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Tag: What kind of wood is used at Chambers Bay golf course

how long is chambers bay golf course

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Approximately eight miles
Chambers Bay is a walking only course,and it’s a substantial walk –approximately eight mileswith plenty of elevation. To preserve your energy and enhance your experience,I strongly recommend taking a caddie . The professional loopers have immense knowledge of the course that will shave many strokes off your score.

How many holes does Chambers Bay golf course have?

The 18 holes at Chambers Bay lie between water and a steep hillside and a fair amount of earth was moved from the latter to fashion dune shapes and fairway corridors during construction. The resulting links-like layout is very free flowing with pleasant changes in elevation throughout the round.

What kind of wood is used at Chambers Bay golf course?

The architect uses the lone fir at Chambers Bay to great effect on many holes, none better than the post card worthy fifteenth. This short one shotter is downhill and across a waste area to the green.

Is Chambers Bay harder than my home course?

The slope adjusted number is 9 and in fact Chambers Bay has the same slope rating, i.e. degree of difficulty as my home course. I didn’t find it harder except for the greens being so hard to putt on. We were asked to change to more forward tees and even though I had paid a large sum to play I (reluctantly) agreed.

Where is the Friends of Chambers Bay Pierce County golf media room?

Friends of Chambers Bay Pierce County Golf Media Room Contact Us Privacy Policy Terms of Use Chambers Bay | 6320 Grandview Drive West, University Place, Washington 98467


Welcome2Golf is your perfect on ramp to the game. Four group lessons to get you from the lesson tee to the golf course.

ESB Wedding Showcase

This is the perfect opportunity to preview the award-winning venue at the neighboring Environmental Services Building overlooking Puget Sound. Experience the latest entertainment, preferred catering, photography, and connect with local vendors to plan a special day.

St. Paddy’s Day 2-Ball Shamble

The last Shamble of ’21/’22 season lands on the luckiest day of the year! Grab a partner and bring your green hat for a fun 2-person team shamble event; 9:00a shotgun. Space is limited so register your team now!

TaylorMade Fitting Event

Exclusive TaylorMade fitting experience at Chambers Bay Academy. TaylorMade myFittingExp combines the most advanced technology available with the intricacies of a player’s swing to unify the golfer to their clubs.

What is the toughest hole in Chambers Bay?

The first at Chambers Bay is the toughest opening hole I have ever seen. This uphill Par 4 will play like a Par 5 for most golfers. The first and eighteenth fairways are combined, with mounds and bunkers breaking up the flow. A solid drive will leave about two hundred yards, uphill, to a green with large mounds on the right and a steep drop to the left. A large undulating putting surface awaits the well placed approach.

Why is slow greens good for golf?

One of the benefits of slower greens is that the golfer can play an attacking ground game without worrying about bump and runs rolling off the green into waiting bunkers and waste areas. Aggressive golf can be a lot of fun and the ground game is a vital element in scoring at Chambers Bay.

What is the waste area in golf?

After a fairly long uphill green to tee transfer, the golfer is looking out at what may be one of the most daunting three shotters in the world. A gnarly waste area runs the length of this long hole and the green will only accept a well placed third. It is likely that golfers have spent many a shot trying to escape the waste area in front of the green.

What is the seventh shot in golf?

The trio of fine two shotters is completed by the all world seventh. The golfer is called upon to bite off as much as he can chew on this epic drive that must carry a massive waste bunker. If the tee shot on the seventh cannot get your heart-pumping then you may not be alive. There is nothing more satisfying than taking it at the left side of the first mound and making the fairway.

How far to the 13th green at Chambers Bay?

About 225 yards to the 13th green at Chambers Bay. Photo by Rob Rigg

What is daunting approach?

The daunting approach is a sobering moment for the golfer who just smashed a drive over the waste area. An optimal second will carry the false front and finish at the back of the green. Anything short or landing on the false front will roll back by the mound. At least two extra clubs are needed to manage the elevation change which means that even a good drive will often lead to a mid or long iron approach.

