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how to build a disc golf cart

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The first step to making a homemade DIY discgolfcartis drawing out a sketch of what you want to achieve. Since we will be reusing some parts, you have to draw out the points where you will be making additions just to have a clear picture of what you are doing. Make a drawing of the front, back, and side.

How to move a DIY golf cart from one area to another?

There are various ways that you can move your DIY golf cart from the workshop to another area. If driving the golf cart is hectic or not possible at the moment, you have the option of hauling it using a pickup truck or even a trailer. Don’t forget to strap it securely to avoid undesirable movements.

Can I customize my own golf cart?

Customization doesn’t have to come at a high price or a long turnaround time. The process to build a golf cart is very user-friendly and simple to understand. Choose from a variety of parts to create a golf cart that is perfect for you. Build your golf cart and have it come to life right from the comfort of your own home!

How much does it cost to build a home disc golf target?

Here’s my version of the ultimate home disc golf target. It should cost you about $95 to $100 per target (and take you about 4-man hours to build) but it should last you a long, long time.

What makes a golf cart street legal?

You also have to remember that there’s a federal standard for Street legal golf carts. Typically, the golf cart should have a brake light, tail light, headlights, a maximum speed of 25 mph and reflectors. The golf cart should also have the right quality windshield.

How to make it?

To make a disc golf cart by yourself the first thing you will need to do is find a good structure. We would personally suggest a stroller. To be more specific, a standard Baby Trend stroller. To start you need to take off all the fabric materials.

Some things to consider

The garage functionality of the disc golfing cart will all depend upon your choice as a disc golfing player.

Cart friendly courses

If you play a route full of huge roots, hills, bridges, and choppy terrain, that route isn’t cart-friendly. My recommendation for that is to apply a backpack inside the game. Although you insist on the use of golfing carts, my proposal is to apply three-wheeled carts and strollers due to the fact they’re higher for this situation.

How to make a golf cart visible at night?

Remember that the LED light needs to be as bright as possible to make you visible at night. After the whole lot is in place, it is time to take the golf cart out for a spin. Make sure that it is stable, and there is no wobbling. Also, keep an ear out for any funny sounds such as the brushing of metal against the tire.

What is the purpose of a tire and wheels cart?

The combination of tire and wheels makes the process more comfortable, and gives your cart some traction to handle the slippery surface, effortlessly. Reattach the body to the chassis and work on the electrical components such as audio and lighting.

What horsepower should a golf cart have?

Ideally, you should choose a motor rating of above ten horsepower. It would be unfortunate if your golf cart cannot manage some of the hills at the golf course or around your neighborhood.

How fast can a golf cart go?

Typically, the golf cart should have a brake light, tail light, headlights, a maximum speed of 25 mph and reflectors.

How many digits do you need to register a golf cart?

The golf cart should also have the right quality windshield. Low-speed vehicles are another category that your DIY golf cart can fit. However, it will need a 17 digit number and fulfill other Street legal vehicle requirements for registration as a motor vehicle.

What makes a golf cart run?

Other factors include the size of the wheels, the cooling system, and the state of the battery.

What is included in a rear axle suspension kit?

It is also to this point that you install the redone rear axle together with suspension. The suspension kit includes lift blocks, spindles and lift brackets. All these should be of good quality to avoid problems later on.

How to make a basket with PVC pipe?

Cut some 2” PVC pipe into two lengths; 27” and 36”. Use a chop saw (if you can) so the end will be square. This way the top will be square with the basket. The 27” cut (for the inside pipe) will give you the regulation 19” minimum gap between the top and the rim of the basket, and if you bury the 36” pipe (base pole) 12” deep it will give you the regulation 24” basket height above ground. You may make either one a little longer if you want a larger gap or a deeper basket (baskets must be 7” deep minimum) but these cuts will keep you honest.

How to secure a closet flange?

Use a flat washer, a lock-washer and a nut to secure the Closet Flange to the top from the inside. As you draw the nuts tight the carriage bolts will sink in to the softer plastic drum and keep the head will from turning as you tighten each bolt down.

