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what driver loft should i use golf

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Here is a quick guideline you can use to determine which lofted driver you should start with when first using a driver:Men with a fast golf swing – 10-12 degrees of loftMen with a slow golf swing – 12-13 degrees of loftWomen with fast golf swing 12 -13 degrees of loftWomen with a slower golf swing – 15-16 degrees loft

What Golf driver loft is best for beginner?

Wilson Staff D7 Driver – Best Composite Driver for BeginnersLoft: 9/10.5/13Flex: Regular/Senior/StiffLength: StandardShaft: UST Mamiya Helium Graphite

What is the loft of a golf driver?

The loft of any golf club, including a driver, is what determines how high a shot will go when the club head strikes the ball, according to GolfEngineering.net. Loft is the degree of the angle formed between a straight line from the ground and the club head, when the club head is sitting squarely on the ground.

What driver loft is best for your swing?

What Loft Should My Driver Be?Higher Lofts. If you hit up on the ball,you would get a better shot using a higher loft. …Lower Lofts. Lower lofts are better for power hitters who are already achieving reasonable distance and accuracy.Adjustability. …

What is the standard driver loft?

The standard amount of loft for a driver is 10.5 degrees. However many players have found out just like I did, that moving up to 12 degrees could mark a significant improvement in your driving results. Using a 12 degree driver as opposed to a lower amount of left can help many struggling golfers.

What Is The Best Loft For A Driver?

The driver loft that you choose can depend on your clubhead speed. If your swing speed is above 90mph then a 9.5 – 11 degree loft will give you the best angle of attack. Golfers who swing faster than 120mph would require a loft below 9.5 degrees and those golfers with a slower swing below 90mph would be better choosing a loft between 11.5 – 17 degrees for the optimal launch angle.

What loft is needed for a golfer to hit a ball?

Golfers who swing faster than 120mph would require a loft below 9.5 degrees and those golfers with a slower swing below 90mph would be better choosing a loft between 11.5 – 17 degrees for the optimal launch angle.

What loft is the best driver loft for 90mph?

A popular speed is between 80mph and 90mph and this is where many golfers make a mistake as they will opt for a 9.5 degree when really a loft of 11-13 would be the best driver loft for 90mph speed to hit the ball as far as possible.

What loft angle should a driver have?

If you are a beginner golfer we would typically recommend a driver with a high loft attack angle of between 12-14 if you are looking to add extra distance as the probability is that your clubhead speed is lower.

What driver would accommodate a loft?

An ideal driver that would accommodate this loft would be the Taylormade M2 or the Callaway Mavrik Max.

Why is driver loft important?

Driver loft is important because it can affect both the distance and the trajectory of your drives. Your skill level will determine which loft for your driver you should choose. A beginner golfer or one with a slower swing speed will benefit from a driver with more loft and an experienced golfer with a higher swing speed will benefit from less loft.

What is the best loft for senior golfers?

Depending on the performance level of the senior golfer in question the best loft for senior golfers should be somewhere between 10.5-13 degrees.

Why is spin loft important?

What is Spin Loft and why is it important? It sounds complicated, but it isn’t, and the reason you need to know it is because it affects the amount of backspin you create, which in turn affects the distance the ball will travel.

Why do golfers spin the ball less?

2. Upward hitters. Golfers that hit up on the ball (have a positive attack angle) will tend to spin the ball less because their spin loft is lower. So they can therefore afford to have slightly more loft to maximize distance.

How many degrees is the loft on a golf club?

Here’s a fact for you. The loft on your clubface varies from top to bottom by up to six degrees! Loft is at its lowest on the bottom of the clubface and is at its highest on the top. Strikes above the clubface centre will tend to launch higher with less spin and vice versa on shots from low on the clubface.

What is the best loft for a golf driver?

Why? Well imagine firing water from a garden hose at a plant pot on the other side of the garden. If someone were to turn down the pressure of the hose, you would have to tilt the nozzle upwards to try and maintain the distance the water is traveling. The same applies to the loft of your driver. Golfers with this swing speed would typically benefit from a driver between 12-14° of loft.

Why do golfers need more loft?

Why will most golfers benefit from more loft? The chances are because a) it makes it more difficult to curve the ball offline and b) your swing speed isn’t fast enough to warrant the low loft you’re using to maximize distance. But it must be said, a higher loft won’t work for everyone.

What is the best angle to hit a ball down?

However, you need to make sure you maintain a high enough launch angle in the process, above 11 degrees ideally.

How high should the launch angle be when hitting a golf ball?

However, you need to make sure you maintain a high enough launch angle in the process, above 11 degrees ideally. 3.

What Is The Main Factor That Goes Into Determining What Loft To Use?

The main factor that determines what loft you should be using in your driver is swing speed.

