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how to keep your right elbow in golf

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Here’s a great drill to develop and maintain a tucked right elbow:Place a folded golf towel or clubhead cover under your right armpit,holding it gently in place between the bicep and chest. …Make a few light practice swings,with the goal of holding the towel in place to the top,into the downswing and follow-through.If you can keep the object from falling,your right elbow and arm are correctly “connected.”

How to cure golfers elbow without surgery?

Ways to Fix Golfer’s ElbowRest and Protection. One should not perform any strenuous activities when s/he is suffering from Golfer’s elbow till the pain is present.Ice Application. …Use of a Brace. …Reduce Load on the Elbow. …Taking a Pain Killer. …Therapy Exercises. …Electrotherapy. …Sports Massage to Fix Golfer’s Elbow. …Steroid Injections. …Surgery to Fix Golfer’s Elbow. …

What should you do when you have golfers elbow?

You can take steps to prevent golfer’s elbow:Strengthen your forearm muscles. Use light weights or squeeze a tennis ball. …Stretch before your activity. Walk or jog for a few minutes to warm up your muscles. …Fix your form. Whatever your sport,ask an instructor to check your form to avoid overload on muscles.Use the right equipment. …Lift properly. …Know when to rest. …

How to prevent wrist injuries in golf?

The following are a few ways that could reduce the chances of an injury while golfing:Proper warm up and stretching is important. …It is not advised to have sudden,large changes in the number of swings of the club. …Make sure you have good aerobic conditioning and core muscle strength to improve swing mechanics.It may help to get instruction with a teaching professional to refine technique. …

How to fix your swing to prevent golf slice?

Method 2 Method 2 of 2: Adjusting Your SwingAim straight,rather than to the left,to hit a straight shot. …Keep your right elbow tucked in as you swing back your club. …Swing your club back until your left shoulder is under your chin. …Transfer your body weight to your front foot during your downswing. …Hit the ball with a square clubface to straighten the ball’s flight. …

Why is the Right Elbow Key to Golf Swing Consistency?

The trail arm plays a massive role in one’s ability to deliver the club head consistently into impact. Here are the top three areas of the swing that it influences.

How to keep elbows from flying?

A good drill is to swing to the top and focus on maintaining your elbow spacing. The Swing Align swing trainer with its flexible connection belt will keep your elbows from flying too far apart and away from your body during the transition from backswing to downswing. With your trail arm in a good position the lower body can initiate downswing …

What is the proper position for a trail arm?

Having the right elbow in the proper position at the top allows the trail arm to move externally and under the lead arm resulting in a shallowing of the club shaft.

What is the moment of truth?

The moment of truth (otherwise known as impact) is a great time to look at where the trail arm is relative to the body. The trail arm getting just in front of the hip without any space to be seen between the arm and body is instrumental for having proper ball first contact. When the right elbow gets away from the body and straightens too early …

Why do you tuck your right elbow in golf?

You want to tuck the right elbow close to the body in order to let the club head move behind

Why do you use your right elbow on a downswing?

It allows the club to shallow and move behind the hands, which in turns promotes more rotation of the body. This makes it much easier for the hands to lead the club into impact and provide a powerful …

What are the three areas of the golf swing?

Here are the top three areas of the swing that it influences. The first move off the ball is one of the most important parts of the golf swing. Hogan called it one of his “crossroads” where things could easily go one way or another. The right elbow is instrumental in the golf backswing. When I see a poor take-away it almost always stems …

How to uncock your wrists when downswing?

When your hands drop below waist level, your right elbow – still tucked because your right tricep is connected – straightens, causing your wrists to uncock as the clubhead reaches the ball position .

How to do a downswing with a bent elbow?

Start your downswing by dropping your right tricep back into its connected position against your chest. Your right elbow is now tucked and still bent, allowing your hands to drop down without making your wrists uncock early.

How to get your right elbow to bend?

Let your right elbow move away from your side slightly at the top of your backswing position; this will increase your right elbow bend slightly and your right tricep will move slightly away from your chest. You don’t want to move your elbow much; your hands should move no higher than your ear.

How to swing a golf club in a half swing?

Starting at the waist-high backswing position , swing the club down through the ball position to a waist-high finish (a half-swing). Again, your arms should remain in roughly the same position they were at address. This means both triceps remain lightly against your chest throughout this half-swing, which keeps your right elbow near your side.

How to swing a golf club?

Swing the club from your shoulder-high backswing position to a shoulder-high finish position. Your right elbow remains bent until your hands drop below waist level.

What is Jonathan Byrd’s swing?

PGA Tour player Jonathan Byrd’s swing stays connected – and his right elbow tucked – well into his finish.

How to do a followthrough with a left elbow?

Swing to your finish position. Let your left elbow bend as your left tricep "disconnects," so that your hands move to an ear-high finish. Because your right tricep remains lightly connected against your chest, your right elbow will remain straight during your followthrough.

What does it mean to have a tucked elbow in your swing?

Using a tucked right elbow in your swing means that you are going to keep your right elbow down and close to your side throughout the swinging motion.

