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Tag: What makes the Dynacraft hindsight putter unique

who makes dynacraft golf clubs

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Hireko,the maker of Dynacraft Golf Clubs,invests it’s marketing dollars into it’s free 148 page catalog,robust and secure website and Research and Development of premium golf equipment,eliminating the middleman! Their aim is to provide golfers with the highest quality Dynacraft Golf Clubs at the lowest possible price FACTORY DIRECT!

What is a Dynacraft Golf Club?

Dynacraft golf clubs encompass such forward-thinking models as the Flex-Face of the Dynacraft Prophet CB and Prophet Muscle Blade iron to the radically high-performance of the Dynacraft Driving Irons represents the next evolution in iron replacement. 3 Results

Why buy Dynacraft golf heads?

And Dynacraft keeps on pushing the envelope by offering heads that use not only the latest production techniques, but that yield outstanding performance on the course. Here at ValueGolf.com, we offer such forward-thinking models as the “flex face” technology of the Prophet CB and Muscle Blade (MB) irons.

Why choose Dynacraft prophet CB iron?

The Dynacraft Prophet CB iron is all about enhancing distance and performance featuring Flexface; a thin, special vacuum heat treated high-strength forged 17-4 stainless steel face with variable thickness to push high COR to its maximum limit.

What makes the Dynacraft hindsight putter unique?

The Dynacraft Hindsight putter incorporates Forward Hand Press design creating a fluid, rhythmic stroke and keeps the hands moving through the stroke.

What is the black finish on Prophet Tour irons?

The Prophet Tours feature a glossy black PVD coating that gives the irons a distinct, sophisticated look. No matter who we showed it to (man or woman) everyone we showed the Prophet Tour to absolutely loved the smokey black finish. Most of the golfers we spoke with feel the Prophet Tour looks as good, or better, than anything they’ve seen from the major OEMs.

What is Dynacraft’s stability slot?

Visible on the back of the clubhead is what Dynacraft calls a stability slot. Basically they’ve milled out a section of the head so that more of the overall mass is shifted to the bottom of the club. Those of you familiar with Mizuno’s “pocket cavity” design will not doubt find similarities. It’s a design that for the most part we like, however, Kent, our low handicap tester felt the cavity was unnecessary in the shorter irons. It’s a point we’re inclined to agree with.

Why were golfers asked to hit several shots with their own clubs?

When possible, golfers were asked to hit several shots with their own clubs so that comparative data could be collected.

Is the Prophet Tour good?

While no golfer who tested the Prophet Tour would classify the feel as great or outstanding, the general consensus among our middle and low handicap golfers was that the Prophet Tour felt “pretty good”.

What is SpecCheck golf?

The next generation of reviews from MyGolfSpy will include what we call SpecCheck; a series of tests designed to determine if the clubs you buy are truly the clubs you get.

Is the Prophet Blades forged iron good?

What we took away from our feel testing is that although the Prophet Blades don’t feel quite as good as a forged iron from Mizu no or Titleist, the feel as good as many cast irons on the market today, and significantly better than department store junk.

Can you bend a 3 iron?

With the exception of the 3 degree discrepancy in the loft of the 3 iron (bending a cast head 3° is a hairy proposition at best), it would be reasonably easy to bend the clubs to spec, but realistically, the average golfer probably has neither the tools nor the inclination to do so.