Are There Other Factors Besides Swing Speed?

Aside from swing speed, it is also important that golfers pay attention to the natural tendencies of their swing.

What Type Of People Should Use A Higher Lofted Driver?

Beginners and higher handicap golfers with slower swing speeds are going to benefit greatly from a higher lofted driver.

What About Seniors?

Senior golfers will notice that their swing speed starts to slow down a bit. This is natural and to be expected with senior golfers.

What If I Am Hitting The Ball Too Low?

Hitting the golf ball too low can be very frustrating. When the ball is too low, the distance you can get is extremely impacted.

Can Driver Loft Affect A Hook Or A Slice?

If your driver does not have enough loft, you are going to notice that you have a hard time keeping the ball straight.

Does Tee Height Affect Driving Distance?

Lining your golf tee up at the perfect location is very important. If your golf tee is too low or too high, you could miss the sweet spot as you hit your shots.

What Loft Should My Driver Be?

But the correct way to determine your loft needs is to establish them on your swing speed.

What is loft in golf?

The loft is the angle of the clubface with the shaft. Power hitters usually prefer less loft, while recreational players who have slower speeds may appreciate the advantages of a lofted driver.

How does loft help in golf?

If you hit up on the ball, you would get a better shot using a higher loft. A higher loft reduces your ball spin. This can help you get more distance, as your ball will continue to roll after your ball lands.

How much does loft increase on a drive?

Loft can help you gain yards on your drives. For drives using an 8° loft, golfers saw a 35% increase on their drive. With a 9° loft, players can see up to a 40% increase. A 10.5° loft can cause a 20% increase. And with a 12° loft, you might get 5%.

Why is loft important?

A higher loft also helps reduce slicing, which is when the ball curves instead of taking a straight path of trajectory. High lofts also provide more forgiveness, meaning if you mess up with a shot, the result won’t be harsh.

What is a slow swing?

If your swing speed is 85 mph or less, which is considered a slow swing, you can see increased distances to your strokes. You can also get better swing speed using a higher loft.

Why do seniors need higher lofts?

For this reason, seniors need a higher loft so they can continue to reach their maximum distances.

What is the best loft for a golf driver?

A general rule of thumb is to pick relative to your clubhead speed. This is especially true if your swing is under the 80mph mark. In this case, a driver with 11° of loft or higher will give you extra yardage.

How much loft do you need for a long drive driver?

This is most obvious with long drive competitions who often have as little as of loft on their drivers. Bryson DeChambeau has been know to use as little at 4.8° loft on his driver.

Why do you hit up on the ball a lot?

If you hit up on the ball a lot you may benefit from more loft as your spin loft will be lower. Likewise if you hit down on the ball using less loft would actually reduce your spin loft and lower backspin generated giving you more distance.

Why is loft important in golf?

More loft can also be your friend if you shape the ball too much. Loft actually reduces the amount of curve that can be put on a shot so could help keep you more accurate.

Does driver shaft affect loft?

The driver shaft can also have an impact on what loft works best for you. During the swing you generate lag with the clubhead getting behind the hands, the stiffness of the club will effect how much loft you deliver at impact. Of course your overall swing and technique plays a big factor too.

Do you need more loft for a new driver?

If however you have a driver with a low forward centre of gravity which generate less spin you will probably need more loft to get the correct launch angle.

What does adjustable driver do for a low attack angle?

An adjustable driver helps you increase your club’s length, which increases the angle of your loft.

What happens if you hit the ball too high?

If you have a high attack angle, you are hitting the ball too high in relation to the ground. This is going to affect the speed and distance your ball moves.

What determines a lot in a game you play?

The way you play and hit the ball determines a lot in a game you play, from your speed to how far the ball can travel. Your attack angle is an important technique to take note of, especially if you are a beginner.

What is the driver in golf?

The driver in golf is usually the first club you would use on each hole you play. Due to its long length and low loft, it can achieve the long distances you need to achieve on your first swing to make the next shot distance as short as possible to the green.

What does an upward angle of attack do?

With an upward angle of attack, a player creates more dynamic loft at impact, or the way the loft measures at impact compared to its static measurement. With less measured loft, an upward angle of attack and more dynamic loft, you’re creating the opportunity for high launch and less spin, a key metric for longer drives that hit the ground on a flatter angle, leading to more rollout.

What degree of loft is best for a driver?

(It’s still true that golfers who swing less than 80 mph would likely benefit from using drivers with 11 degrees of loft or higher.) Lower lofts can provide more energy transfer at impact because there’s less of an oblique angle.

What is a carbon composite heel?

? A pair of carbon-composite pieces wrap around the crown to allow more mass to fit in the heel. This combats a slice by making it easier to square the face. $300

Who is slower, Brooks Koepka or Jin Young Ko?