Why does my right elbow get away from my side?

This is a common cause of a golf swing that gets too long, which in turn allows the right elbow to get away from your side. Golfers frequently swing too hard, whether it is in an effort to reach the green from a long distance away, or just in an effort to impress friends with a long drive.

Why should your elbow be tucked?

Your right elbow should be consistently tucked throughout the backswing and downswing, because that arm position will help you trace the proper swing path with the club. If you let the right elbow get away from your body early in the swing before trying to recover later on, it will be too late.

What elbow is used for slice golf?

It is important that you understand exactly how to use your right elbow in the golf swing so you can guide the club directly to the back of the ball time and time again.

How to protect your armpit from golf balls?

Place a folded golf towel or clubhead cover under your right armpit, holding it gently in place between the bicep and chest. The object should be secure but not tightly squeezed.

What arm is correctly connected?

If you can keep the object from falling, your right elbow and arm are correctly “connected.”

How to do the waiter position?

At the top, the classic “waiter” position finds the arm bent 90° at the elbow. From there, the key is to pull the elbow down, tucking it against the body. The arm unfolds as the club approaches impact, keeping the clubhead inside the target line and unleashing a powerful blow as it straightens into and through the shot.

What does the right elbow do in golf?

What the Right Elbow Does in the Golf Swing. The right elbow transitions from hinge to lead during the swing. The right elbow is an important part of the golf swing, and understanding how to properly place and use your right elbow while you are swinging the club can help to add power and accuracy to your swing and distance to your shots.

What happens if you swing your right arm wrong?

Any sudden movements by the right arm at the point of contact can meet with disastrous results. To underline the importance of the right arm in power process of the swing, you might notice that if you swing incorrectly and make bad contact, you get a sharp stinging sensation from the club to your hands, with most if not all …

How to swing a golf club?

Your right arm acts as a hinge on the backswing. Much of the motion of the backswing is done by the pushing of the left arm. Keep your right elbow pointed down throughout the swing, and keep your right arm close to your body. Let it get away and you lose control of your shot. While acting as the hinge, the right arm’s job is to maintain the straight path the club will follow throughout the swing. If it doesn’t maintain a tight circular radius with the elbow pointed down as much as possible, the club will get away from the body and the shot will go astray.

What is the right arm in golf swing?

On contact, the right arm and the left arm are straight again, and the right is pushing the club through impact, continuing through to the follow-through and providing the power generated by the momentum of the swing . Any sudden movements by the right arm at the point of contact can meet with disastrous results. To underline the importance of the right arm in power process of the swing, you might notice that if you swing incorrectly and make bad contact, you get a sharp stinging sensation from the club to your hands, with most if not all of the pain in the right hand.

Which arm is at the base of the neck?

At the end of the follow-through, the right elbow is pointing straight down to where the ball was, and the right hand is at the base of your neck.

What is the ideal position of the right elbow?

The ideal position of the right elbow at the top of the backswing is where it points roughly straight down at your right hip. The reason this is ideal is it gets your hands and the golf club in front of your body in a great position to make the transition into the downswing.

Why do golfers shank their shots?

Shanked golf shots due to steep downswing and the hosel making contact with the golf ball first .

Why are my golf shots going to the left?

Pulled shots to the left due to the steep downswing and a square clubface

How to swing golf without a club?

Grab a soccer ball, bucket, or something of similar size it doesn’t really matter. Place it between your bicep muscles and practice making golf swings without a club. As soon as you try to lift the right elbow too high at all the object will fall to the ground.

What happens when you pull your clubhead behind your body?

You’ll notice the clubhead gets pulled behind your body and as a result, you are forced to raise your right elbow at the top to feel comfortable. The golf club gets off plane and the clubhead remains shut or closed.

What does it mean when your golf club is flying right elbow?

You’ll notice with every bad shot it relates to a steep downswing. The flying right elbow puts your golf swing on a steep plane at the top and unless you make a compensation on the downswing your club will come down very steep and cause any one of the above problems.

How to rotate your arm in golf?

At your setup turn your right forearm outwards so that your right elbow pit faces towards the golf ball. This puts your right arm in the biomechanically correct position so that it is able to rotate properly in the backswing.


like Hogan or Dufner? I already have the natural one plane swing going but have the flying right elbow. Any info or drills on this?


A flying right elbow is not a fault as such. It is caused by the positions of the hands at the top. With a OPS the club is not meant to be pointing towards the target but pointing left of target.


IMHO, right hand should be more on top of and high enough on left thumb. If you load the left wrist and club and the right wrist bends back and you keep the right hand touching the left thumb, no way you can fly that right elbow. So there’s how to do it, I guess.


From another thread… have a feeling of your forearms being close together, but not touching, at the top of the backswing.


What ronstars said is dead on. I just saw Sandra Gal doing this drill a couple of days ago and then you have Kaymer swinging with a ball around his neck, so if pros do it then it should assist you.


The other thing is, for older guys like me, your have to also work on the r shoulder’s flexibility – keeping it in will create torque on it.

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