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Tag: What should you look for when buying a womens golf ball

do lady golf balls go further

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Do women’s golf balls go further?

The average swing speed for women is around 60 mph, while the average swing speed for men is around 85 mph. Therefore, women will be better off playing a golf ball with a softer compression rating. However, women with a faster swing speed above 80 mph can play the same golf ball as men without sacrificing too much. Do Women’s Golf Balls Go Further?

What should you look for when buying a women’s golf ball?

This means the ball is more visible and attractive to play with. Construction – You should know that most women’s golf balls are two-piece balls. This means that the balls have only two layers, are easier to hit, and often go the distance. For beginner women golfers, a two-piece golf ball should be the first choice when shopping for a golf ball.

What are the best women’s golf balls for distance?

The best women’s golf balls for distance are the Callaway Supersoft. The Callaway Supersoft golf balls have a brand new Hybrid Cover. The Supersoft is not a new golf ball in 2021. The Paraloid Impact Modifier is a multi-material construction that has higher launch and lower spin.

What is the difference between a men’s and ladies golf ball?

What Is the Difference Between A Men’s And Ladies Golf Ball? Compression is the most significant difference between a men’s and a women’s golf balls. So let’s look deeper at the best women’s golf balls. Compression is what happens when the clubface hits the golf ball.

How To Choose The Best Golf Balls For Women Golfers

Women golfers are lucky to have lots of golf ball options to choose from. However, this can sometimes make it much more challenging to choose a proper golf ball for your game. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference from one ball to another.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, you now feel as though you can choose the best golf balls for women. However, it is still smart to ask questions and get some answers before purchasing a ladies’ golf ball.


Hopefully, you now feel that you can choose a ladies’ golf ball with confidence. There are so many great choices out there, but when you narrow things down, this list really chooses the best of the best. The Bridgestone Lady Precept is our best overall option for a female golfer.

Does Golf Ball Choice Have any Effect on My Golf Game?

Yes. The golf ball you play with has a direct impact on your game. If you ask any great player, they will explain that the majority of that impact will be felt around the greens.

Does Price of The Golf Ball Matter?

Find a golf ball in your price range that is correctly suited for your game and stick with it.

What About Spin? Do I Want More or Less?

Spin can be a bit confusing when you see these different golf balls advertised as low or high spinning. Traditionally speaking, women don’t generate much spin naturally because they are not swinging at the ball with as much force.

What Is the Difference Between A Men’s And Ladies Golf Ball?

The most significant difference between a men’s golf ball and a women’s golf ball is compression. Compression is what happens when the clubface hits the golf ball. When a man with a very fast swing speed hits a softer ball, the ball easily compresses and travels a certain distance.

What is the best golf ball for women?

We believe that the best overall golf ball for women is the Callaway Golf Supersoft ball because it will give you everything you need to get your desired results. As your game improves, you will find yourself seeking feel over distance.

What is a soft feel golf ball?

The Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Balls are a 60 compression golf ball focused on getting women a straighter ball flight and more feel around the greens. This Srixon ball is supposed to be very good at cutting through the wind and squeezing every last yard out of each swing.

What is Bridgestone E6 Lady?

Bridgestone e6 Lady. Bridgestone is the front runner when it comes to golf ball fitting. For years we have been working on perfecting club fitting and making sure each person is swinging the golf balls best designed to help them succeed. Bridgestone took this concept and applied it to golf balls.

What is the difference between a men’s and a women’s golf ball?

The major difference between a men’s ball and a women’s ball is the swing speed and the compression rate. Women have a lower swing speed than men. Also, their compression rate is 45 while the men’s is 70.

How fast can you swing in golf?

Most of you out there have a 60-70 mph swing speed. So, this factor comes into play when you are playing golf. It’s not something to be shy of. Because golf clubs for men are heavier and often help in gaining higher swing speed.

What happens when air pushes to the inside of the low dimples?

Air pushes to the inside of the low dimples, so you get higher ball flight.

Why are bright colors important in golf?

Bright colors can help visibility when the ball lands on the greens.

Is Surlyn covered women’s golf ball better than 50 yards?

Better control. As a woman golfer, you should look for more control and landing the ball in the right area . So, when you go for the 50-yard hit, distance is not what you want, you want more control. Surlyn covered women golf balls can be suitable for better control.

What color is high visibility?

High visibility is created by color variations. Colors come in white, pink and yellow.

Why is the core construction important?

The Core construction helps transfer energy seamlessly through the ball and hence greater leverage on each shot.

Do soft golf balls make a difference?

Soft balls dose make a difference because they perform differently than other types of golf balls. They are more geared towards making shots around the green. Different balls have different effects that allow that player to create more spin or create more distance or perhaps create a feel of the shot. Here is a list of golf balls that you should consider.

Are soft golf balls good for beginners?

Yes, soft balls are good for beginners because they have low compression ratings. They are very easy to control and those beginning to play golf will have an easier chance in the game. Soft golf balls are good for beginners and they are good for playing and controlling especially around the green.

Do Soft Golf Balls Spin More?

Yes they do, in fact they offer more spin than any other types of golf ball which allows you to have more control and also covers greater distance. When the manufacture creates an additional layer, the ball will have more spin-separation. This allows the user to have more control of the ball using and iron or wedge.

How do I stop hitting my golf ball straight to the left?

In a golf game, a pull shot is when you hit the ball and it misses the target as the ball move towards the lift side. That is something you will want to avoid and the proper way to do it is very easy.

How to hit a golf ball without making it spin?

You can make a shot on a golf ball without making it spin and the way to do that is by hitting the ball using a club face at an angle and it should be square to the club path. Make sure the path of the club should match the direction of the club face.

How many dimples are in a Srixon soft feel lady?

Srixon Soft Feel Lady is a perfect two pieced soft golf ball which has 338 dimples in a structured pattern. These are made for professional female golf players, and this golf ball is soft and travels long distances in less time. The energy transfer is seamless which is great for a high swing

What is compression rating for women’s golf balls?

This is why women’s golf balls tend to have a compression rating somewhere between 60 and 70, according to Livestrong. Dimples – The number and the design of the dimples on a golf ball can affect how high and how far it travels.

How important is it to choose a women’s golf ball?

Choosing the right women’s golf ball to play with, can be as important as your clubs and technique. Keep in mind how high and far the ball will travel and how easily it can be controlled, as well as durability before making your purchase decision.

Why do you need a dimple pattern?

The unique dimple pattern helps lower air resistance to get to the target, as well as reduce spin for longer hits.

How do golf balls affect women?

How Golf Balls for Women Effect Your Golf Game. Having the right equipment can seriously impact your performance on the green. The distance your ball travels, how high and accurate your shots are will be affected by the quality and comfort of your equipment choices. This can be especially true of golf balls, which can range from high quality …

What happens if you buy a women’s golf ball?

If you buy a high quality women’s golf ball, then your performance will most likely improve, over using a men’s ball. Meaning your balls will fly further and your shots become more accurate. The difference may not be huge, but it will likely be noticeable.

Can women golf balls be compressed?

This can be especially true of golf balls, which can range from high quality to low quality. Golf balls made for women tend to be compressed differently and tend to be adapted for a slower swing speed in comparison to men’s golf balls. There is some disagreement among golfers and golfing manufacturers about whether men and women need different golf …