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can you wear athletic shorts golfing

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Can you wear shorts on a golf course?

Most clubs, although not all, will allow good shorts. By this, we mean shorts with belt loops not those with drawstrings or elastic. You also want to avoid cargo shorts. If you prefer, golf trousers or slacks are generally a better bet. There are fabrics and designs made for a range of climates so choose accordingly.

What should I wear to a private golf course?

Slacks or golf pants are the safest bet, as they’re allowed at all golf courses. With that said, even the most fancy private clubs will usually let you wear nice shorts and golf shorts. Avoid denim, cargo shorts/pants, sweatpants, mesh style shorts, or anything without belt loops. These will NOT be permitted at most golf courses.

What shoes to wear with golf pants?

You can check out various casual shoes to wear with your golf pants when off the golf course. Tennis shoes are a great option to pair with your golf pants. Pure boosts and Nike running shoes are also worth considering.

What should you not wear when playing golf?

There are a few things to avoid when playing golf. Not everyone can pull off white pants and don’t go for three-quarter pants. Unless you are slim, match your belt to your pants or shirt. Avoid mixing too many colors or patterns. Do not wear hard shoes, steel spikes or sandals.

What do you need to wear to a sex party?

If you are unsure, check first. At a bare minimum, have a decent pair of shorts or slacks and a shirt with a collar.

What do women wear?

Ladies often wear a skirt or a skort (short with a front and back panel to look like a skirt). Capri pants and culottes are also popular. Some ladies play in a golf dress.

What is important about a golf shirt?

What is important is that it is comfortable and has a collar . While some pros play in funky turtlenecks and the like, this is probably not the best idea for most golfers at a regular club. Rather play it safe and get a golf shirt with a collar.

What are golf shoes good for?

Quality golf shoes will give you a firm grip and allow for fast swings. They are also handy when you are on a bank or an uneven lie.

What to wear to play 18 holes?

A Cap or Hat. 18 Holes can take a while and you generally play come rain or shine. The sun can do untold damage and the rain, even a light drizzle, is just unpleasant. A comfortable hat or cap will protect you from the elements and allow you to enjoy the game. You might want one for sun and one for rain.

How to wear a belt for slim people?

Go for a comfortable belt with a bit of stretch so that it does not dig into you. You can be bold and go for contrasting colors but this is best for slim people. A belt that matches your trousers or shirt will not draw attention to your waist.

Why do you need to wear a few layers when playing golf?

If you are playing in cold conditions or early or late, you might want to add a few layers for warmth and comfort. You want something neutral that will not impede your swing or movement.

Features of Under Armour Throwdown Shorts

By using a stretchy woven fabric, the designers at Under Armour were able to optimize the mobility of these shorts. The design ensures freedom of movement when rotating your hips and walking.


You cannot fault Under Armour for the comfort and stretchability of these pants. If that is what you are after, I would suggest taking a closer look at the Throwdowns. However, the higher price, and the stitching weaknesses, are factors to be wary of.

Features of Puma Jackpot Throwdown Shorts

Like its competitors, the Puma Jackpot golf shorts feature technology that helps to wick away moisture from your skin to keep you dry. However, instead of being called moisture-wicking, Puma named their’s Drycell technology.


The Puma Jackpot shorts are of premium quality that provide a mix of comfort, style, and Drycell technology.

Features of Adidas Ultimate 365 Shorts

One challenge I always have is keeping my shirt tucked in, resulting in me looking as scruffy as the late Simon Hobday. I am impressed with the shirt gripper tape feature on the Ultimate 365 shorts. The printed silicone tape holds your shirt in place to eliminate any distractions during your backswing.


The Adidas Ultimate 365 pants are comfortable shorts that provide exceptional stretch, water-resistance and keep your shirt in place. As a mid-priced product with various color choices, these are well worth trying on for summer.

Features of Izod Swingflex Stretch Shorts

Izod’s Swing Flex technology allows the fabric to stretch in all directions, increasing the durability and comfort of the pants. Whether you are walking, swinging a golf club, or bending down to read the line of a putt.


Do you think athletic shorts are appropriate for wearing on the course? Personally, I’ll wear them at local municipal courses with a polo and find it acceptable. If I am playing a nice course that has an enforced dress code I will not wear them.


Do you think athletic shorts are appropriate for wearing on the course? Personally, I’ll wear them at local municipal courses with a polo and find it acceptable. If I am playing a nice course that has an enforced dress code I will not wear them.


It’s up to the club to determine what attire they want on the course and in and around the clubhouse.


Only knickers, sweater vests and top hats should be allowed – tradition!


