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will atv wheels fit golf cart

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Can atv wheels go on a golf cart?

ATV wheels can also go on a golf cart by using an adapter. These adapters are used to change the bolt pattern so you can fit a wheel from one vehicle to another. In many cases, these wheel adapters are designed to fit aftermarket wheels for another vehicle, like an ATV.

What size are golf cart wheels/rims?

Most customers buy golf cart wheels/rims in chrome, machined and polished finishes. What sizes are golf cart wheels/rims? Golf cart wheels are one of four sizes, 8”, 10”, 12” and 14”. How do you mount a golf cart tire on a wheel? The first thing you’ll want to do check the box or manual to see which way the tire tread should face.

What do I need to choose a golf cart wheel and tire?

All you need to decide is whether you would like standard ( non-lifted) golf cart wheels and tires or over-sized ( lifted) golf cart tire and wheel packages. Click one of the grey buttons below to get started, or scroll down to browse all of our golf cart wheel and tire kits:

Where’s the best place to buy golf cart wheels and tires?

You’ve come to the best place online! The Golf Cart Tire Supply has the widest selection of golf cart wheels and tires available; and we’ve got your back when it comes to choosing them! We carry wheel and tire combos (pre-mounted) for both Non-Lifted Cart and Lifted Golf Cart styles: Looking for just golf cart wheels or golf cart tires alone?

What Makes for Great Tires?

The quality of rubber and beads (the steel belt in the tire) are going to directly affect the quality of your golf cart tire. We recommend choosing a tire from a trusted manufacturer that has dedicated their business to providing those with the best golf cart tires. Below we list some of our favorite companies that make golf cart tires.

What are knobby tires?

Knobby Tires – Knobby tires can come in hundreds of different tread patterns. Most of the differences are very slight, but the shapes of the knobs will help you depending on the terrain they are being used in. Sand Tires – These are going to be a little different from your standard golf cart tires.

What does it mean when a golf cart tire is DOT approved?

DOT Approved. If your tires are DOT approved, this means that they are certified through the Department of Transportation. The treads are designed for road use, and will come in sizes such as 8”, 10”, 12” and 14” for your golf cart wheels.

How much air pressure does a golf cart tire need?

Generally golf cart tires run around 20-22 PSI. This of course will change depending on the tire and the amount of air that it’s rated for.

How long do golf cart tires last?

Depending on the amount of use they get, and how hard you ride, tires will last anywhere between 2 and 4 years.

Why are golf cart wheels so popular?

Golf cart wheels are becoming more popular in the custom golf cart industry, and for good reason. They make the golf cart stand out, and add a level of awesomeness that turns heads when it rolls down the road.

What is a golf cart tire?

The golf cart Tire is pretty much what you’d expect. It’s a big piece of black rubber that is shaped around the silver metal that supports the tire. That silver metal part is called the wheel. A rim is just another name for a wheel. So if you’re confused about the difference between rim and wheel, there is none.

How much pressure should a golf cart tire be?

The sidewall of the tire tells the tale. On the sidewall of the golf cart tire, you will find the tire pressure (or PSI) that is recommended for your particular tire. Generally, it’s between 15-25 PSI.

What is a dot tire?

A DOT golf cart tire is a tire that is approved by the Department of Transportation for legal use on highways. DOT approved golf cart tires have street tread patterns. These golf cart tires come in several different sizes to fit 8”, 10”, 12”, and 14” golf cart wheels.

How big of a tire can you put on an EZGO golf cart?

Stock EZGO golf carts that have not been lifted are able to fit up to a 20.5” tire with ease (no rubbing), but only if there is no added weight on the back of the golf cart such as a cargo box, rear flip seat kit, etc. Adding new heavy duty leaf springs on the rear of your golf cart is highly recommend if you plan on putting that large of a tire on your golf cart. Click here for Rear Leaf Spring Kits. Basically, anything over 18.5” needs some new heavy duty leaf springs to prevent problems with friction/rubbing. Here’s a link to EZGO Tires for reference.

What size tires can a golf cart fit?

Lifted golf carts can fit ANY 8” tire, low profile OR high profile. In addition, lifted golf carts can fit any high profile tire measuring at 10”, 12” or 14”. Lifted carts will be able to take 20", 22", 23" and in some cases 24" all terrain tires.

What is an all terrain golf cart tire?

An all terrain golf cart tire is just another term for a high profile tire or off road tire. See above for more on high profile tires and click here for some big All Terrain Tires.

What is a high profile tire?

High profile tires, also known as all terrain tires, are generally thicker and made to fit any golf cart that IS lifted (aga in, no lift kit installed). A high profile tire can be bought in several different sizes as well (8”, 10”, 12” & 14”). All Club Car EZGO and Yamaha golf carts will accept an 8” high-profile golf cart tire without a lift kit.

Why rotate golf cart tires?

Rotate Tires Regularly – Uneven weight differences between the front and rear of the golf cart can cause wear and tear. Keeping your tires rotated periodically keeps them as even as can be, thus cutting down on the wear and tear. This is best for golf cart tires.

What color is the Universal 551?

Universal 551 FIVE-FIFTY-ONE ATV/UTV Matte Black with Red Lip Armor Wheel by VISION®. Looking to equip your UTV, ATV or golf car with stylish wheels? Prime Vision UTV/ATV/Golf wheels are the way to go. Designed to combine a unique…

What size wheels does Vision have?

Along with 15-inch wheels, Vision also offers 10, 12, and 14-inch wheels to ensure you’ll easily choose wheels that will perfectly fit your four-wheeler, side-by-side or golf cart. These wheels are available in both 4 and 5-lug bolt patterns and come in an extensive range of designs.

What is vision wheel?

Vision Wheel offers an extensive lineup of custom wheels for a variety of vehicles, including SUVs, trucks, sedans, muscle cars, ATVs, UTVs, and golf carts. Many world-renowned champions rely on Vision for high-quality wheels that help them conquer the track. And now it’s your time to enjoy the safest and the most thrilling rides of your life!