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Tag: What makes the Srixon distance balls special

which srixon golf ball is right for me

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TheSrixon Distanceis the best Srixon Golf ball for distance. If distance is your primary concern, then you will likely be able to maximize it with the Srixon Distance golf ball. Not all players looking for distance are going to want a two piece golf ball, but this can be a good choice for beginners or golfers on a budget.

Which Srixon golf balls should I buy?

Golfers who prefer a mid-to-low swing trajectory should consider the Srixon Z-STAR. The Z-STAR features a rating of 90 compression and will benefit golfers with an average driver swing speed around 100mph. Purchase Srixon Z-STAR golf balls here.

Is the Srixon Z-Star XV the right ball for You?

The Srixon Z-STAR XV is perfect for golfers who already generate high rates of spin with their natural swing and who might not require a golf ball to do the job for them. Players with faster driver swing speeds (100mph+) will benefit from this golf ball.

What are the best golf balls for distance?

For your best shot at landing a ball that provides all-around performance, we would recommend the Srixon Soft Feel balls. They are great for pure distance but you can work them very well around the green too. We feel that a wide variety of players would be able to play their best round with the Srixon Soft Feel balls so check them out today!

What makes the Srixon distance balls special?

The Srixon Distance balls employ the perfect recipe for well, distance. A combination of improved initial velocity and high launch angles make for a ball that generates penetrating speed and great carry distances. For most of our testers with swing speeds above 80MPH, the Distance balls were increasing drives by 10-15 yards.

Maximum Spin

Provides tour-caliber performance and maximum spin for skilled players.

Maximum Distance

Provides tour-caliber performance and maximum distance for skilled players.

Moderate Swing Speeds

Provides tour-caliber distance and greenside spin for skilled players with moderate swing speeds.

All-Around Value

Provides excellent distance and greenside spin performance at an incredible value.

How much does a Srixon soft feel golf ball cost?

The final golf ball we’ll cover in this list is the two-piece Srixon SOFT FEEL golf ball. Designed as the brand’s budget option (priced at under $25 per dozen), the SOFT FEEL is a fantastic entry point for golfers of any skill level.

What is a Z star golf ball?

The Z-STAR boasts impressive distance off the tee coupled with high spin capabilities around the greens. This combination makes the golf ball a utility that serves many purposes, including a low driver spin rate. Golfers who prefer a mid-to-low swing trajectory should consider the Srixon Z-STAR.

What is the compression of a Q star?

At 77 compression, the Q-STAR is playable for a wide range of handicap levels and swing speeds. Golfers with driver swing speeds lower than 100mph will benefit the most.

How fast is a Z star?

The Z-STAR features a rating of 90 compression and will benefit golfers with an average driver swing speed around 100mph.

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Is the Srixon Z Star XV hard?

The Srixon Z-STAR XV feels slightly “harder” than its softer sibling, both in terms of touch and sensation at impact. Ball flight is slightly higher as well, which will appeal to golfers who need help in this area. Greenside spin is slightly lower while driver distance is longer. Driver spin rate remains quite low.

Does Srixon have a golf ball fitting tool?

Srixon also offers a helpful golf ball fitting tool on their website if you’d like further information.

What is the cover size of Srixon Z-Star golf balls?

Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls. The new seventh generation Z-Star features a number of improvements on the previous model. The 0.6mm cover is actually now slightly thicker, promising enhanced spin, feel, and control around the greens. It retains the macromolecule Slide-Ring (SeRM) material in that cover.

What is the softest golf ball?

The UltiSoft is Srixon’s lowest-compression and softest golf ball ever courtesy of an innovative new core. This provides a softer feel while still maximising energy transfer at impact for more long-game distance.

What is the beauty of the Srixon Q-Star?

The beauty of the Srixon Q-Star is that it promises tour-calibre performance with a very soft feel and and at a much friendlier price!

What is the speed dimple pattern on the Z Star?

There’s now a 338 Speed Dimple Pattern on the Z Star models too, which improves aerodynamics and flight performance with all clubs, even in windy conditions.

What is the difference between Q Star and Z Star?

The softer feel compared to Z-Star comes primarily from a lower 72-compression core.

What is the 12th generation of Srixon?

This is the 12 th generation of Srixon’s Soft Feel model, designed to help slower-swinging golfers maximise distance without compromising on feel.

What is Spin Skin?

Spin Skin Technology, with its urethane-compound Slide-Ring Material (SeRM) coating, helps the ball dig deep into iron and wedge grooves for more friction and better control.

What is a Srixon Q star golf ball?

Verdict: Srixon Q-Star Tour golf ball. The invention of a club golfer’s ball that boasts all the same tech as a tour model was a masterstroke by Srixon, and every major golf ball brand now makes a ‘tour ball’ that’s aimed at club golfers.

What is the softest golf ball in Srixon?

The UltiSoft is the softest ball in Srixon’s line-up, and if low compression is your No.1 priority when choosing a ball, it simply can’t be beaten.

How fast is a Z star 2021?

Verdict: Srixon Z-Star and Z-Star XV golf balls. In 2021, the average club golfer’s driver swing speed is around 93mph, which equates to about 214 yards carry. If you’re anywhere close to this marker, you’re not the Z-Star’s target player. If, though, you muster more speed than Average Joe and are willing to pay for the performance …

How many colors are there in Soft Feel?

If you decide the Soft Feel’s a good fit for your game, it’s also available in six colours so you can choose which best suits your mood. That’s serious personalisation for £25 a dozen.

Does Srixon have balls?

Srixon though have balls to fit not only every player category perfectly, but also every golfer’s pocket, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re happy to pay for performance or not. Use our simple flowchart to quickly establish which Srixon models best suit your style of play.

How often should you use the same ball in a game?

Once you’ve made a selection, commit to using the same ball every round.

What is the best ball to play in golf?

But if your birdies always start with a mammoth tee shot and you want to push distance to the limit, Srixon’s most powerful ball, the Z-Star XV, is the one for you.


With a blend of greenside control and long-game distance, the new Z-STAR DIAMOND also delivers the unique benefit of increased spin on long and mid-iron shots.


The all-new Z-STAR DIVIDE has a high contrast 50/50 urethane cover that makes its unmatched spin visible
and putting alignment easier than ever. Z-STAR DIVIDE features the control and stopping power expected
from the classic Z-STAR.


The all-new Z-STAR XV DIVIDE has a high contrast 50/50 urethane cover that makes spin visible and
putting alignment easier than ever. Z-STAR XV DIVIDE features all the complete tour performances expected
from the classic Z-STAR XV.


The new Q-STAR TOUR is our softest ball with tour-level performance. Get tour-caliber spin and
distance from its 3-piece construction and urethane cover, along with an exceptionally softer feel than
traditional tour balls.