The munis in my city have no dress code. Heck a few of the clubs have been pretty lax about dress codes just to get people through the door.


It’s up to the club to determine what attire they want on the course and in and around the clubhouse.


Personally, I think those particular shorts in the OP’s post would look great on the golf course. I’d definitely wear something like that.

Can I Wear Running Shoes to Play Golf?

No, running shoes are generally not recommended as they do not conform to the dress code of most golf clubs and courses. Furthermore, they don’t offer the foot support when walking the many hours that golf requires.

Can I Wear Jeans to Play Golf?

No, most golf clubs do not allow their players to wear jeans while playing golf. Denim jeans are too restrictive and are not comfortable nor formal enough to wear for golf.

What to Wear for Golf Lessons?

One thing you should remember while attending golf lessons is that you will have to undergo a lot of field practice on the golf course.

What to Wear at a Golf Driving Range?

Since there are hardly any restrictions on what you can wear here, you can wear your workout clothes and add a hoodie or sweatshirt if it’s very cold.

What to Wear to a Golf Tournament?

The main thing to keep in mind when you go to watch a golf tournament is to dress sensibly and modestly.

What to Wear for Golfing in Hot Weather?

Now that I have told you what you can wear when it’s cold or raining, I am sure you must be waiting to know the best options to wear in hot weather when the temperature is or at least close to a soaring 100 degrees.

How to wear a light shirt?

Opt for a pair of pants or shorts that contrast with your shirt. If you’re wearing a light-colored shirt, choose a dark-colored bottom and vice versa. The pants should touch the top of your shoes while the shorts must rest just above your kneecaps.

What shorts do Levins wear?

If she must wear shorts, Levins goes with the Puma Women’s PWRSHAPE Golf Shorts ($40). The PWRSHAPE Golf Shorts are made with an ultra-stretchy fabric and a 4.5-inch inseam. They’re athletic-feeling with an upscale look.

What are Tory shorts made of?

The Tory Sport Tech Twill Golf Shorts ($158) have an eight-inch inseam for extended coverage. The straight-legged shorts are made with a poly-tech twill fabric that’s breathable, moisture-wicking and made with a ton of stretch.

Why do women hold onto old golf shorts?

The dressing-room struggle is why many women hold onto old pairs of golf shorts or stick to skirts, dresses or pants instead.

What are the make or break factors in shorts?

In addition to the length of the shorts, the circumference of the leg opening, gusset (insert seam between legs) positioning, pocket design and rise are all make-or-break factors that tend to have specific requirements for each body. If the leg opening is too wide, it’ll create an unkempt, baggy look.

Where should shorts end?

Typically, a short should end at the widest point of the thigh muscle. Since this point differs person to person, Parsons recommends trial and error when searching for shorts. “When shopping, shorts are one of the pieces that need to be tried on,” Parsons says.

Does Nike have a drawstring closure?

Nike has since changed the waistband to an elastic with a drawstring closure on the 5-inch-inseam shorts ($70). Available in a variety of colors, the straight-legged shorts are made with the brand’s flex fabric for a durable stretch, and it has mesh pockets for ample storage without looking bulky.

Is there a female version of the typical male golf uniform?

Finding a go-to pair of women’s golf shorts? Nearly impossible. There is no female version of the typical male golfer uniform, which consists of navy shorts and a striped golf shirt. So women are forced to be more inventive with their on-course looks–especially when it comes to golf shorts.

What shirt did Tiger Woods wear to the 2005 Masters?

Tiger Woods won the 2005 Masters wearing a collarless shirt.

Do golf clubs have rules?

Some golf clubs have very strict rules, some do not care what you wear. Roderick Easdale dons a jazzy pair of trews and tiptoes through this particular minefield

Can you wear golf shoes without a golf shoe?

Shoes can be an issue. Trainers used to be out, as it has to be golf shoes at most courses. They still are, but the good news for those without golf shoes is that the modern golf shoe often looks so like a pair of trainers it is hard often to work out what people are wearing.

Do golf clubs require socks?

Some clubs require long socks, so that the only bare bit of flesh left is a knee cap; others allow any type of socks; some only allow short socks when they are white .

Do shorts have to be tailored?

Well not so much the shorts themselves – most clubs require that they are tailored and long – so release your inner Victorian explorer striding through the jungle with your pith helmet on, not your inner tennis player or an eighties footballer – but in the matter of the accompanying socks.

Do spikes leave spike marks on green?

Spikes are another matter – many courses required plastic cleats these days rather than metal spikes as these do not leave spike marks on the green.