How to make a sandbox?

Step 2: Step 1, Start Digging 1 Dig a hole about 8” in diameter and 12” deep using any means possible (a good shovel will help here!). Take either a scrap piece of 2” PVC pipe (at least 2 feet long) or use the 36” piece (you cut in Step 2) and push it down into the earth at the center of the bottom of the hole you just dug. 2 Pour your ‘properly mixed’ cement into the hole all-the-while keeping your pipe centered as best you can (a spare set of hands helps here). (Only pour enough cement to come flush to the ground; that way you can you can pull your target and mow over it if you need too.) Use a level on two sides 90° apart to get the pipe straight up and let it set overnight. You can pull the pipe right out after the cement cures and drop it back in when it’s time to use it; give it a little twist before you pull up, it will come out much easier.

What do you use to cut PVC pipe?

Saws; preferably a chop saw and a table saw. These are to cut the PVC pipe and 55-gallon plastic drum with.

How to put a 36" post in the ground?

1. Put the 36” post in the cement hole in the ground and just snug the target down on top of the 2” to 3” bushing. It may take a little pounding on the top of the target to get it to seat all of the way down, but this setup allows you to pull the target out of the ground and then remove the post from the bottom of the target (although it may be real tight).

How to hang a chain with a 3 ring?

Thread the 3” ring ( or bailing wire) through the bottom link of each hanging chain and secure about the center tube. You can use those really big plastic coated wire ties that you find in the home-and-garden section for this as well. They don’t look as cool, but should last a lifetime.

What blade to use to cut chain?

Grinder w/composite blade (to cut chain), bench vice and hammer (to split chain). You can use a reciprocating saw with a bi-metal bit or a hack saw too, but it may take you a while…

How much does a disc golf bag weigh?

Let’s say that you normally throw par. On average, that’s a 54 on the score card. That means that in one round, you have picked up and set down your bag at least 100 times. A standard back pack bag with 20 discs in it (and no water) weighs right around 15 lbs.

What is a go cart?

The Go Cart is basically a chair on wheels inside of which you could put your bag. It wasn’t until recently that companies have started making disc golf specific carts. Ones that do more than just add wheels to your regular bag. In the end, all it takes is playing a round or two with a cart to see the light.

How do you know if you are exhausted after playing in a tournament?

If you play in tournaments, you know the exhausted and drained feeling you have after playing two hot summer tournament rounds. You are mentally and physically drained. Most times you are done for the day. It’s all you can do to make the long drive home without falling asleep.

Is disc golf cart made at home?

There are endless varieties of home made carts out there. A good number of those carts are home made, but there is an ever growing number produced specifically for disc golf. Part of this shift is due to the durability and mobility (or lack thereof) of converted strollers and such.

Can you repurpose an old stroller?

You can repurpose an old stroller you have stored in the garage. You can pick up a ball golf cart for a few bucks at a garage sale. You can go all out on a Ridge Roller or Delta Ten. There are a lot of options.

Can you miss your putts with a cart?

This never happens with a cart. With a cart you can miss your putts for other reasons. 3. There’s a chair! A lot of players, especially during tournaments, carry a small camping stool. There are also a lot of people who don’t bother with a stool (me included) because of the hassle of carrying one around.

Is it a problem to carry liquids in a stroller?

Liquid is heavy. Carrying enough liquid to stay hydrated weighs your bag down. Carrying that liquid in well insulated containers (like my all time favorite Hydro Flask) makes it weigh even more. With a cart, carrying fluids is no problem. Some carts even have room for enough beverages for multiple people. I’ve seen modified strollers that have space for a full size cooler in addition to discs.

DIY Greenhouse

First build up this week is Ben’s shed style greenhouse. We have seen some really great greenhouse roof builds, but this entire greenhouse is made from Maker Pipe and EMT conduit. Shed style means the roof is just one roof pitch forming a slant from the outside wall to the inside wall. He achieved this with the T connector.

