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Tag: What makes Singapore Golf so special

where to buy golf apparel in singapore

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Where to buy used golf clubs in Singapore?

Far East Shopping Centre has 3 golf shops in one location. Some say it’s the Mecca of Golf Shops in Singapore. Really the place to be if you want to buy new or used golf clubs. Just remember to negotiate with the shop for better bargains as the list prices are often not fixed prices.

Is pan-West a good golf shop in Singapore?

Over the decades, this Singapore golf shop has established itself as one of South East Asia’s largest and most reputable golf-specialty chain stores. Pan-West currently operates more than 9 on-course and off-course outlets and concessionaires across Singapore and Malaysia.

Where can I buy golf gear in the island?

Our stores located across the island, cater to golf players of all skill levels and children, which make them complete golf shops. You can find all your golf related gear in one place with Decathlon! Apart from clubs and shoes, we offer other equipment like tees, balls, gloves and caps.

What makes Singapore Golf so special?

And for the last ten years, they have been acclaimed not just in Singapore, but in Southeast Asia. On top of that, they have forged long-running partnerships with renowned international brands, like Aerotech Golf USA, FlightScope Inc and PXG Golf. In addition, they incorporate the importance of the player’s body type, swing and as well as ambition.

Why are used golf clubs so popular in Singapore?

Used golf clubs and equipment are very popular in Singapore because golfers are not willing to spend a bomb on the latest TaylorMade or Ping driver and iron set. They usually opt for cheaper used golf clubs, where prices are not exorbitant.

What is BFG golf?

Since 2006, Big Fish Golf (BFG) has become one of the most recognisable brands in golf equipment. Apart from providing tour support for many occasions around the region, including HSBC Ladies Championship, Singapore Open and countless Asia Tour events in the region, BFG has become synonymous with golf equipment fitting excellence.

How big is the golf store in Singapore?

With a massive floor space of 5,000 sqft and most comprehensive range of products with all major global golf equipment, apparel and accessories brands, this store is set to be the golf shopping destination for both local and visiting golfers in Singapore.

Where is the MST golf store?

MST Golf Superstore at Suntec City showcases an exciting new golf retail concept with brand counters from many global and premium golf brands featuring the latest and complete range including limited editions.

What is a shop layout?

The shop layout is specially designed for convenient shopping. The wide-open frontage offers a quick glance into the vast retail space within.

Is BFG a trusted brand?

In Singapore and the rest of Southeast Asia, BFG has been one of the most trusted brands in the golf industry in the last 10 years. Their professional and certified club-fitters and club-builders use all the state-of-the-art technology available in the industry to complement golfers of all abilities to be able to play their best.

Is there a golf app like Deemples?

If you are looking for golfers instead of golf equipment, there is no other app like Deemples. We help golfers find other golfers to play golf with! Try it for FREE today!!!

Corporate Services

As the premier name for golfing needs in the region, PAN-WEST offers a wide range of corporate gifts from some of the world’s leading names in golf. Golf balls, bags, apparel and accessories offer abundant opportunities for your company logo to be seen on the fairways and greens.

High Definition Golf

High Definition Golf?, the world’s best golf simulator, pioneered computer vision technology in the golf simulation industry.

Honma Performance Fitting Studio

The Honma Performance Studio’s trained fitter will analyse the golfers shot pattern with the use of the High Definition Golf simulator to determine the most appropriate club head model, shaft and grip combination from Honma’s wide range of premium products.

Cleveland Launcher XL Drivers

Cleveland Golf is proud to announce the all-new Launcher XL Driver, Launcher XL Lite Driver, and Launcher XL Lite DRAW Driver. “The Launcher XL drivers hit the ball long and…

The Best Golf Shoes of 2021

The best golf shoes Shoes are arguably the most important element of your wardrobe as a golfer. Being on your feet all day can take a toll if you aren’t…

Honma unveils BERES Aizu and Black Collections

Honma Golf unveils BERES 08 Aizu and Black collections, the latest in the coveted BERES line of visually stunning and expertly crafted game-enhancing golf equipment.

Cleveland Golf in Gold Medal Performance

Cleveland Golf is your home for award-wining golf equipment. From distance-boosting woods and irons to top of the line wedges to innovative putters, Cleveland Golf offers a vast array of Golf Digest Hot List Gold Medal golf clubs for you to choose from.

1. Big Fish Golf Shops

If knives are the chefs’ best friend, a golfer’s best buddy is his golf club. Indeed you can find one suitable for you in Big Fish Golf. What is great about this pro-shop is its comprehensive fitting process and high-grade products.

2. Wiz Golf Shops

If Wiz Golf Shops is not a golfer’s haven, then I don’t know what is. They have one of the most comprehensive offerings. From golf equipment to services to apps and technical writings, they have something for every golfer’s needs.

3. MST Golf SuperStore

Locals and visiting golfers love MST Golf Superstore at Suntec City Mall. It is one of the leading golf shopping destinations that has a massive 5,000 sq ft floor space. Furthermore, the layout of the store is specifically designed to make shopping more convenient.

4. Pan-West Golf Shop

If you are all about exclusivity, Pan-West can give you the products of the most trusted golf brands in the region. What is great about this store is that it established itself as the largest and most reputable golf speciality chain store in South East Asia over the decades.

5. Creative Golf

Suppose you are looking for reasonably priced products, no frivolous offers and no wasted trips. Creative Golf is the place for you! They offer golf clubs and parts made from various materials and brands. Furthermore, they have it all for you if you are looking for drivers, iron sets, putters, loose wedges, loose irons, and fairway wood.

7. Transview Golf

Transview is the golf enthusiast’s go-to partner when it comes to providing top-tier golf equipment. They are the exclusive distributor for several well-known and popular golf equipment and accessory brands. But what is impressive about Transview is that, since 1984, it has made a mark in the premier golf industry.

Welcome to the Carbonwood Age: TaylorMade Stealth Drivers

TaylorMade Golf Company builds on its history of groundbreaking innovation with the introduction of the Stealth? Plus, Stealth and Stealth HD Carbonwood? Drivers.

Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Woods

Targeting golfers who battle inconsistent impacts, the Launcher XL Halo woods and hybrids are oversized in their footprint and volume to produce more perimeter weighting for better stability on off-center hits.

Best Golf Gift 2021

From clubs to footwear to the latest in electronics, don’t miss out this holiday season and pick up the perfect gift for the golf lovers in your life with Pan-West’s 2-21 Holiday Gift Guide.