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Tag: What shafts do the best PGA golfers use in irons

what golf shafts do the pros use

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Graphite shafts
Senior pros and the top players on the LPGA usegraphite shaftsthrough the bag. They are lighter than steel and allow them to generate increased swing speed to increase or maintain the distance required to overcome some of the courses they play on the Tour.

What shafts do the best PGA golfers use in irons?

Compared to the variety of shafts the best pros choose in their drivers, fairway woods and hybrids when it comes to the shafts the top 100 PGA golfers use in their irons there seems to be much more of a consensus among the players. 67 out of the top 100 PGA Tour players use True Temper shafts in their irons.

What hybrid shafts do the PGA pros use?

For the pros that do however once again, we found a large variety of golf shafts being used. We found 28 different hybrid shaft models being used by the top 100 PGA Tour players with Graphite Design being the most popular hybrid shaft manufacturer and 7 players using them.

What wedge shafts do PGA Tour players use?

Although far behind Nippon Shafts are the next most common wedge shafts with just over 10% of the wedges used by the top 100 PGA Tour players having them. Their most used wedge shaft is the N.S. Pro Modus3 Tour120 X.

Do the pros use flex wedge shafts?

When it came to their gap, sand and lob wedges however the pros frequently started to change the shaft they had used in their irons in preference for less stiff flex models. We still however did not find one of the top 100 PGA Tour players using a regular flex wedge shaft.

What Wedge Shafts Do the Pros Use?

Looking at the shafts used in the wedges of the best 100 PGA Tour pros it was interesting to note that again while many of the pros kept the same shaft as they used for their irons, especially when it came to the pitching wedge, there was again a big variety of wedge shaft models being used.

How many different iron shafts are there?

We counted 50 different models of iron golf shaft across 8 different manufacturers and indeed despite the large numbers of pros choosing to play True Temper iron shafts there are still 18 different True Temper iron shaft models being played with by the top 100 PGA players.

What type of shafts do PGA Tour players use?

The detail which PGA Tour players go into when it comes to choosing the golf shafts for their clubs is again evidenced in the fairway wood and hybrid shafts they use.

What shafts are used in the PGA Tour?

True Temper golf shafts are the most used among the top 100 players on the PGA Tour making up close to 50% of the shafts played with. Mitsubishi shafts are the next most popular in this elite group with 9.9% having those shafts with Fujikura and Nippon Shafts the next most used with an 8.6% share.

How many different shaft manufacturers are there?

Many players will have at least 3 or even 4 different shaft manufacturers represented in their golf bag and while there are those that stick to one or two shaft brands you can be assured that the flex and weight of different shafts they use varies across different clubs.

What is the most popular hybrid shaft?

We found 28 different hybrid shaft models being used by the top 100 PGA Tour players with Graphite Design being the most popular hybrid shaft manufacturer and 7 players using them.

Do PGA Tour pros use pitching wedges?

What was interesting to note also was that the shaft the top PGA Tour pros chose for their pitching wedge matched their iron shafts the vast majority of the time although this trend was less well followed by the pros who chose a specialist pitching wedge in place of a pitching wedge that matched their iron set.

How old is Jordan Spieth?

Jordan Spieth. Jordan Spieth is in just his fifth season as a golf professional. The 23-year-old has two major tournament championships under his belt, and a large purse of winnings. While both Woods and McIlroy were forced into using new clubs and balls in 2017, Spieth hasn’t had the same problem.

What is the most important piece of equipment you will buy?

Not only are golf clubs the most important piece of equipment you will buy, a good set of clubs can be the difference between your game being in a sand trap or on the green.

What is the phone number for Keiser University?

Contact Keiser University’s College of Golf to get started on a path to a career in golf, 888.355.4465.

Who is Rory McIlroy?

Rory McIlroy. Like Woods, Rory McIlroy was a Nike Golf club and ball user for years. His Nike equipment helped him win four major championships until the company exited the golf club manufacturing game last year. McIlroy has decided to mix and match his golf clubs rather than settle with clubs from one specific company.

Who is Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods is a modern day golf legend.

Who is the second best club manufacturer in the world?

According to some media outlets, TaylorMade is the second best club manufacturer in the world behind Titleist.

Does the bag help you win a major championship?

Although it takes more than just clubs to win a major championship, the equipment in your bag helps greatly.

Do You Want the McDonalds Burger, or The Peter Luger’s?

We often like to compare shafts to hamburgers. You could go to McDonald’s and get a burger that will satisfy you. While the meat isn’t fresh, or the highest quality, it can satiate your appetite.

What does it mean to choose the wrong shaft for a golf club?

Choosing the wrong shaft will make it much harder to access the center of the face more consistently on the course , and the last thing we want you to do is to make golf harder on yourself!

How much weight should a golf shaft be?

Weight. Getting the correct weight of your shaft is an important factor to consider as well. Shafts can range anywhere from 40 to 135 grams. Typically the rule of thumb is that a golfer with a slower swing speed will benefit from using a lighter shaft, and you would add weight as swing speed increases. As you might expect at this point, there are …

What is the biggest misconception about golf shafts?

One of the biggest misconceptions about shafts is that there are standards out there that manufacturers adhere to. Most golfers assume that a shaft marked regular or stiff will be the same across the board, no matter who they buy it from.

Why didn’t Nick Price find a stiff shaft?

Regardless of the similarity in their swing speeds, Nick Price couldn’t find a shaft stiff enough for his swing because he would apply such an enormous amount of force, whereas Couples didn’t need as stiff of a shaft because of his smooth tempo.

Why is shaft profile important?

Getting the right shaft profile for your swing is very important. It will greatly affect your ability to hit quality shots on the course . There is a lot of confusion in the golf shaft industry. With no standards for performance, the quality greatly varies, and often you get what you pay for. We hope that we have cleared up some …

What is the most misunderstood product category in the golf industry?

One of the most misunderstood product categories in the golf industry is shafts . There are plenty of myths and mistruths out there that we wanted to clear up for you in this article and share what we have learned at Pete’s Golf over the past several decades.