DIY Disc Golf Caddy

Next up is Rustin’s disc golf cart that he uses to haul his discs and anything else he needs while out on the course. He packed a ton of cool features into this cart and made it custom to his needs. First thing that jumps out are the big wheels that let’s him take the cart on the sometimes rough course terrain easily.

DIY Rabbit Enclosure

Next up is Dustin’s New Zealand rabbit enclosure. He build the main structure with Maker Pipe fittings and EMT conduit. This frame holds 3 cages total that are 24" by 24" by 36" with a feeding tray and water bottle outfitted in each one.

DIY Rowing Shell Cart

Kristen purchased a kayak cart for the stern of the rowing shell and needed a way to carry the rest of the shell and oars etc. She made this custom rolling transport. To do this she creating this frame that incorporates bends to keep the shell from getting nicked during transport.

DIY Sukkah

Asaf built this great DIY sukkah which is an outdoor dining area used during a Jewish holiday. He built a simple frame with conduit and 90 degree connectors. After he had the basic cube structure he added a door frame using T connectors. He added a thatched wood roof and secured a plastic tarp to the outside of the frame for walls.

DIY Mini Cooper Roof Rack

Last but not least is this awesome ghostbusters themed mini cooper! Norman shared these progress pics of the build. He is building an ambulance stretcher with retractable scissor legs. This required some welding, but he is using Maker Pipe structural fittings where he can.


That’s all the builds we have for this week. We hope you enjoyed hearing about them as much as we did. Be sure to head over to the community to see more great builds and interact with the makers behind them. If you want to see the video version of this episode it will be in the window below. Thanks everybody and we will see you in the next one!


Are you looking for a custom golf cart that is unique to you? You can build your very own golf cart using our simple Build Your Golf Cart technology. Customization doesn’t have to come at a high price or a long turnaround time. The process to build a golf cart is very user-friendly and simple to understand.


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He was straightforward, easy to talk to…no hype…just the facts. Then he showed us a cart from his 2018 fleet and told me he could make it whatever I wanted it to be. Holy cow! It’s amazing! Perfect for my business!

What is the advantage of a 4 wheel golf cart?

The benefit of having a 4-wheel push cart is that it gives stability on the surface, navigating on an uneven surface, or pushing it on rough terrain. It gives your bag a sense of security when going to different positions on the disc golf course.

What is a bag boy quad push cart?

The Bag Boy Quad Push Cart will provide a reliable push cart that can carry your bag effectively and make you comfortable transporting from one place to another.

What is the purpose of disc golf carts?

Another purpose of this disc golf cart is to make it easy for you to navigate rugged terrain in a disc golf course. The tubeless foam tires will be able to deal with different types of surfaces. Whether it’s sandy, rocky, snowy, and rough terrain, the pair of tires will successfully handle this with ease. Meanwhile, if you are looking for more space, the wheels can be detached and removed to accommodate more space for you.

Why do disc golf carts have rolling bags?

It will turn all the bags into a rolling backpack to make it easy for disc golf players when playing on the field. The best thing about this bag is it will create lesser effort and stress, which should benefit the player and possibly transfer it in his performance during the game.

Why do disc golfers use disc golf bags?

For Disc Golf Bag. A disc golf bag also brings a lot of benefits to the disc golf player. In fact, many players choose the bag because they are easier to carry and is easier to travel with. As for me, I always prefer smaller bags for hillier courses and making quick trips while playing the sport.

How to distinguish disc golf carts?

One way to distinguished the disc golf cart is the way the player carries it. One way is pushing it, and the other is pulling it in the course. The question is, which is the best cart for you? The answer to this question will depend on you and your preference. Do you like pushing the cart just like Rovic? Or do you mind pulling a cart like the Zuxa brand?

Why do you need a disc golf cart?

The disc golf cart will save tons of energy for the player and will help in minimizing their fatigue. The more storage for everything plus a portable seat will bring many comforts to you. If you had an injury or getting old, the disc golf cart will minimize the impact of playing on your body.