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Tag: What kind of leaf springs do EZGO golf carts have

how to replace leaf springs on ezgo golf cart

how to replace leaf springs on ezgo golf cart插图

Place the jack under the front axle. Raise it until a few pounds rest on the jack. Test the stability of the cart. With a 9/16 key,remove the lower shock nuts. Use a 5/8 key to remove the three bolts from the front and rear of one of the EZGO leaf springs set.Remove the spring. Replace it with the new one. Repeat on the other side.

What are the replacement leaf springs and shocks for my golf cart?

Our replacement heavy-duty leaf springs and shocks will add much-needed strength and stability to your golf cart. Our EZGO leaf springs are available for both TXT and RXV model carts and are made with 3-leaf construction and replace the current leaf springs on your cart that sit on your cart’s rear axle.

How do I replace the leaf springs on my EZGO?

Replacing your old leaf springs and installing new EZGO leaf springs is easy and you can easily do it yourself. Here are the mainsteps to be taken in order to install the springs: Remove the front wheels. Place the jack under the front axle. Raise it until a few pounds rest on the jack. Test the stability of the cart.

What kind of leaf springs do EZGO golf carts have?

EZGO 603109 Leaf Spring-Rear-2 Stage-3 Leaf TheEZGO 603109 Leaf Spring-Rear-2 Stage-3 Leaf Springis a great addition to your golf cart andensures the best suspension operability of the vehicle. This leaf spring can be used on1994-current E-Z-GOMedalist, MPT 800, andGas Electric TXT models.

What are the different types of springs on a golf cart?

The two most common golf cart springs are the coil springs and leaf springs. Golf car coil springs (Figure 1) are not generally found by themselves but are often combined with a shock absorber. It is possible that the springs found over the shocks can break or even wear out. There are also options to replace the standard springs Figure 2.

What are SE golf springs?

SE Golf offers heavy-duty leaf springs in a 4 leaf design for increasing the cart weight capacity if you tow, off-road, or have a utility cart. These springs are recommended for rough ride terrains or heavy loads such as an added rear seat or utility box.

What are leaf springs used for?

Let’s start with the important information first! What are golf cart leaf springs? Just as in other vehicles, leaf springs are used for the suspension of your golf cart and are important for the structure of your cart, as well as keeping your ride smooth and comfortable. If you have a lifted, off-roading, towing, or hunting cart, it’s even more crucial that you routinely replace your leaf springs.

How to tell when to change leaf springs?

Wondering how to tell when to replace leaf springs? If your headlights begin to point further upward than normal, or the back sags/dips, this is a sign of loosening leaf springs. Cracks may be visible on the springs themselves if they are worn enough. However, these signs don’t always show up, so it’s best to routinely change the leaf springs and/or have our experienced technicians at SE Golf check it out for you.

Does SE Golf install leaf springs?

The team at SE Golf specializes in leaf springs for all makes and models of golf carts so we know exactly how to make your suspension system work its very best. Our full-service shop can install new golf cart leaf springs (rear or front), new shock absorbers, and coil springs too, in order to really smooth out your ride! Check us out today!

Can leaf springs break?

Over time, the leaf springs will sag, crack, and eventually break if not replaced. The steel in the leaf springs may stretch and the resulting looseness can lead to suspension issues. Don’t wait until this point to replace golf cart leaf springs. You don’t want structural or permanent damage to your cherished golf buddy, so good maintenance is key!

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From the manufacturer

All E-Z-Go products are either direct replacement parts or accessories designed to specifically fit your vehicle. E-Z-Go designs and tests our parts and accessories for superior quality, performance and reliability.

Product description

This Cantilever Leaf Spring is an essential part of the front suspension manufactured for heavy-duty use. This leaf spring is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement spring that consists of a flat strip of metal that is used in vehicle suspensions.

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Strut is leaking oil or shows physical damage

Most of the time if a strut is going bad it is because a seal holding the fluid (usually oil) in the shock starts to get old and starts to let the oil escape. This can often be discovered by a simple inspection of the shock. If it appears to be oily, wet or caked with dust and dirt, it is likely that the shock is leaking and needs to be replaced.

Golf cart is experiencing excessive body roll

Excessive body rolling is another indication of a strut going bad. This test can be performed by driving the golf car then turning the steering wheel so that the golf cart is tracing out an “S” pattern.

Bonus tip

If none of these tests or inspections reveal that your shock is bad, you may want to inspect the shock bushings. These are the rubber or plastic bushings at the ends of the shocks and also found where the leaf springs are bolted to the spring plates or brackets.