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what is a golf sunday bag

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Lightweight golf bag

What is a Sunday bag?

Walking all day on the course is bound to tire out even the most intrepid players, and that’s where the Sunday Bag comes in. Made for portability, this carry golf bag will be your friend on those 18-hole days.

Are Sunday golf bags any good?

Sunday golf bags are a great option any day of the week. Whether you’re getting ready for a quick round with some friends, a trip to the executive course or a visit to the driving range with your family, a good Sunday bag has many different uses.

How many clubs should be in a Sunday golf bag?

Although you won’t be able to fit your normal set of clubs in the Sunday Golf Bag, you can get the ones you need to get a sneaky round in. The goal is to be lightweight. A typical Sunday golf bag will fit about 6-7 clubs or so. With selection you can bring enough clubs to get you through your round without sacrificing any performance.

What should I put in my Sunday bag?

You grab 4-5 clubs from your main bag that you want to work on and pop them into your Sunday bag. Makes it easy to pop from the driving range over to the chipping and putting area. Although you won’t be able to fit your normal set of clubs in the Sunday Golf Bag, you can get the ones you need to get a sneaky round in.

Why is Sunday golf bag so popular?

This allowed the player to have options available to them, but not being weighed down unnecessarily. The reason why the term “Sunday Golf Bag” is prevalent is because of the players, and caddies themselves. On Sundays, there would often be no caddies available. This was largely due to the Church of Scotland’s adherence to the Sabbath Day, …

What is Sunday golf bag?

The term Sunday golf bag isn’t just the name for a bag of clubs that you happen to use on a Sunday. It’s from the pages of the past. It’s from the pages of history, and its only right that you know how it comes to us as golfers.

What is a stand bag?

Stand bags are lighter and often built with straps (single or dual) for golfers to carry while walking the course, and legs which make the bag stand on its own.

How much does a Sunday bag weigh?

The Sunday bag is light and easy for golfers to carry on the course, and across all terrain. The bag weighs in at a light 1.95 pounds, making it easy to carry by hand with an easy-grip handle option. The ease of use allows players not to get exhausted and still be comfortable to walk a round of golf.

What do golfers prefer?

If you were to ask most golfers, it’s a good bet that most of them prefer to golf undisturbed, and undistracted by the outside world, or anything that could prevent them from performing as best as they could. Simplicity, and performance is ideal.

What is evolution golf bag?

Evolution – From Tubes to Huge. Originally being made from Cotton or heavy leather materials in a cylindrical construction, golf bags were carried up and down the links by players and caddies, until the 1970’s and 80’s, when Nylon material was used instead of the heavy materials of yesteryear. Manufacturers then introduced the stand bag …

Why do people give Sunday bags?

Giving them a Sunday bag can help them feel grown up because they’re carrying their own clubs. It’s something that they can manage easily while you all enjoy the game together. It’s also a great way to see how much they really enjoy the sport before you invest in a bigger bag and set of clubs for them.

Why Is it Called a Sunday Golf Bag?

The name ‘Sunday golf bag’ originates with the religious observance of the Sabbath on Sundays. Caddies were not allowed to work on the Sabbath and if golfers wanted to play on the course they were forced to carry their own golf bags.

How Many Clubs Fit in a Sunday Golf Bag?

A Sunday golf bag typically contains between six and eight golf clubs, depending on the player. Golfers are not constrained by any specific number of clubs allowed in a Sunday golf bag. There are no rules regarding the number of clubs you can carry in a Sunday golf bag.

What is a Golf Sunday Bag for?

The name for a ‘Sunday golf bag’ describes a lightweight collection of golf clubs stored in a golf bag that players can carry on their own without exhausting them throughout the round.

Are Sunday Bags Worth It?

A Sunday golf bag is worth it if you are looking for a lightweight option to carry a smaller amount of clubs than is loaded in a traditional golf bag . They are the best option for a player that wishes to walk eighteen (or more) holes without having to carry an overburdened and heavy golf bag.

How Much Are Sunday Golf Bags?

You can purchase entry-level brand new Sunday golf bags for less than $100 but can reach well past that amount for brand name ultralight bags such as Titleist or Callaway Golf.

Where Can You Buy a Vintage Sunday Golf Bag?

You can buy vintage Sunday golf bags on most internet marketplaces. Golf equipment is one of the most common things you can see posted on places like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. These listings are generally local pick up only because the seller will not deliver.

Are Sunday Bags Good for Golf?

Yes, Sunday bags are good for golf because they offer a real alternative to the heavy shoulder bag or cumbersome pushcart. Many golfers use them for weekend use or when they travel away and have to pack light.

Why Are They Called “Sunday” Bags?

Since the players weren’t accustomed to carrying heavy bags themselves they were greatly dependent on caddies. The best way they could play a round of golf was to carry just the essentials themselves on Sunday. Hence the name “Sunday” bag was born.

What is Sunday golf bag?

Sunday golf bags for the most part showcase a sleek design. There are some that are bigger than others. Before you hit the shopping trail it is wise to determine what you usually will be carrying for a game.

Do Sunday golf bags have dividers?

As mentioned earlier, most Sunday golf bags do not come with a divider system, but there are exceptions. A few options fitted with a limited number of dividers do exist. If you think you absolutely could use the compartments then a Sunday golf bags with divider is what you should be looking for.

Can golf bags hold a full load of stuff?

Even though they aren’t designed to hold a full load of stuff. The last thing you want is a bag that falls apart on the course or one that you will have to replace before the end of the season.

Why did golf clubs come with Sunday bags?

So if it was Sunday and you wanted to play, you carried your own sticks. The Sunday bag arose out of that circumstance , when golfers wanted a lighter, pared down golf bag — one they typically filled with fewer clubs and less equipment overall (in part because they were conserving weight, in part because the smaller bag simply didn’t fit as much).

How many holes can you walk in a Sunday bag?

And those that keep a Sunday bag want it handy for when the mood strikes to rush out to the golf course and walk nine or 18 holes with an easier-to-carry option for one’s golf bag. Traditional Sunday bags have small tops — sometimes just four to six inches across — with few or even no club dividers. Some might come with stand legs, but many Sunday …

What is a Sunday bag?

A Sunday bag is a carry bag, but it’s a carry bag with a very small top (in terms of diameter and circumference), and it’s a lightweight carry bag. Sunday bags are also bare-bones in terms of bells-and-whistles — typically just a couple standard pockets, nothing fancy.

How much weight is a Sunday bag?

On the low end in terms of weight, many are just two or three pounds before any clubs are added. (A Sunday bag that has a single, rigid support rod inside to provide some structure is called a "pencil bag.")

Did golfers work on Sundays?

So at some early golf clubs, golfers could play on Sundays, but caddies didn’t work on Sundays.

Do you need a Sunday bag to play golf?

So you want to play golf, and you want to walk the course, and you want to carry your own bag. But you don’t want to carry a big bag or a heavy bag. What you need, then, is a Sunday bag.