. This is so that you can position the handle on top of your lead hand. If you’re right-handed, then the left hand will be your lead and the right hand your trail hand, and vice versa for the left-handed.

What does it mean when your golf club grip is open faced?

If you look down at your golf club grip and the V-shaped crease is pointing towards your chin (left side of the chin if you’re right-handed and vice versa), or you can only see the knuckle of your dominant hand’s index finger, then your grip is open-faced.

What is top grip golf?

The top hand grip is the lead hand positioning to get a feel of the golf handle. Now, once the handle has been positioned well on your lead hand, you can wrap your fingers around the handle.

What is the role of the hand in golf?

Hand positioning and the role of each hand on the golf club play a major role in how you swing the club, the strength of the swing, and other aspects of your game. As mentioned earlier, your grip could be strong, weak, or neutral.

How to make a V shape on a golf swing?

Rotate the hand clockwise if the left hand is your lead hand, and anti-clockwise if the right hand is the lead hand, until you see your index and middle finger’s knuckles and the thumb can rest on top of the grip. A crease will form between the thumb and your index finger, creating a V shape. Check Point.

How to make an interlocking golf grip?

To create the interlocking golf grip, the player can start with the overlapping golf grip. The player will simply lift their pinky finger and allow the index finger of the left hand to be placed between the pinky finger and ring finger of your right hand. Then allow fingers to hold the handle of the club.

How to hold a golf club?

When it comes to how to hold a golf club, common golf instruction often refers to the V of the grip from by the left thumb pressing up against the left palm as well as the V made by the right thumb pressing up against the right palm.

What is neutral grip?

The neutral grip with the right hand is said to be achieved when the player can look down and the V made between the thumb and palm is pointing approximately at the right ear. Holding the club this way allows the player to blend an arm and body motion together.

What are the different types of golf grips?

The three main golf grip types that are being used are the interlocking grip, the overlapping grip, and the 10 finger grip.

What is the strongest grip in golf?

The strong or the closed face grip with the left hand is said to be achieved when the player can look down and see three knuckles or more.

What is a weak grip in golf?

The weak or open faced grip with the left hand is said to be achieved when the player can look down and see less than two knuckles. With a weak grip or open faced golf grip, the V of the left hand will be pointing more towards the player’s chin.

How many fingers do you need to hold a golf club?

This way to hold is also referred to as the baseball grip. As you can see from the picture, all ten fingers go onto the handle of the club. The ten finger grip can be a very effective golf grip for a player to employ.

How to get better at sweeping the ball?

Situate your legs to balance out your backswing, downswing and follow-through. If you use a wide, shoulder-width stance, you will be more effective in sweeping the ball while maintaining balance. The driver should come through the ball easily during the downswing and follow-through.

Why should your back be straight?

Your back should be straight but slightly angled at the hips to allow you to comfortably reach the ball with your club face. You don’t want to hunch over the ball, which will likely lead to a mis-hit because you’ll be too close to the ball to extend your arms and take a full swing.

How to measure your stance?

You can measure your stance by standing in front of a mirror and placing a yardstick in front of your feet with your feet closed. By moving your feet apart in 3-inch intervals, you can find three foot stances, including the driver stance, which is the widest–shoulder width–with the ball forward. You should bend your knees to stay balanced.

How many tee shots per round for a driver?

Hitting a successful drive requires a good stance. The driver may be the most important club in the bag–of 18 tee shots per round, the majority require a driver. Hitting long and straight drives will set up even the most challenging par 5s and help keep your score low.

What should your feet be to fly a golf ball?

Your feet should be straight and aligned parallel to the ball’s intended flight.

Where should the golf ball be placed?

Ball Placement. The ball should be placed a few inches inside the instep of your front foot (left for right-handed drivers). The ball should be close enough to you so your arms can hang comfortably but not so close that you can’t extend them.

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