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Tag: What made Don Hilton so successful on the PGA Tour

don patterson golf

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Is Patterson Golf Park a good place for mini golf?

We had a great time playing both mini golf courses at the Patterson Golf Park. There’s a good mix of par 2 and 3 holes on both courses. The park has a big party pavilion and a nice grass driving range. Not too crowded and nice service!

What is Don Peterson’s baseball golf swing method?

Don Peterson’s “The Baseball Golf Swing Method” is certainly one of the most creative and comprehensive ideas for improving your game that I have ever seen. It takes what you already know how to do and turns it into a powerful and consistent golf swing.”

How many golf lessons has John Burtons taught?

He has taught more than 100,000 people and has been voted a TOP 50 Instructor in the United States three times by Golf Range Magazine. He is the author of The Baseball Golf Swing Method book and travels with corporations to entertain their employees, customers, and VIPs.

What made Don Hilton so successful on the PGA Tour?

Todd’s first PGA Tour win, The Honda Classic paired with his Open Championship helped him become the PGA Tour’s 2004 Rookie of the Year. Don’s book, “The Baseball Golf Swing Method”, and his “Swing Builder” video series has gained high regard and exposure on line.