Jin-Young Ko, the No. 1-ranked player on the LPGA Tour, swings the driver nearly 30 miles per hour slower than Brooks Koepka, the No. 1 male player in the world. Yet Ko uses a driver with 9 degrees of loft—1.5 degrees less than Koepka. What gives? Aren’t golfers with slower swing speeds supposed to use drivers with more loft?

Does Koepka need to hit farther to play on the PGA Tour?

A high-swing-speed tour player like Koepka might not be optimizing distance with his downward angle of attack, but he probably doesn’t need to hit it farther to compete on the PGA Tour. But plenty of long-drive competitors swing a lot faster than Koepka with upward angles of attack. They use very low-lofted drivers and hit it a football field farther than Koepka. Average golfers should think more like long drivers and get every last bit of distance they can find.

Is more loft a sign of a good swing?

More dynamic loft isn’t always the sign of a good swing (see sidebar, page 21), but less loft can still provide help.

Can you have less loft on a driver?

To be clear, less loft isn’t the answer for everyone, especially players who don’t have a positive angle of attack. But that’s the benefit of going through a quality driver fitting with an experienced fitter and a launch monitor. The cause and effect of a change in loft can be clear. Also, with an adjustable driver, you can play around with those changes as your swing changes, too.

What Are The Elements That Go Into Selecting The Right Driver Loft?

Swing speed is defined as the speed of your clubhead at the time of impact and you can increase your swing speed through increased flexibility, stretching, exercise, and practicing your swing.

Should I Hit A 3-Wood Off The Tee?

If you are not confident in your driver swing, or hazards are withing reach of your driver the use of a 3-wood will be highly recommended . Plenty of players actually find that the loft of the three wood enables them to hit longer, straighter shots consistently and this is probably the biggest sign that your drivers loft is too high for your swing speed.

Why are longer shafts better for golf clubs?

Longer shafts will enable you to create a wider arc and thus generate more clubhead speed. It has a negative side in that longer shafts tend to be more difficult to control. Ensure that your shaft is suited to your length and swing plane.

What should be a decisive factor in your decision of which loft to select?

As described earlier your swing speed should be a decisive factor in your decision of which loft to select. Below is a comparison between clubhead speed and the recommended loft

How to get better distance on driver?

To counteract this, it is important to look at what loft a senior golfer should have on their driver and as we get older and our swing speed starts to slow, a higher loft can be the best way to get the best distance possible for our potential and improve our ball flight and accuracy as well. Having the correct loft for on your driver will minimize the loss in distance as your swing slows down thus enabling you to maintain your competitiveness. Driver lofts are available between 4 and 20 degrees and your swing speed, shaft flex, torque, shaft type, angle of attack, and lie angle will play a significant role in selecting the best one for you.

What is a golf driver?

Golf drivers are the lowest lofted hitting club in your bag for maximum distance. The loft is one of the most misunderstood factors in deciding on your next driver. Many golfers select the loft on their driver based on what the professional golfers use. More mature golfers will apply more common sense in selecting the loft …

What is angle of attack?

The angle of attack is the angle at which the club head strikes the golf ball. Your driver swing should connect the clubhead with the golf ball while on the up for optimum spin and distance. A higher lofted club will aid in creating a more positive angle of attack.

What are the two elements that need to be optimized for a golf ball to fly?

To have the absolute perfect golf ball flight trajectory (maximizing distance of course), there are two elements that need to be optimized… Launch Angle and Spin Rate :

Why do drivers have adjustable weights?

Many drivers these days have adjustable weight to change the identity of the club. Some may simply have these weight positions built in

What is the difference between a high launch angle and a low launch angle?

A high launch angle produces a high starting trajectory, and a low launch angle produces a low starting trajectory.

What is the best launch angle?

Too far outside this sweet spot, and you’re losing distance. The ideal launch angle is around 13°.

Is it easier to hit higher loft drivers?

In most cases, yes, higher lofted drivers are easier to hit. However, each individual golfer has their own quirks that will decide what lofts are best for them.

Is a higher loft better than a lower loft?

Typically a higher loft is going to be better, unless you swing your clubs really really fast.

Do you have to swing faster or slower?

This doesn’t mean you need to try to swing faster or slower, it’s just a baseline of where you’re at and what else will need to be adjusted to get your optimum ball flight.

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Why are wound balls higher?

Higher-spinning wound balls were part of the reason, as was the sweeping or slightly descending angle of attack that previous generations of drivers required to prevent the ball from flying high and short. As technology has shifted to lower-spinning balls, driver lofts have increased significantly, with many long-hitting Tour players gaming …

Is swing speed a parameter in golf?

Getting properly fitted is the way to go, but according to True Spec Golf’s Tim Briand, swing speed is a key parameter.