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What is the Volkswagen e-Golf?

It handles like a Golf and hauls cargo like a Golf, but that little e in front of its name means it does both of those things while using zero gasoline. The all-electric 2020 Volkswagen e-Golf is the German automaker’s answer to the Tesla Model 3 and the Nissan Leaf.

Is the e-Golf worth it?

The e-Golf carries around a heavy battery, and that means noticeable extra weight to lug around. This blunts the agility and poise of the standard Golf chassis a fraction, but not enough to take all the fun out of driving it – in fact, the e-Golf remains one of the best pure-electric cars to drive given its direct handling and relaxed ride comfort.

What is E6 golf software?

This is the most advanced golf software ever made. This proprietary gaming engine has been built to scale and offers cross-platform virtual golf competition. Now, the industry standard E6 experience is available on more platforms for more devices. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN E6 CONNECT!

What does the warranty cover on a e Golf?

Warranty and Maintenance Coverage. The e-Golf’s warranty coverage is largely unremarkable and mirrors that of many other consumer vehicles. The one exception is that it includes eight years or 100,000 miles of battery coverage in a nod to this car’s electric powertrain.

What Does Par Mean In Golf?

In sports like basketball, soccer or tennis, where you face off against an opponent in each match, you are judged on whether you have scored more or less points than that opponent. If it’s more you are winning, less and you are losing. Easy!

How Long Is The Average Par 3, 4 or 5?

The individual holes have a minimum and maximum length they need to be in order to fall into each category. They are as follows:

What Does A Golf Score Of 4 & 3 Mean?

Some golf tournaments are not played relative to par and are instead played in a head to head format. This is called matchplay and the scoring system is a bit different.

What does an e golf look like?

Indeed, one of the most appealing aspects of e-Golf ownership is that it looks much like any other Golf on the road. Only car spotters are likely to notice the blanked-off grille (there’s no need for a radiator to cool the engine) and the unique aerodynamic alloy-wheel design of the electric model. It also comes with blue styling accents and blue-backed VW logo at both ends to denote its electric status.

What is included in the E golf?

There’s only one trim level but the equipment levels help justify the e-Golf’s price. Standard kit includes a Discover Pro navigation system with gesture control and a 9.3-inch infotainment touchscreen. Adaptive cruise control, LED headlamps and Car-Net App-Connect smartphone connectivity are also included.

How far can an e golf go?

Much like the Honda e and MINI Electric that came later, the e-Golf has a relatively short maximum range of 144 miles (realistically about 130 miles), which is actually ideal for the daily commute. It doesn’t offer quite the same range as the 168 miles the Nissan Leaf is capable of, and certain models of the Hyundai Kona Electric and Kia e-Niro can cover double the distance the e-Golf can on a single charge.

Is the E golf a pure electric car?

This blunts the agility and poise of the standard Golf chassis a fraction, but not enough to take all the fun out of driving it – in fact, the e-Golf remains one of the best pure-electric cars to drive given its direct handling and relaxed ride comfort. The e-Golf also feels quite happy and unstrained at normal motorway speeds.

Is Volkswagen e golf safe?

With typical Volkswagen build quality and a comprehensive safety package built in, the e-Golf is one of the most reassuring and easily accessible ways to get into electric motoring – for those who can afford the purchase price, anyway.

What is the effective loft of a driver?

the combination of a club’s loft angle and face angle (e.g., a driver with 9 degrees of loft and a 2 degree open face has an effective loft of 7 degrees, i.e., when the face is square those two open degrees get subtracted from the loft)

How many yards is a golf course?

a golf course with very short holes, mostly par 3’s and short par 4’s, generally thought of as under 5,200 yards for 18 holes and par 65 or less

What is an example of a flushed iron?

Example: Mark flushed his eight iron/8 ironand the ball rattled the flag as it slam-dunked into the cup.

What is considered equipment in golf?

in the Rules of Golf-specific sense, considered to be anything used, carried or worn by a player, their partner or caddie(s) except their ball in play and any small object they use to mark their ball; equipment includes carts (motorized or not)

What is the E golf?

The e-Golf hasn’t undergone crash-testing, but that’s not unusual for low-sales-volume vehicles. The e-Golf can come with an impressive array of driver-assistance features, but that equipment is available as part of the aptly named Driver Assistance package on the SE model and is standard on SEL Premium trim level. It’s becoming more common for at least some driver-assistance technology to be included as standard equipment; the Prius Prime and the Hyundai Ioniq both come standard with safety tech that would cost extra in the e-Golf. Key safety features include: 1 Available automated emergency braking 2 Available forward-collision warning 3 Available adaptive cruise control

How many miles can an e-Golf go?

