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Tag: What is the warranty on Callaway preowned golf clubs

where can i buy callaway golf clubs

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Are there any Callaway Golf Clubs in Australia?

Browse our range of Callaway Golf clubs, balls, bags and gear! Callaway Golf are one of the most popular brands of golf clubs, golf balls and golf equipment in Australia. The Callaway Golf philosophy is to deliver pleasingly different products at unbeatable prices.

Why buy Callaway Golf balls?

The Callaway Golf philosophy is to deliver pleasingly different products at unbeatable prices. The brand is well-known for their premium, performance-driven golf equipment – plus, Callaway Golf clubs are in demand right now! Callaway Golf Balls are an up and coming, highly sought after product on the market.

Do you have to pay to join Callaway Universal?

All Callaway Golf woods are shipped with our exclusive Callaway Universal headcovers (a $14.99 value). These new, multi-purpose headcovers are designed to match any Callaway Golf club and are only available with Certified Pre-Owned Callaway Golf clubs. It’s free to join. You’ve got nothing to lose!

What is the warranty on Callaway pre-owned golf clubs?

Only Certified Pre-Owned clubs come with the same 1-year limited warranty against defects you get with any new Callaway Golf club purchase. The promise of a great Certified Pre-Owned club doesn’t stop when you hit the course. Just like any new Callaway Golf product, a Certified Pre-Owned club comes with a 1-year limited warranty against defects.

About Callaway Golf

In 2017, the indie video game developers Sidebar Games invented a new style of role-playing game that combined the genre’s fundamentals with a completely ludicrous new “sport” in which you swung a massive metal club at a tiny white ball to hit it as hard and as far as possible.

Overview of Callaway Golf

Callaway Golf sprung out of Ely Callaway Jr.’s mind and wallet in 1982, though it didn’t start as his company.

Callaway Golf Balls Review

How are you going to golf without a ball? This segment will show you how important it is to select a high-quality ball like these Callaway golf balls for your game.

Callaway Golf Clubs Review

You can’t show off to your golf buddies without a solid club set, but you’re going to want to flaunt these Callaway Golf Clubs.

Callaway Golf Bags Review

So you’ve got your balls and your clubs, but are you just going to carry them in your hands? No way, José. That’s why you should also see what the Callaway Golf Bags have in store for you.

Who Is Callaway Golf For?

Callaway Golf is for people who golf on a regular basis. Their products are backed by some of the biggest names in the golf industry so you can rely on their integrity.

Callaway Golf Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

How many businesses have you seen shoot themselves in the foot by ignoring their customers? Too many to count, and we’re not about to make the same mistake.