Where is the best line on a golf course?

A large fairway awaits the golfer off the tee, but often the best line is fairly tight to the mounding on the right.

What is hole 12?

Hole 12 is a short par 4 with a radical green as it’s main defence. There is a large mound in the centre of the green and the pin was on top of that mound looking like a candle on top of a plate of icecream. You could chip or putt to 4 or 5 feet either side of the hole and roll off 20 feet.

What are the mounds on number 7?

You miss the whole idea of hole design, I think. The mounds on number 7 are there to distract your view of the green and the height differential you face. Much like a high sand bunker short of the green will fool you into thinking it is greenside. Many players end up short of the green, not realizing the difference is usually two clubs. Making players go left or right around the mounds is no different than leaving trees to narrow an approach. Number 8 has a strategic green that is built the way it is because it will require to you find the flag before your second shot and be in position to attack that hole. The hole literally defends itself with a 3-layer green that requires the correct third shot into it. The mounds behind and left can be used to attack certain flags. This is a common feature of links courses. Number nine is also a links style hole with certain slopes off the green there to deflect shots into the green, it is hard to believe you don’t know this. Just last Tuesday (August 17, 2021), I hit a shot intentionally onto the left slope which rolled down onto the green about six feet from a back right flag. Attacking the flag directly, like many who don’t understand links layouts, will put you in a bunker. That is the beauty of links golf that you don’t seem to understand. Oh, and the long walk? The course sits on over double the acres of the average course in the NW. Why? Because we designed it for the US Open and you need to be able to have 30,000 people out there and space for them and tents. The USGA knows a little about golf. They have had the US Amateur, the US Open, the US Four Ball championships there and they are bringing the US Women’s Amateur there next year, showing their continuing respect for the course. No other public course in the nation has been honored with those four championships. I may be prejudiced as the course was my idea, but I think the USGA is correct about it.

Is a tee shot fatal at the golf course?

The course features generous wide fairways so as the line to the green is both obvious and non-punitive if one misses it. A poor tee shot that lands in the fairway but not on one’s preferred line is often not fatal.

Why is the golf course BB?

BB – The rating is due to the terrific back nine as well as the fourth and fifth holes. I also did not want to over-penalize a course as perhaps the architect was forced to use the land that occupies holes 7 -9.

Where are the holes in the Tralee quarry?

Some holes proceed through enormous dunes reminiscent of Ballybunion, or the back nine at Tralee – others run along Pugent Sound a la Whistling Straits. Others still head up and down the side of the quarry, and have significant elevation change.

Where is Chambers Bay located?

Built within a disused gravel mine by the shores of Puget Sound in Washington, Chambers Bay was commissioned by Pierce County in a $20 million development designed to rival the best municipal facilities in the country.

When was Chambers Bay added to the Top 100?

Chambers Bay was originally nominated as a gem by Mal and added to the Top 100 website in June 2008. Mal’s comments are as follows:

What is the teeing ground on Hole 9?

Hole 9 (Olympus)– The teeing ground on this long par 3 is perched nearly 100 feet above the green. The oversized green slopes from left to right, providing assistance to players hoping to avoid the menacing bunker short and right of the putting surface. The contours on and around the green provide ample opportunity to get close to the hole. An alternate, lower tee has been installed to provide variety in setup for the U.S. Open.

What is the hole 7 of the par 4?

Hole 7 (Humpback)- This long uphill par 4 turns hard from left to right. Taking an aggressive line over the large bunker on the right invites a shorter approach to the green, but also brings trouble into play. Tee shots played safely to the left will face a blind approach over the hummocks fronting the green. The severely uphill approach plays much longer than the actual yardage. A player who is unable to reach the green can play left of the hummocks to a narrow landing area short of the green.

What is the 5th hole in Puget Sound?