As with most electric vehicles, the e-Golf is very efficient in an absolute sense, promising more than 110 MPGe in daily driving. For most (or perhaps even all) EV buyers, overall driving range is as important or more important than efficiency. Able to go for 125 miles on a single charge, the e-Golf falls far short of the Bolt EV (238 miles total range), the Kona Electric (258 miles total range), and the Model 3 Mid Range (264 miles total range).

What is the screen size on the E golf?

The e-Golf SE comes with an 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment display; SEL Premium models come with a larger, 9.3-inch unit. The system is easy to use, looks sleek, and features navigation in the SEL Premium. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and MirrorLink (a third and less-common solution to phone streaming) are all standard, as is an eight-speaker sound system.

What is the difference between a SE and a SEL Premium?

With just two trim levels and a couple of available options packages, there‘s not much difference in the interior materials between SE and SEL Premium e-Golfs. Faux-leather seats, a self-dimming rearview mirror, and ambient lighting represent some of the only features that come in the upper trim but not the base one. The e-Golf employs partial-power seat adjustments in both trim levels, so driver and front passenger can use a switch to adjust their angle of recline but must use manual controls to modify the seat’s height or fore-aft positioning.

How long does it take for an e golf to charge?

A full charge requires roughly 26 hours on standard 120-volt house current but less than six hours on 240 volts. DC fast charging is a standard feature in both the SE and SEL Premium trims.

How far can an e golf go?

Able to go for 125 miles on a single charge, the e-Golf falls far short of the Bolt EV (238 miles total range), the Kona Electric (258 miles total range), and the Model 3 Mid Range (264 miles total range).

What is the best electric car?

All of these factors make the 2019 Volkswagen e-Golf the best electric vehicle in the compact class, and earned it a 10Best award for 2019.

What is the E6 Connect license?

The Standard License allows users to set up an E6 CONNECT CLUBHOUSE where they can manage: Events, Seasons, Members, and even set Manual Handicaps for Leagues. In addition, the Standard License gives users access to Simulator Analytics, including: Total Shots, Up Time, and more. The CLUBHOUSE can control multiple simulators and collate data from them simultaneously.

What is E6 Connect?

E6 CONNECT features all new tools to help users run their indoor golf facilities. Beginning 2019, there will be web-based administrative tools to accompany the new software. These tools include: Content Management, Content Distribution, Key Performance Indicators, and more. With a Clubhouse from E6 CONNECT, creating Local Tournaments and Leagues has never been easier.

What is the subscription tier in E6 Connect?

This Subscription tier gives users access to all content in the E6 CONNECT Library*. New content will be available immediately, once they are added to the E6 CONNECT Library.

How many courses are there in E6 Connect?

E6 CONNECT offers the most prestigious virtual golf course library, with 100 courses currently available. According to Golf Digest, 18 of our courses are ranked in the “Top 100 Courses in America”, 23 are ranked in the “Top 100 Courses in the World”, and 32 hold televised events.

How to purchase an E6 Connect?


Can you track a shot in E6 Connect?

Now, users can track every shot taken while playing under their profile , transforming how instructors can use E6. Users can sort shot history by date, round, or club and track every shot taken inside the software.

Do launch monitors have a license?

Many Launch Monitors include a Special License included with the device (e.g. FlightScope, Garmin, and more). These devices allow users to Subscribe without purchasing a Standard License.

What is the CCS system for e golf?

The brand partners with Pod Point for home wallbox installations, and the e-Golf uses the CCS rapid charging system, which is becoming the standard charging format, and gives you access to the vast majority of public rapid chargers.

How long does it take to charge an e golf battery?

A regular domestic socket will take a whopping 17 hours to fully charge the e-Golf battery from empty. Fit a 3.6kW wallbox and that figure drops to just under 11 hours, while a 7.4kW wallbox will see you fully charged in under six hours. With access to a 50kW fast charger, a 10-80% charge will take just over 30 minutes.

How many miles can an e golf cart go?

While the e-Golf has a claimed maximum range of 144 miles, depending on your driving style, as well as traffic conditions and the weather, in our experience a range of 130 miles is a realistic expectation for general driving.

Do you need a cable to use CCS?

You don’t need to buy a cable to use CCS public chargers; all rapid-charging stations have the cable wired in, so just check that the charging point you’re aiming for offers CCS charging, and you know the cable will be there.

Is there a heat pump on an e golf?

It’s also worth considering the optional heat pump when specifying your e-Golf, especially if you’re planning longer journeys. It was an expensive option when the car was new, but in cold weather it saves a substantial amount of battery power by recycling waste heat energy from the drivetrain and ambient air, thus providing a useful amount of additional range.