Hole 5 (Free Fall)– The elevated fifth tee offers players a panoramic view of Puget Sound and Chambers Bay. This long straightaway hole rewards a drive down the center. While the fairway is generous, massive bunker complexes protect either side. Tee shots that land left of center will chase toward the bunker and be faced with a semi blind approach. The green on this long par 4 is guarded by a deep fronting bunker.

What is hole 4?

Hole 4 (Hazard’s Ascent)– The fairway on this medium length uphill par 5 slopes significantly from left to right. The green is reachable in two shots for long hitters, though tee shots must avoid the immense bunker on the right. The green complex, which can be accessed from a strong fairway slope left of the green, is framed by a large bunker front and right with three blowout bunkers behind. The large and heavily contoured green features a right hand hole location, bordered on three sides by sand.

What is the opening hole of Chambers Bay?

Open, the opening hole at Chambers Bay is a welcoming par 5 that provides a very manageable start to the round. Most tee shots will finish short of the crest of the hill in the fairway, leaving a partially blind second shot. Approach shots must favor the right side and can utilize the contours along that side of the fairway to find the putting surface.

What is the highest point on the golf course?

OLYMPUS: The name Olympus is appropriate since the ninth tee is the highest point on the course, and pays tribute to Mount Olympus, the tallest and most prominent of the Olympic Mountains that are visible across the Puget Sound.

What is the name of the first hole in the golf course?

PUGET SOUND: The first hole is named after perhaps the most important element of the site, Puget Sound . Like the North Sea at The Old Course or the Pacific Ocean at Cypress Point, Puget Sound provides a stunning backdrop to the golf and highlights the sense of place.

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What green was Billy Horschel’s snake on?

Let’s jog that memory. You might recall Billy Horschel’s viral hand snake on the 9th green during the final round.

Did Jordan Spieth complain about the greens?

Jordan Spieth, it’s worth noting, did not complain. He won the tournament. So the greens stunk in 2015, but in 2019 the course certainly does not. The newness has worn off, and the fescue has been replaced with poa annua from a farm in British Columbia.

Is Chambers Bay windy?

Chambers Bay delivers differently. At its linksiest (in the clip above, Player dubs it a “British Open course”), Chambers is windy, long and infuriating. At its most calm the course still tests, via those same undulations that drove Player insane as a spectator.

Is Chambers Bay a good course?

Chambers Bay is actually quite great. With apologies to Bethpage Black and all its brawn, it’s probably the best municipal course in the country. Unlike its East Coast competitor, Chambers has room for artistry.

Is Chambers Bay better than you remember?

Chambers Bay is much better than you remember. By Sean Zak. January 16, 2020. Spectators who simply watched Chambers Bay through their television sets have no idea how great it looks at sunset. Sean Zak. It is difficult to detach our personal experiences from the courses where they take place.

Is the 17th a par 3?

The 17th, another par-3, is somehow the least great of these four finishing holes. It’s more demanding than the 15th, just as susceptible to wind off the sound and is split by a ridge that runs parallel to your ball flight. Either you’re in good position or you’re not. It’s up to you and that swing of yours.

What side of the par 4 is Beached N?

BEACHED#N#This medium-length par 4 curves gently around a long bunker that flanks the entire right side of the hole. Tee shots should favor the left side to account for slope toward the bunker. The tabletop green is the smallest on the course and also slopes dramatically from left to right.

How high is the teeing ground on Olympus N?

OLYMPUS#N#The teeing ground on this long par 3 is perched nearly 100 feet above the green. The oversized green slopes from left to right, providing assistance to players hoping to avoid the menacing bunker short and right of the putting surface.

What is the narrowest hole in golf?

THE NARROWS#N#An uphill, drivable par 4, the 12th is the narrowest hole on course. Lay up short or challenge the blowout bunker fronting the green. A very large and undulating green set in a punchbowl requires an accurate approach or lag putt. Strong contours all around this green invite creativity and imagination into your short game.